45degMikroTik introduced a new feature on their pre-existing maNT30 dish antennas. This will allow both the regular model and the PA model to be adjusted to a slanted polarization of 45 degrees. This slant can greatly affect point-to-point links by reducing RF interference in signal congested areas, by reducing the impact on nearby microwave devices and will allow the channel output to be unified if the dish is being deployed over a body of water

Required Equipment for Assembly

  • 8mm, 10mm wrench
  • mANT30 Dish
  • RB900 Series Outdoor Device


  1. Be sure that the mANT30 is detached from the mounting point.fig1fig2
  2. Remove the MikroTik radio cover as shown in Figure 1. Continue to disconnect the RF cables.
  3. Use an 8mm wrench to loosen the RF Cables
  4. Loosen the wing nut and remove the MikroTik radio as shown in Figure 2.
  1. Separate the Parabolic Dish from the Antenna Feed by unscrewing the (8) nuts as shown in Figure 3.
  2. Continue to remove all of the fasteners, which include (8) M6x20 bolts, (8) M6 washers, (8) M6 spring lock washers, and (8) M6 nuts.


Note: Be sure that all the removed items are reusable and not damaged.


  1. To adjust the polarization, rotate the dish and feed 45 degrees counter-clockwise relatively to antenna mounting brackets as shown in Figure 4.
  2. The items removed from Step 6 will now be used to install the Back Plate back on the Parabolic Dish as shown in Figure 5.
  3. Attach the case holder as shown in Figure 5 using (1) M4 wing nut.
  4. Install the RF cables as shown in Figure 6.2 with a torque of approximately 0.5 Nm.
  5. Fit the radio cover back on.


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