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Fisheye cameras: broad surveillance and better business insight in one discreet package

Installing a surveillance solution that offers a clear view over a large area can require multiple cameras, extensive cabling, licenses, management – and the cost soon adds up. But through the latest AI-powered fisheye cameras, organizations can capture a broad field of view in a single discreet package – and gain a wealth of business […]

Securing Your New Business Location

Securing Your New Business

Opening your first location or expanding your business is a huge step, but once the excitement of the expansion wears off it’s time to start thinking about the physical security of your business. When it comes to safeguarding your new location, nothing beats a quality security camera system. Read on to learn more about how […]

Can Biometrics Solve Data Security Crisis?

Can Biometrics Solve Data Security Crisis?

Dramatic increase in human dependence on IT systems has resulted in something more dramatic than itself: the amount of data it generates. Other than business and professional endeavours, we also generate a lot of digital data out of personal activities. Facts related with this digitization are mind just mind boggling. Ninety percent of all the […]

Electric fence Installation easy steps to follow

Electric fence Installation easy steps to follow

Whether you’re trying to keep livestock from roaming off of your property or trying to keep pesky deer out, an electric fence is the ideal solution. When installed properly, an electric fence will generate a mild shock to discourage the animal from venturing through the fence. While installing an electric fence is not an overly […]

Considering Buying a Nanny surveillance Camera? 5 Things You Should Know

As a busy working mom (dad), you may turn to professional nannies to take care of your baby. However, it is also a bit hard to totally trust a stranger to look after your children while you are away. Recently there are news telling nanny cams catching abuse and stories about hidden nanny cams caught […]

Access Control Systems: What You Need to Know

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The most efficient way to keep your business, assets, and employees safe and secure is through the use of an access control system that can prevent unauthorized visitors, manage employee access, and protect sensitive areas and information. To adequately protect intellectual property and employees, every business should implement access control across their organizations. Many business […]