Steps to Prevent Data Loss and Reduce Vulnerabilities and Security Breach

Protecting data is critical to reduce vulnerability to security breach and other potential cyberattacks. The Cybersecurity Insiders article, “7 Step Data Loss Prevention Checklist for 2021,” provides several steps to help organization’s enhance data protection.

Organizations today must protect a wide range of sensitive and confidential information. This includes customer financial data as well as Personally Identifiable Information (PII), which includes information such as driver’s license number or social security number. Implementing a data loss prevention program can help to reduce vulnerability to cyberattacks.

Implement some of these strategies from the article to enhance data protection in your organization:

  • Start by inventorying your data: You’ll need to collect detailed information about company assets, the type of data the organization collects, where it is hosted and who it is shared with. By gathering this information, you can assess security protocols that can help protect this data.
  • Classify your data: Classify all your organization’s data into categories for ease of tracking and protecting. According to the article, “It should cover both structured and unstructured data, tagging it based on its level of sensitivity and making it easier to find, track, and safeguard.” Keep categories simple so it’s easy for employees and vendors to apply them.
  • Understand risk of data loss: You will need to understand how the data is used, who has access to it and under what conditions it is at risk. Once you understand this, you can develop policies to address vulnerabilities and boost security.

The article recommends that regulatory compliance be the baseline criteria for data protection. Read the entire article at this link.

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