Reasons You Need Electronic Access Control

  1. Employee Safety — In today’s world, anything can happen. As technology advances, we continue to grow more concerned about the security of our virtual world. But that does not mean we should ignore the growing threats to our physical world. Door access control can help. With an access control system like Sequr, we can maintain that only the people we WANT to have access to our facility do indeed HAVE access to the facility.
  2. Customize Access — With a traditional lock in key, it can be difficult to customize which doors specific people can access. On top of that, it is impossible to limit the times at which that physical key will work. With an electronic access control system, you can give certain employees access to certain doors at specific times. Other types of users, such as admins, might have 24/7 access to every single door at all times.

3. Deter Intruders — Access control makes it difficult for unauthorized users or intruders to gain access to your space. Using commercial grade locks and implementing the right hardware can allow you to monitor when an intruder forces a door open. Coupling a CCTV system with your access control system can further increase the protection and security of your building or office.

4. Reporting — Need to generate a report for HIPPA compliance? Need to generate a report for SOC compliance? Access control is going to make this possible! With a system like Sequr, you can get an in-depth look at your building’s traffic and pull a comprehensive audit trail of what entry points a specific person is using. You can pull a report of every single person that was in the building from a specific period of time. If an incident occurs, you can go back and pull a report that matches the time frame of the incident to get a better idea of what happened.

5. Maintaining a traditional lock and key is expensive and time consuming — If you have been the administrator responsible for maintaining who has access to specific doors with a traditional lock and key, you know this process can be insanely expensive, time consuming, and downright tedious. Facilities with high turnover can see financial returns from adopting an electronic access control system. According to a 2012 Unisys report, it takes 26 hours for the average person to report a lost wallet (potentially containing an access card), but only 68 minutes to report a lost cell phone. Reporting the loss of a phone and changing credentials is likely to happen much more quickly than if the owner loses an access card, thereby ensuring the integrity of the room’s security.

6. Key Duplication — Have you ever had a house key copied for $2 at a Home Depot? That is the price of security when it comes to physical keys. Even key cards and fobs today are easily copied and hackable. That is why Sequr uses smart cards and mobile credentials. These cannot be copied, unlike magnetic stripe or proximity cards. If a smart card is misplaced or lost, it can be replaced without duplication or misuse concerns.

The portable handheld RFID writer/copier will come with 5 key fobs so you can get started duplicating your keycards.

7. Hyper security for sensitive data and information — Does your company store the financial information of it’s customers? Do you host sensitive contact data on site? Do the tools you provide your customers require an extra layer of security? Or perhaps you just have hundreds of laptops in your office and you would prefer to have extra protection. With electronic access control, two-factor authentication can be used to add an additional layer of security. It comes in many different forms. The keyholder can be required to use their card, plus something they know, such as a pin code. It can also be a keycard, plus something the are, such as a fingerprint. This prevents intruders from stealing a person’s keycard and gaining access. This type of security is reserved for those that adopt electronic access control.

8. Consolidate security across multiple locations — Do you have multiple locations? Do you have employees that frequently travel to and from different locations? If so, my guess would be that giving them access to all of these different places is not an easy process. They probably have to be added to several different access control systems or have to be given a physical key. Systems like Sequr allow companies to consolidate security across an entire enterprise and maintain one credential for multiple locations.

9. Integrations — One of the greatest aspects of modern access control systems is the ability to integrate your access control with other tools and software products. Maintaining a database of keyholders can be a full-time job. What if you could automatically give new hires a key by integrating with your company’s HR platform or system of record, such as Active Directory or Okta? Even better, when an employee is fired, they will automatically be revoked access. This is one of many different types of integrations that can streamline your business. Sequr can integrate with just about any service that has an open API and we are adding new integrations every month.

10. Peace of mind — It does not matter if you are the CEO, the Head of IT, a Facilities Manager, or an Office Manager; knowing that the people you are responsible for are safe and secure is very satisfying.

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