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A.     Networking Solutions

Structured Cabling and Fibre Optic Solutions

As a structured cabling solutions provider we understand that cabling is the lifeline for the entire Information Technology Infrastructure. It is the foundation on which all other business activities depend.

Almiria design, install, and administer  wiring system used to transmit data, voice and video information through your entire building or from office to office.

Our Solution

Fibre OpticS Solutions

Almiria has gained the experience and expertise to enable us to offer a broad range of cabling solutions. Our fibre optic cabling installation portfolio includes:

  • Multimode cables (OM1, OM2 and OM3)
  • Singlemode cables (OS1 and OS2)
  • Tight Buffered and Loose Tube constructions
  • Internal, External and Universal sheath options
  • Rodent Resistant and Steel Wire Armoured cables for harsh environments
  • Blown Fibre Solutions
  • Fibre To The Desk (FTTD)
  • ST, SC, MT-RJ, LC, LSH (E2000) terminations

Enterprise Network Design

Your network is your lifeline to your business, school, hospital or enterprise.   Choosing Almiria gives you the industry’s best hardware with our best in class Network Support, auditing and security services. We offer a wide range of networking services, including comprehensive assessment, design, deployment and post implementation support. Network architecture development for wired and wireless networks, migrations, upgrades Analysis using the latest discovery tool sCore to the edge Switches, 1G, 10G, PoE Firewalls from Barracuda and Fortinet Wireless architecture, feasibility study, installation, tuning and support Network management software tools

Mast and Towers

Mast fabrication and galvanizing and installation offered by Almiria Kenya are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. The primed and painted steel elements and the reinforced base plates of these masts ensure stability. One of the advantages of our masts is the increased rigidity of the section and their greater stability in cases of buckling.

We offer

  • Guyed Towers and Mast
  • Self-Supporting Towers
  • Lattice Leg
  • Angle Leg
  • Tube Leg / Solid Round Leg
  • Roof Mounts

Server Installation, Upgrades, Maintenance and Migration.

Almiria Limited offers server installation, server upgrades, server maintenance, and server migration services for businesses. We perform a server evaluation, quote a customized solution, and then implement an onsite server, virtual server, or cluster of virtual servers on a physical server. Whether it is a File and Print Server, Database Server, Email or Microsoft Exchange Server we can help!

Wireless Network Design

We install WLANS: Wireless Local Area Networks which allow users in a local area, such as a home, offices, university campus or library, to form a network or gain access to the internet. We also do WMANS: Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks which allows the connection of multiple networks in a metropolitan area such as different buildings in a city, which can be an alternative or backup to laying copper or fiber cabling Via Wimax and Microwave

B.     Security Solutions

Access Control Equipment

Access control equipment creates a safer environment for your business by allowing access only to authorized personnel, whilst discouraging opportunistic theft. Almiria experienced engineers will guide you in selecting the most suitable solution for your requirements from:

  • Metal Detectors
  • Undersearch Mirror
  • Walkthrough & Baggage Scanner
  • Rfid Readers
  • Biometrics   Readers
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Time & Attendance Reader- Iclock
  • Hotel Lock Systems
  • Door Controllers

Automatic Gates

Almiria specializes in all aspects of automatic electric gates and parking barriers.The gates operates by sliding on a rail installed on the ground.

Automitic and Manual Alarm System

Almiria Limited is a leader in home security, with the ultimate stock of

  • Alarm System
  • Vibration Sensors
  • Siren & Buzzers
  • Indoor & Outdoor Motion Detectors
  • Remote Panic Button
  • Fixed & Wireless Panic Buttons
  • Control Systems
  • Alarm Receivers

Video Surveillance and Security Cameras

Almiria is a supplier and installer of security cameras (analog CCTV, 720p and 1080p HD CCTV, and network IP) CCTV equipment. We supply and install video surveillance systems for home, business and government. Video surveillance systems that support remote Internet viewing is our specialty. Our team strives to provide the best customer service & technical support in the industry.  Our Cameras Ranges From

  • Indoor and Outdoor Cameras,
  • Motion Detector and PTZ Cameras,
  • Network IP Security Cameras,
  • Video Recorders and Accessories,
  • wireless surveillance cameras,
  • Hidden and Nanny Cameras.

Electric Fencing

Be it residential, commercial, industrial or even at farms. We design it to suit your needs.

Our professional team of technicians will install your electric fence using minimum delivery period. We also offer Fence Maintenance to ensure your electric fence is in optimum working condition at all times.

Our Products Range From;

  • Undergate Cables
  • Energizer
  • High Tensile Galvanized Wire
  • Razor Wires
  • Siren And Strobe Lights
  • Elecric Fence Accessories

Data Center Setup

We offer complete services from conceptualization to execution of Data Center Infrastructures. While planning a DC the highest level of Integrity (Security) and Functionality (Uptime) are ensured.

Point of Sale and Retails Solutions

Our point of sale is a state-of-the-art system that enables retailers to improve their profitability through swift POS tendering, accurate inventory management, continual operations, holistic reports & analysis with an ideal combination of customization, functionality and controls. We have the best POS systems for small businesses, including point-of-sale solutions for retail stores, restaurants and mobile businesses.

  • Thermal printer
  • POS Touch Screen
  • All in one all POS Systems.
  • Hand held barcode scanner
  • Hand held + table mount
  • Cash drawer
  • Software

Analogue and IP Telephony System

ALMIRIA phone systems are designed from the ground to streamline the work of administrators and end users alike.  Whether it is a cloud solution, or an on-premises phone system, Almiria has what organizations need.

Our solutions Ranges from Analogue Telephony, IP / VOIP Telephony, HYBRID  PBX,  Voice Equipment Supply, SIP, ISDN and PSTN configuration, Softphone Installation, Cloud PABX, Hosted PABX.

We integrate phone system into the traditional telephony interfaces of the varied communication networks; POTS, GSM/3G, ISDN BRI, T1/E1 PRI and IP network.

We also do phone system for premises and campus networks, covering lan, wan and vpn – wires & wireless. We offers comprehensive telecom services, including purchase, setup, configuration, integration, maintenance, training, consulting.

Network and Equipment Supply and Installation

We supply a wide range of networking equipment, Projectors, Computers, Printers, Computer Accessories, Network Accessories, Data Cabinets, Cables, Surveillance Cameras-CCTV, Cisco switches and Routers, Conduits, D-Link Routers, Switches and Related products, HUAWEI sim card gateways, Mikrotik routers, Nanny Cameras/Hidden Cameras, Biometric and RFID Security access control, Servers,  Ip and Analogue Telephone and PABX, TP-LINK products, Ubiquiti products and UPS’s

Consulting Services

Enlisting support from Almiria Consulting and Professional Services can be a valuable step forward in your technology journey. Our team of experts can help you assess a business problem, identify a need or industry change, and provide a number of solutions tailored to your specific business requirements.

We help you develop a strategic roadmap that aligns your IT strategy to your business priorities.

We work with you to architect a holistic solution that integrates new technologies with the business, in line with your IT strategy.

As a full life cycle service provider, we will help you implement, integrate, transition, manage and continually improve the solution – across a myriad of operating model options.
We offer strategy, architecture, implementation, integration,  Routine Maintenance,  Project Management, IT Support and Training services covering the major ICT domains and delivery models to help you plan and build innovative solutions and optimise your IT environment.

At Almiria Limited, we are committed to providing you with not just services, but solutions that drive your business forward. Contact us today to learn how our expert team can tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs.

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