Introducing the EdgePower 24V UPS Power Supply and Versatile EdgeRouter 10X

An ideal companion for EdgeSwitches and EdgeRouters, the EdgePower 24V (EP-24V-72W) provides an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for WISP sites. The EdgePower design uses an external battery, which provides flexibility and makes maintenance easy.
With ten Gigabit RJ-45 ports and industry-leading price/performance value, EdgeRouter 10X (ER-10X) expands the EdgeRouter portfolio. ER-10X is the big brother of EdgeRouter X (ER-X), offering more ports and RAM.

Uninterrupted Power from EdgePower 24V UPS

To continue service without interruptions, all critical equipment passing traffic need continuous power. Battery backup power systems take over when the AC power supply fails.

EdgePower 24V is normally AC powered. In case of an AC power outage, it uses the external battery. Switching to battery power is instant, without interruptions. Since the EP-24V-72W does not embed the battery, the site planner has the flexibility to determine battery capacity and operation time based on the specific application. When necessary, site maintenance staff can replace the external batteries without any interruption to service.

Good WISP site architecture uses one integrated UPS system feeding all equipment. EdgePower 24V meets the requirements by combining the use of DC and 24V passive PoE. The EP-24V-72W offers two passive 24V PoE feeds, each providing up to 15 W of DC power. In parallel, there is a 24V DC connector offering up to 72W of DC power. This architecture allows powering of both 24V PoE and 24V DC-based systems from the same UPS.

Local and Remote Power Supply Monitoring

EdgePower 24V has local and remote monitoring capabilities. The management connection uses one of the RJ-45 interfaces.
A browser-based EdgePower Configuration Interface allows easy system configuration. EdgePower 24V also includes a Ping Watchdog feature. It continuously pings a target and if pings fail, the system reboots itself. This makes stand-alone operation more reliable.

Full remote management capabilities are available by connecting one RJ-45 port to the LAN. The network manager can remotely monitor EdgePower 24V and get alerts using UNMS (Ubiquiti Network Management System) or SNMP.
EdgePower 24V is an ideal companion for Ubiquiti EdgeRouters and EdgeSwitches.

EdgeRouter 10X Broadens the Portfolio

EdgeRouter 10X optimizes value by doubling the number of ports and amount of memory compared to EdgeRouter X. EdgeRouter 10X is positioned as a product between ER-X and ER-12.

The ER-10X provides ten Gigabit Ethernet ports and 512 MB RAM. It is powered by 24V PoE via port 1 or an external AC/DC adapter. Port 10 provides passthrough for 24V PoE output. The unique price/performance value makes it ideal for sites in the 1 Gbps Layer 3 forwarding capacity range.

Learn more about the EdgePower 24V here and EdgeRouter 10X here.

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