5 Features of Dlink Gigabit Switches you Should Know

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)-PoE is a technology that allows devices and endpoints to be powered through their Ethernet connections, rather than traditional AC or battery power. That greatly increases the flexibility and reach of connected systems, which has contributed to a wave of innovation in smart buildings.
  • Security-Many Ethernet switches have built-in support for security features such as segmentation and hosting firewalls.
  • Number of connections-The number of ports provided in a switch can vary widely. The more network users and endpoints in use, the more ports will be needed. Fixed-configuration switches are typically available with 4 to 52 ports. Modular switches scale to hundreds of total ports.
  • Application hosting-Application hosting is now possible with some modern gigabit switches, giving developers increased options for improving network performance. For example, locating an application on a switch at the network edge might help deliver a better user experience. Also, a distributed computing application hosted on a switch in a smart building environment might make its systems more responsive.
  • Multi gigabit technology-If speeds greater than 1 Gbps are to be achieved with legacy wiring, then the gigabit switch in use will need to be compatible with Multi gigabit technology and/or be capable of speeds of 5 or 10 Gbps.

Benefits of Gigabit Switches offered by Dataworld

Ethernet Switches

  • Ethernet switches are key building blocks for any network. These switches connect multiple devices together when they are on the same network. The nodes on the network will include devices such as: computers, servers; wireless access points, printers, and so forth.
  • The Ethernet switch enables the connected devices on the network to exchange data and talk to one another other. An Ethernet network switch is able to work with the MAC addresses of the devices connected to it. Using this information, it is able to identify the computers or other units on each of its ports. In this way it is able to send the data packets to the relevant ports and hence to the right devices without flooding the network with unnecessary data.
Dlink Gigabit Switches

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Gigabit Switches.

A gigabit switch is a type of network switch, typically Ethernet-based, that allows devices to be connected to a LAN at speeds of 1 Gbps or higher. Gigabit Ethernet replaced Fast Ethernet as the current network standard.