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How your business can benefit from a fingerprint attendance system

The use of biometric fingerprint access control system has been gaining vast popularity around the world. Organisations have been quietly replacing their outdated security solutions and time management systems with advanced biometric readers and more progressive workforce management software solutions. These readers are critical to assisting companies with additional security and, more importantly, reducing potential […]

Install Biometric Attendance System at Your Facility for Accurate and Fool Proof Attendance Security

Attendance keeping is an important task in places like industries, institutions, hospitals, research laboratories, and any establishment that employ small or large workforce. The task is a significant part of a HRD in a company or establishment because it allows them to keep track of employee presence in the facility, number of days to be […]

Simplify employee time tracking and workforce management

Packed with exhaustive features and industry standard modules, Time Master is a comprehensive Time & Attendance system that adapts to any industry vertical of all size while upholding organisation’s interest. Key Features Main Features Automatic attendance management. Accelerates payroll processing directly from recording machine. User profile management to ensure a high level of security in […]

Zk F22 Time Attendance Device is an indoor-rated standalone fingerprint reader with built-in Wi-Fi

F22 Time Attendance Device is an indoor-rated standalone fingerprint reader with built-in Wi-Fi which can be connected either directly to a door lock or any access control panel via Wiegand interface. Full Access Control Built In: Relay Outputs for electric lock and alarm. Inputs for door status sensor and request to exit hardware. Supports multiple time […]

Product Comparison: F18 Biometric Fingerprint Access Control VS TF1700 VS TF1600 iClock 990

Product F18 Biometric Fingerprint Access Control TF1700 Biometric Fingerprint Access Control TF1600 Biometric Fingerprint Access Control iClock 990 Biometric Fingerprint Time and Attendance Image Brand ZKTeco ZKTeco ZKTeco ZKTeco Availability N/A N/A N/A N/A Rating Summary Overview F18 is an innovative biometric fingerprint reader for access control application. Offering unparalleled performance by using an advanced […]

Ways to Use ZKTeco Biometric System

In the last few years, there has been tremendous growth in the use of biometric technology world over. This is because of many reasons. However, the main reason is that the need for better personal identification and authentication has never been greater. For your information, biometric identification systems have become so miniaturized that they are […]

ZKTeco Security Solution

Focuses on multi-modal biometric verification and multi-modal hybrid biometric verification technology as core, and centers on visitor management, car entrance management and freight management etc. applications, and provides access control, time and attendance, carpark, turnstile, elevator control, visitor management, retail, security, video surveillance etc. management product, technique, solution and services. ZKTeco also constructs a biometric […]

Facial Recognition Improves Security and can be a Source of Revenue for Hospitals

Implementing a comprehensive and effective access control system in a hospital setting is a challenging proposition. Between bustling ERs, crowded patient floors, visitors coming and going, and medical and administrative staff working rotating shifts, keeping track of who enters and exits a hospital is an especially daunting task. In our last blog, we took a […]

Biometric Access control and Time attendance shop in Nairobi

Welcome to our technology shop in Nairobi and buy Quality and Affordable Biometric Time Attendance Systems. Some of the brands we sell includes the following, zkteco products suprema products among many other quality brands. We have very qualified technical team for all the Installation in Nairobi Kenya and the rest of east Africa region. If […]

Can Biometrics Solve Data Security Crisis?

Can Biometrics Solve Data Security Crisis?

Dramatic increase in human dependence on IT systems has resulted in something more dramatic than itself: the amount of data it generates. Other than business and professional endeavours, we also generate a lot of digital data out of personal activities. Facts related with this digitization are mind just mind boggling. Ninety percent of all the […]