Best Biometric Access Control and Time attendance Systems

almiriatechstore is one of the leading Biometric Access Control and Time Attendance Systems installers in Kenya. It has been providing these solutions to the entire East Africa Region for over five years.

We are committed to making a positive impact with technology today by providing a one stop shop for all Biometric Access Control and Time Attendance technology products. We provide premier quality software and Biometric hardware at the most affordable prices in Kenya excellence.

The Access control that we sell can take many forms in the Public Sector. At one end of the spectrum, there are basic single-entrance access systems comprising just one audio intercom – say where there is a public, business or even a government department in a multi-office building.

 At the other end are large and complex computer-based automated systems incorporating multiple gates, barriers and doors that require staff to present some form or identification or passes.

The almiriatechstore Biometric system is a technological system that uses information about a person (or other biological organism) to identify that person. Biometric systems that we sell rely on specific data about unique biological traits in order to work effectively.

 This Biometric system will involve running data through algorithms for a particular result, usually related to a positive identification of a user or other individual.

If you happen to be looking for any type of Biometric Systems for Identity Verification and security enhancement, we are your best bet.

The Biometrics solutions from almiriatechstore will give you a very easy and secure method of identity verification. In most computer systems, measures such as PIN, passwords, cards and keys are used for identity verification.

 The bad thing about these measures is the fact that people often change, disclose or forget them. An accurate and reliable technique of identification/verification can be designed by use of biometric technologies.

Biometric/Access control systems are security devices that control entry to a premise. The biometric door lock utilizes finger print reader technology to lock and unlock your door.

You can always set, re-set or remove the fingerprint access information on the device. almiriatechstore Kenya biometric systems are able to log over a thousand users and keeping all logs in the system database.

Like other security products, biometric access control systems can be advanced by integration with other systems. The biometric system can be used by human resource to assist in time management and payroll.

Biometric access control that you can buy from our shop includes the following. Affordable zkteko f18 as well as the zkteco k40. These systems offer a preferable identification technique when compared to traditional PIN-based and password techniques.

 They are greatly preferred because of the following reasons.

  • The individual who requires identification has to be present physically during identification
  • Biometric techniques of identification obviate the need of carrying a token or remembering a password.

·         Biometrics, tailored for the specific need of the user in question.

·         The Innovative and Automated Biometric Identification System leverages market-leading technology that is recognized by system integrators and solution providers who demand a large-scale, easy to integrate, standard-compliant and high-performance biometric identity management solution for a biometric multimodal system.

·  almiriatechstore biometric systems delivers exactly what you need. It is a reliable multimodal biometric software utilizing the latest fingerprint technology. 

·      With full modularity, you can easily get a solution tailored to your business processes. Our customer-driven approach guarantees real-time and 24/7 onsite support to ensure that your bespoke system works flawlessly.

 The biometric systems can be modified to achieve diver objectives. We have for example the Personnel attendance control systems that we have developed in order to determine the entry and exit hours of the employees to /from the workplace.

The zkteco f18 is one of the best gadget for the above purpose. The have inbuilt capability to calculate the monthly salary according to these entrance and exit times automatically.

At our shop in Nairobi, we offer state of the art access control security systems using the latest Multi-Biometric Authentication to suit your particular needs.

Our access control product line ranges as follows; we have the latest IP based standalone access control devices. We also have quality networked access control panel, readers and accessories with Network Based one stop access control and finally time attendance Software.

The biometric systems that we sell come with inbuilt capability for High Level of Security enhancement. With its built-in fingerprint and face recognition technology, it can prevent unauthorized outsiders from entering the building.

The Secure I/O (separate controller for door control and I/O expansion) can block forceful entry of outsiders in breaking the system. It also offers a powerful security by encoding data inside the system along with its authentication management.

It comes with some of the most Effective System Management capabilities. Using the TCP/IP-based internet network, the entry and exit paths and status at the entrance door can be easily monitored and tracked on a real-time basis.

A centralized control center can manage the entrance of business centers in multiple locations easily. Due to the nature of the market where almiriatechstore operates, we have tailor made Affordable biometric systems like the zkteco f18 for time attendance and also the zkteco k40 mostly used in high schools and primary schools in Kenya.

 A standalone-based integrated access control system is user-friendly and at the same time an affordable solution that can offer the optimal performance and convenient management.

These solutions that we offer are Flexible System to Operate and also for easy Management. It offers convenient entry management and visitor tracking capacity with its built-in programs to authorize the people to enter and designate the entry time and restricted areas, etc.

The hutech Access Control and innovative technology used in all biometric hardware that we sell is unbeatable in many ways. It boasts of a professionally developed access control software that is designed to manage all access control panels and standalone access control terminals.

The software can simultaneously manage access control and generate attendance report. It’s a desktop software based software which is suitable for small and medium businesses application.

The software’s comes with one of the best and user-friendly structure will make your daily management more pleasant and convenient.

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