Ubiquiti going from Enterprise to your Home

Ubiquiti announced today that they will be selling a new Home Wi-Fi platform named AmpliFi. The main goal of the product is to cover your entire house with Wi-Fi by using a platform that allows the user to have 802.11ac coverage while also being easy to install.

Ubiquiti AmpliFli

The product has a sleek appearance and modern aesthetic; this is further helped with the addition of a touchscreen display. The router comes with two Wi-Fi Extenders that connect to the main router wirelessly, you simply plug the extenders into the wall and pair with the base station. Extenders communicate to the main router using 5GHz, but can be set to connect via 2.4GHz if necessary. Ubiquiti also unveiled an app for the AmpliFi system which allows you to control guest access and keep tabs on how your system is performing. You are also able set the channels, setup port forwarding, and advanced guest network options (such as changing the access password and encryption type). AmpliFi comes in three models; the AmpliFi, AmpliFi LR, and the AmpliFi HD. The standard AmpliFi model only supports an 802.11ac on the main unit, has a 24dBm max output power on the main router and 22dBm output on the extenders. The AmpliFi LR also only supports a 802.11ac on the main unit, has a 26dBm max output power on the main router and 24dBm output on the extenders. Finally, the High Density AmpliFi HD supports 802.11ac on both the routers and the extenders, and have an output power of 26dBm on both the router and extenders. The AmpliFi HD is the unit to go for if you have a house full of tech. Otherwise, you could go with one of the two other models depending on how far you need to reach in your house.

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