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Ubiquiti Networks Business Products and Solutions

Ubiquiti Wireless Products High Performance airMAX ac Bridge airMAX ac technology provides performance improvements in latency, throughput and scalability compared to other outdoor systems in its class. airMAX ac products offer improved latency, noise immunity, scalability and significantly increased throughput performance. Revolutionary MIMO TDMA Protocol System Unlike standard WiFi protocol, airMAX Time Division Multiple Access […]

Hotel Phone Systems – Take Your Hospitality to new Heights

With high-quality hotel phone systems brands best suited for the hotel industry, we offer affordable products and upscale service for any size property.We offer hotel telephone system integrate seamlessly with Property Management Systems. We understand that all the features that a hotel needs and designed solutions budget friendly with great support.Telephone System Integration with PMS  system to […]

Panasonic Phone Systems for Business in Kenya

Panasonic phone systems provide you with the flexibility necessary for any company today. Panasonic PBX Systems having  Ultimate flexibility and reliability, they’re able to be configured to satisfy the requirements of any organisation from the one-site organisation looking to grow and needing the whole with all the flexibility to take care of improving demand for […]

Applications of Switches in Networking

A Networking switch may refer to one of many different things. For example, it may refer to part of the physical circuit components that control the flow of signals. It can be a button or lever to turn a device on or off. However, the switch we discussed in this post is a switch or […]

Types of PBX Phone Systems

Business telecommunication needs are better served by a proper phone system. It is not just enough to receive a few calls. A good phone system should be able to serve intercom needs, reach many extensions, assign customers, and initiate conference calls. You can only benefit from all these functions with a PBX system. But what […]

Top VoIP Problems You Should Know About

Tplink 16-Port 10/100Mbps Desktop Switch TL-SF1016D

You can’t claim to have a serious business if you haven’t tried integrating your communication procedures with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems. With its great features, VoIP can revolutionize the way communication happens in your business. But that doesn’t mean that VoIP is 100 percent foolproof. Like any other product, VoIP has issues. […]

Networking Companies in Kenya: Choosing the Best for Your Needs

In the current day and age, Information Communication and Technology continues to grow and develop even as the world embraces groundbreaking innovations in the industry. One notable change is in the advent of networking systems for companies to further enhance communication and sharing of data through local networks systems and also via the internet. Due […]