Data Cabinets and Servers Rack Cabinets

Data cabinets and servers rack are designed to precision to blend well with the interior décor of the places installed,  cabinet comes in different shapes and sizes to meet all the need a user may have on the cabinets. Data cabinets range from 4U cabinets, 6U data cabinets, 9U data cabinets, 12U networking data cabinets and 15U data cabinet while servers rack ranges from 22U servers rack, 27U rack, 32U server rack Cabinets and 42U servers rack all the way to 42U with different height and width dimensions.

9u Data Cabinet
Data Cabinets Almiria Techstore Kenya 0700449778

Network Data Cabinets Network data Cabinets are mainly used to store routers, switches, patch panels and other types of networking equipment and accessories. These cabinets are usually shallower than server rack cabinets, and they are often less than 31” in depth. Networking cabinets are more likely to have a glass/Plexiglas front door rather than a perforated one because thermal requirements are not a typical issue.

12U Data Cabinet Almiria Techstore Nairobi - 0700449778
12U Data Cabinet Almiria Techstore Nairobi – 0700449778

Server Rack Cabinets

Server Rack Cabinets are generally used to install servers, monitors, UPSes, and the like. Server rack cabinets are typically 24” in overall width, and approximately 36” in depth, but other options do exist. These cabinets often have perforated front and rear doors for ventilation, to maintain a suitable environment for the heat-generating equipment inside.

servers rack
servers rack

Why use cabinets to store your equipment            Security Your equipment’s safety is a very important aspect in any organization for it to function normally, these data cabinets have lockable doors that help tame which personnel can be able to access the networking equipment. With the lockable door, the management can designate the key to one employee who will be accountable if anything was to happen to the equipment.

6U Wall Mount, Rack – Data Cabinets
6U Wall Mount, Rack – Data Cabinets AlmiriaTechstore 0700449778

Keep the office tidy Data cabinets  and servers rack help the organization arrange its equipment in a systemic manner, the data cabinets have spaces where cable pass-through hence the cables don’t hang everywhere, the data cabinets come with a glass door and they are well designed to add glamour to the offices

Servers racks and data cabinets from almiriatechstore are of high quality, almiriatechstore offers transport to your work station and also help you manage cables to enable the cabinet to look organized.

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