Biometric Time Attendance System in Kenya

The Biometric Time Attendance System in Kenya automate employee clock in and clock out by capturing reporting and leaving time. The biometric devices offer a tamper proof and secure system for tracking employee attendance. As it were, access control systems have changed how HR officers keep track of attendance. Technically, this technology brings about accuracy in the electronic staff register. This accuracy is achieved through identification of every employee by fingerprint. In so doing, the challenge of employees signing in on behalf of their colleagues has been solved.

Enabling multiple user authentication method has been at the core at enhancing the capabilities of the biometric time attendance system Kenya. Essentially, users are identifiable in multiple and secure ways. To start with, authentication can be done through the use of RFID cards.

Also, RFID cards can be used as employee identification cards. Secondly, authentication can also be through secret pin. In this case, the biometric system generates passwords for the enrolled employees.

Finally, the most secure authentication method is by the users’ fingerprints. To begin with, the biometric system captures and stores individual employee’s fingerprints. Therefore, a user places his or her thumb on the scanner to be scanned before the door is released open. At the end of the day, acess to rich reports facilitate management in decision making.

Be that as it may, the biometric time attendance system offer simple yet detailed reports. These reports come in different formats and will assist the human resource department in coming up with strategic decisions. It is important to note that facial recognition systems were built based on the same technology. However, as per the preference of the client, the biometric system will support the combination of both RFID card and fingerprint to identify users.

Features of the biometric time attendance system

Simple user interface: The biometric time attendance system has an intuitive graphical user interface. The interface is very simple and easy to learn and use. Equally, there is a web based dashboard that supports real time updates for employee logs. IP based connectivity: the system supports TCP/IP communication protocol. In other words, it allows for connection via the RJ45 connection interface. Furthermore, database will be accessed through the RS232/485 port. Also, backing up information has been made easy. That is, the network or the USB port provides a safe and efficient method for downloading time attendance reports to be backed up. Email and SMS notification; after a successful application for leave via the self service web portal, there still needs to be an automated system for receiving updates. This is where system generated responses come in. Hence, notification of a successful leave application and approval need not happen verbally. Communication will be passed through email and via SMS and still be personalised. Shifts and schedules; this feature is applicable to companies whose employees work in shifts. The system creates shifts which are fully customisable based on organizational requirements. The attendance module allows the shift manager to create periodical schedules to be followed by the employees. Also, the feature leads to better planning of employees thus increasing their productivity. Time attendance policies; basically this feature provides an interface to create and implement organizational rules. For instance, the feature can define when is a person considered late for work or what is the maximum hours that can be clocked in as overtime etc. Device internal capacity: the biometric time attendance system has a huge internal capacity to hold over 3,000 fingerprints, over 100,000 transaction records.

Why you should install biometric time attendance system

Complete accuracy of the Payroll information. As matter of fact, there will be no room for manipulation of employee attendance register. This is because the attendance information will be captured biometrically. Thus, cheeky employees will be unable to modify neither reporting nor closing time. Leads to efficient time management. No doubt, collecting and analyzing staff information can take a lot of time. However, a good electronic document management software assists the human resource manager to generate several types of reports.

Ultimately, time attendance system captures leave management aspects of employee management. Employees are able to apply and update leave status. During the active leave days, the time attendance system will not allow such employees who proceeded on annual leave to clock-in through the system. Integration with the payroll software leads to automatic updating of the payroll module.  In fact, all the data to be generated by the biometric attendance system are compatible with most HR and payroll software. Hence, there will be no need to manually update employee attendance register. 

The biometric attendance system directly populates the HR software. By integrating the system with HR and payroll software, the human resource personnel gets real time updates. From the dashboard, the system administrator can query the database real time updates as employees clock in and out. Save on staff administration and management cost. Research indicates that automating time attendance leads to a 40% reduction in operation costs. These savings can then be channeled towards other important business areas such as marketing. In essence, the automation produces accurate work hours, precise calculations and payment of overtime dues. Technically, automation seals the loop holes for over payments and overtime forgeries.


The self service portal allows the employees to apply for leave, view shifts electronically irrespective of the geographical location. Moreover, employees will get notifications about leave approval from their phones. The self web portal system empowers staff to plan ahead and manage their leave days efficiently. Furthermore, they will be able to plan for work schedules or shifts and even view attendance reports. Web based access feature makes the system time attendance software accessible for other devices apart from the desktop application. This is actually the basis for creation of employee self service apart from saving time in decision making. From the web based access, employees are able to access the self service portal to apply for leave, view shifts and schedules, register attendance.

Corporate self service portal: the software management recognizes the organizational corporate structure and this is reflected in the way user privileges are distributed based on departments. For instance, the employee self service provides the HR officer with rights to approve leave application, plan employee shifts and schedules, view attendance among other functionalities. Integration with payroll software: attendance reports such as overtime hours are very critical when processing salaries and other payroll transactions. Hence, it is necessary to integrate the time attendance system with the payroll software. This actually leads to error free and timely processing of employee salaries.

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