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MIKROTIK Products (Router boards, Ethernet routers, Integrated Wi-Fi routers, etc.)

Shop for MikroTik networking hardware in Kenya from Nairobi at almiriatechstore Limited and almiriatechstore MikroTik Shop

At almiriatechstore MikroTik Shop in Nairobi , we s boasts a varied catalogue of multi-purpose wireless devices, such as the SXT radios, which can be deployed as either MikroTik Access Points or CPEs. MikroTik also manufactures the world’s smallest Access Point, the mAP Lite, and the popular SOHO-aimed hAP series.

Every item in almiriatechstore MikroTik Kenya catalogue is specifically designed to offer the greatest level of functional control and flexibility without compromising on value.

MikroTik Routers shop in Nairobi Kenya

MikroTik Routers are powered by their own Routers operating system,

Shop for quality MikroTik routers at Nairobi MikroTik Suppliers today and have the delivered to you. Within Kenya

MikroTik are some of the most configurable Ethernet Networking devices available on the market.

For SOHO deployments, MikroTik hEX devices are a quiet and compact solution, whilst the Cloud Core Routers are a popular choice when high throughput speeds are required.

MikroTik Accessories dealers in Kenya

MikroTik accessories can be used in a variety networking deployments.

MikroTik mounting kits are designed for use with their backhaul devices.

Coax pigtails can be used to connect any radio and antenna with the corresponding connectors.

MikroTik Antenna

MikroTik’s panel and dish antennas are the ideal addition to a MikroTik connectorised radio. Their range of omni antennas can be installed on connectorised radios or added to a custom-build radio of your own design.

MikroTik Fibre

Branching out from their highly popular fibre modules, MikroTik’s fibre offering now includes Coarse Wavelength-Division Multiplexing devices aimed at simplifying fibre deployments.

MikroTik RouterBOARD

MikroTik’s extensive range of RouterBOARDS bring MikroTik’s exceptional routing technology to the custom market. Offering a range of capacities and capabilities, MikroTik RouterBOARDS are the ideal choice for any custom build.

MikroTik Switches

MikroTik switches bring top-of-line features to the wireless market. Comprised of RouterBOARD and Cloud Core-based switches, these devices are the ideal choice for those looking for MikroTik Wireless

MikroTik’s wireless devices cover a wide range of purposes. Whilst some ranges such as the wAP and cAPdevices designed for specific uses, many of MikroTik’s wireless products can be deployed to fill a variety of roles. The LHG devices can act as Point-to-Point or CPE devices and many of the Groove and Metal radios can be configured to act as Point-to-Point, CPE or AP devices.

the flexibility to fully customise their switch.

MikroTik Wireless Cards

MikroTik’s competitive range of wireless cards and system boards offer the best choice for those looking to custom build their own hardware. For those looking to extend their existing hardware, the RouterBOARD adaptor cards are the ideal solution.

MikroTik has been developing, installing and selling wireless routers since 1995. MikroTik now provides wireless ISP systems for Internet connectivity in most countries throughout the world. The newest MikroTik software product, MikroTik RouterOS v3, is a software router system that makes it easy for VAR, ISPs, or network admins to create PC routers for wireless, wide area, or local area networks.


The main product of MikroTik is a Linux-based operating system known as MikroTik RouterOS. This allows users to turn selected PC-based machines into software routers, which allows features such as firewall rules, VPN Servers and Clients, forming Service Quality bandwidth, wireless access points and other features commonly used for routing and connecting shared networks .

This system can also function as a captive portal-based hotspot system. The operating system is licensed in increasing levels, each releasing more RouterOS features available as the number of levels increases. Licenses are cost-based and increase with features released. There is software called Winbox that provides a sophisticated GUI for the RouterOS operating system. This software also allows connections via FTP, telnet, and SSH. There are also APIs that allow the creation of special applications for management and monitoring.

RouterBOARD is a hardware platform created by MikroTik. RouterBOARD The router is powered by an unmatched RouterOS Operating system and ranges from small wireless CPE, to very powerful core routers, each for different tasks and situations.

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