HISENSE TV Prices Kenya (2019)

  HISENSE TV Prices Kenya (2019) from almiriatechstore are very competitive, Hisense TV’S are sleekly and elegantly designed to meet all that consumers desire in a television set. Their design increases the glamour of the room, with their massive lights combinations, They have inbuilt speakers that produce the crispy massive sound that keeps the viewer fully entertained.  Hisense TV illuminates a room with their massive lights to give it a spectacular glamour.  Hisense TV’s produce quality precise pictures owing to their high number of the resolution giving the viewer the ownership of the content. they have inbuilt speakers that produce mesmerizing audio that keeps the viewer fully entertained.  

Latest Hisense TV ModelsPrices
Hisense LHD32D51T LED digital TVKsh 21,500
Hisense LHD32D51TS LED smart TVKsh  25,000
HISENSE 43N3000UW 43inch 4K smart TVKsh 40,000
HISENSE 43N3000UW 43inch digital TVKsh  38,000
Hisense 50 inch 50K3300UW Smart TVKsh 52,000
Hisense  50inc 50K3300UW 4K smart TVKKsh 58,000
Hisense 50K3300UW Digital TVKsh 50,000
HISENSE 50K3300 55 inch Digital LED TVKsh 65,000
Hisense 55 Inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV, 55K3300Ksh 68,000
Hisense 65N3000UW 65 inch 4K UHD Smart TVKSH 135,000
Hisense 65N3000UW 65 inch Digital TVKSH 130,000

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