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Are you looking for networking equipment in Nairobi, Kenya?

Are you looking for networking equipment in Nairobi, Kenya? Look no further! Feel free to browse our extensive selection of products from Our Online Shop like routers, Switches, Hubs, Transceivers, Media Converters, Cables, Networking Accessories, access points, network adapters, cabinets that has all you. Additionally, we stock other networking Accessories including NETWORKING ACCESSORIES such as Ethernet Network Switches, Ethernet Patch-Cords, Category 5 cable- Cat 5, Outdoor Fiber Cable, Category 6 cable-Cat 6  and Networking Cables. We also have DATA AND SERVER CABINETS .

We boast brands such Cisco Products, D-Link Networking Equipment, Giganet, Linksys, Mikrotik, Siemon, Tp-link and Ubiquiti and so many more that allow you enjoy the latest technology.Building your system should not be difficult. Call us on any inquiry you have and we would be happy to assist.

D-Link Networking Equipment

D-Link 4-Port USB KVM Switch (DKVM-4U)

KSh7,500.000 Exc VAT

D-Link Networking Equipment

DKVM-CB Cable Kit for DKVM Products – 1M

KSh2,500.000 Exc VAT
KSh31,000.000 Exc VAT

D-Link Networking Equipment

DLink DVG-6004G VoIP Gateway

KSh45,000.000 Exc VAT
KSh8,000.000 Exc VAT
KSh13,500.000 Exc VAT

D-Link Networking Equipment

Dlink DPH 120SE F1 SIP Phone DPH-120SE

KSh700.000 Exc VAT