Tp-Link Kenya WiFi Networking Equipment for Home and Business

We stock Tp-Link state-of-the-art solutions that deliver plug and play switching solutions for small business and home networks

TP-Link is your reliable choice. Its product range includes powerline adapters, Wi-Fi range extenders, access points, routers, switches, wireless USB adapters and much more.

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The switches can be used for networking, Network Expansion, For IP Surveillance, Storage and Management Solutions deliver to best-in-class performance.

Gigabit Unmanaged Switches

Tp-Link Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch series (TL –SG 100*) offers a wide range of models for different network deployment requirements. The LAN Switches are energy efficient are Featuring POE Support (TL –SG 100*) P ell built and rigorously tested to provide the reliability businesses need. 802.1p traffic prioritization and Plug and play frame support allow for seamless integration with more sophisticated networks.

Fast Ethernet Unmanaged Switches (TL-SF100#D)

The Tp-Link Fast Ethernet Unmanaged Switch series offers a wide range of models for different network deployment requirements. These energy-efficient switches are well built and rigorously tested to provide the reliability businesses need.

Small Office/Home SOHO Switches Network solutions for your small office or home/office

We stock Networking Switches for Essentials and SOHO Unmanaged switches. They are
plug-and-play, simple, reliable, and some are designed with Power-Over-Ethernet POE capabilities for your small office or home/office network.

They come in plastic or metal enclosures and are built to last.

TPlink AP and Routers Help you create a network, Expand Networks, Separate Networks, Add security, Security Features, Deploy Access Control for Networks and Much More.

Our wide range of equipment Cover your Small Office, Homes, Cyber Café, Public Areas, Conference Facilities and growing business with secure, reliable, and blazing fast

Power Lines and Network Extension Accessories

 Essentials wireless for home office/small office

Tp-Link Routers and Wireless Access Points are designed with simplicity in mind, the small office and home office Wireless family offers easy to configure one-room wireless coverage, Power lines, and Wi-Fi Kits  are easy to set up can be set up in minutes. Most Access points some come with additional Ethernet port *S so you can add an extra device *s such as PC, printer, or web camera and much more

Outdoor Point to Point Networking Gadgets and Wi-Fi Radios

Outdoor Wi-Fi Antenna and Point to point Networking Radios

We have budget-friendly, Efficient Point to point Networking Gadgets, Outdoor Wi-Fi Equipment products for simple outdoor Networking Infrastructure.

Tp-Link outdoor Gadgets Takes into account varying facility sizes, the distance between transmission points, and physical obstructions. almiriatechstore offers a wide range of flexible, durable, high-performance accessories to meet your individual deployment needs.

Do more, faster, at your home and office. Whether you need to expand your network, provide high-speed Internet access or dispel wireless black spots, TP-Link is your best choice. The product range includes power line adapters, extended Wi-Fi coverage, access points, routers, switches, wireless USB adapters and more.

Reliable smart solution from TP-Link

With more devices connected in our homes, the need for seamless and uninterrupted WiFi, in addition to reliable cable connectivity, is more important than ever before.

That is why TP-Link conducts extensive research and development to deliver high-quality networks and smart home products that you can rely on.

See their broad reach and find ways to turn your home into a smart home. If you run a business from headquarters, you will find many things here to make your work life easy too


Choice of routers and modems for high-speed streaming, games and browsing


Increase your WiFi coverage to eliminate dead spots around the house


Create a fast and safe internet connection using an existing electrical circuit


Improve your laptop’s wireless capabilities with a faster WiFi speed

The router is the center of your home internet network. So it’s important to have a router that allows you to connect several internet-hungry devices simultaneously, without losing any connection speed or performance.

TP-Link routers provide sophisticated WiFi speeds designed to handle multiple devices and run applications three times the standard router speed. This results in faster, stronger and more capable WiFi for all your wireless devices

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