Networking Equipment Kenya

At our store, you will find the most comprehensive range of networking equipment that are designed to address your needs irrespective of whether you are a small business, home office or large corporation. Our networking products are globally sourced and manufactured to international standards. Our range of networking equipment are stocked from the different manufacturers such as Cisco,D-Link,Giganet,Linksys,Mikrotik,Siemon,Tp-link and Ubiquiti among others.

Networking Equipment
Networking Equipment

We offer equipment for different aspects of networking such as Switches, Routers, Data and Server Cabinets,Cables, Transceivers, Hubs, Media Converters, network adapters,  access points, cabinets, and other Networking Accessories  that you need for your organization or offie. Besides offering the sale of the equipment, we also provide servicing and installation and deliver expressly to any location in Kenya. Our express delivery services are also available across East Africa.   Routers and Switches Network Switches are used for Ethernets connecting computers and other networking devices using packet switching to process, receive, and forward data to destination devices. We have ethernet network switches from well known manufacturers such as TP-link and D-link. We also have routers and routing devices that are useful in handling network traffic and ensuring that it can be effectively used by different computers and other networking devices. We have different sizes of routers and switches meant to meet your different needs.  We have the smaller devices such as the 8 port D-link Ethernet switch all the way to the 52 port D-link switch 1000/100. We are your one stop shop for all routers and switch needs and will provide a viable solution based on your needs.

Transceivers, Hubs, and Media Converters We have media converters that are applicable in different types of networks. For example, we have fibre media converters from Net-Link and Ethernet converters from TP-Link. Our media converters are sourced from international suppliers and optimized for local network settings. Transceivers are also called Medium Access Unit (MAUs) in Ethernet networks. For radio communications, the transceiver acts as a two-way radio combining both a transmitter and receiver for exchanging information in half-duplex mode. We have transceivers for the different network types that fit all your organizational needs. Our transceivers are internationally sourced and of high quality. Our network hubs are compatible with the media converters and transceivers available in the local market to ensure that they perform optimally. Network Adapters and Cables We know that a computer network would be incomplete without the necessary adapters for different devices and types of networks. As a result, we stock network adapters for different types of networks such as the gigabit PCI network cards and wireless network adapters for Wi-Fi that can be used on individual  computers. Our network adapters are useful for Ethernet networks as well as fibre and they vary in size to address your different needs. We offer different network cables for your varying needs. We have outdoor cables, category 6 (Cat-6) cables, category 5 (Cat-5) cables and other networking cables. Our cables are from well known companies such as Siemens that are well known leaders in computer networking. We verify the sources and suppliers of our networking cables to ensure their quality and provide a warranty to our customers for optimal performance of their networks. Access points Network access points are a key link for any computer network because they enable you to access the networks form different wireless devices. We have different wireless access points that are ideal for indoor and outdoor uses. These devices from companies such as TP-link and D-Link are ideal for a wide array of settings. They  also vary in size and range depending on your need and budget. The network access points are optimized for indoor and outdoor operations and they provide an ideal solution for your different wireless devices. We have access points with different functionalities such as POE and Wi-Fi. Servers and server accessories Servers and server cabinets are some of the most important aspects of any computer network. They provide data exchanges as well as storage for your network hence they have to be optimized according to the traffic they are required to handle. We know this and make a lot of efforts in stocking high quality servers from known companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, and Dell. The servers that we sell are genuine and state of the art to meet the needs of today’s networking environments. The servers are sought from verified suppli9ers to ensure that they are genuine and operate according to your specifications. We stock server accessories such as server cabinets, hard drives, memory, and processors that you can use to upgrade an existing server to meet your current needs. We also have cabinet fans, cabinet shelves and cable managers which are essential in the installation of your servers to ensure that they meet your current and future needs. We can also provide the services of retrofitting the accessories on your servers on site to ensure optimal performance. Networking Accessories At our store, we have different networking accessories that are meant to ensure optimal performance and a neat installation. We stock different accessories such as the Network UTP Cable Stripping Tool. Other important tools for networking that we stock in our store include Cable Tracers, Tone Tracer, Labels, Labelers, Computer Repair Kit, Crimping tool, Networking Kit, S-Tek networking toolkit, and Network LAN Cable Testers. We sell verified connection equipment for your networking needs such as RJ45 Splitter, BNC Connectors, Ethernet Cables, Sockets, adapters, Connectors, and Patchcords. All our accessories are professional in nature and they ensure that you get the best work while at the same time ensuring optimal performance. This is because poor workmanship is a key component that may reduce the performance of your network. We guarantee you high quality tools and accessories if you buy from our store. Express delivery within the country adds to the convenience that we offer for buying from us.

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