Access Control Systems Biometric Barriers Hotel Door Locks Products

Security Access control systems are very efficient tools for controlling who accesses what offices and under what circumstance. Access control systems work just way a doorbell intercom system works. Without effective access systems, it will be difficult tracking human traffic in a premise. Unless you want to stick with the outdated system of writing down peoples names at the entrance. Technology has made easy to automate a lot of operations. Security and gate keeping is just one of them. Almiria Kenya is an expert installer of Access Control Systems Biometric Barriers Hotel Door Locks Products in Kenya

Access Control Systems Biometric Barriers Hotel Door Locks Products

There are very many technological advancements taking place in the world of biometric solutions. What with biometric door access control systems and biometric time attendance systems in Kenya? After introduction of the IP access control systems, we have witnessed introduction of devices with very advanced features. We know that today clients are not only looking for systems that are cost effective but those that offer greater flexibility. Thus, the open standard platform that allow for ease of integration with other security solutions and scalability. Biometric access control systems Kenya have been there  for a while now. It is just that technology absorption in Kenya has not been fast enough. They started with the card and pin access devices. Today, there are more intelligent system scanners that use fingerprints in addition to the card and pin authentication methods. So, if you are looking for the best access control installers in Kenya, then look no further. At Almiria Kenya, you can count on us to deliver the right access system for you.

Types of access control systems

  • Biometric access control systems
  • Card access systems
  • Pin access systems

This is a system that authenticates a person entering a building by use of thumbprints. By far it is the most efficient and reliable door access control system. So you ask why biometric access control is better than card or pin system. To start with, a human thumbprint is unique to that person and it is transferable. Once you have been registered in the system, there is no way you can use somebody else fingerprints to commit a crime. Secondly, there is no way you can leave your fingerprint at home. An access control system that relies on card authentication suffer the challenge of a card left at home. Card access control system can work as time attendance system. So apart from using the card to access a  building, you can use it to identify yourself to a security personnel. The only challenge with card access systems is that they are easily shareable. For example, an employee might give out his or her card to a colleague when they are late for work. The HR practitioners might not like this system since it can be used by unscrupulous employees to claim overtime payments. Lastly, we install pin access systems. These kinds of systems are among the first technologies to be adopted at work places. This device is reliable if employees are trained not to share their PINs. Secrecy is the weakest or strongest link whichever way you look at it. Nonetheless, it can still serve the purpose if the users are trained on the importance of protecting and keeping secret their access PINs.

Why install a door access control system

The main reason why institutions install building access control  is to keep away unauthorized persons.  The restricted places can be the private car parking areas, server rooms, stores etc.  Places where private staff files are kept also require high security. Banking institutions are a perfect example of where access control systems have been deployed successfully. Not very bank employee has the keys or the password combinations to the strong room locks. It is only a few senior staff of the bank authorized to access such places. And their cards or the authentication method has been programmed with such rights. The modern access control devices can also be used as biometric time attendance systems. Door security systems monitor when employees report to work and when they leave the offices. This is especially essential if the employees work in shifts. The setup enables you to enjoy double benefit from the installation. That is, you get time and attendance functionality as well as access control functions. IP door access control systems sure do come with exciting benefits. That is, system versatility, lower cost of installations, faster configurations and management. Be that as it may, the IP technology has opened up door security solutions to greater capabilities.

The modern technology

Legacy door access control systems happened to be proprietary. Those proprietary systems tended to limit clients to a single provider of hardware and software. The need to stick with one vendor made the system very rigid to expansion. The end result for lack of flexibility was the unusually high cost per door controller. On top of that, traditional access control systems were complex and required advanced training before commencing installations and configurations. When it comes to authentication mechanisms, new technology does not disappoint. They have the capability to do authentication by fingerprints and still use RFID cards. If you like, you can enable pin authentication through the keypad. You can also configure the access control device to use a combination of the above authentication options. This will help you achieve higher security levels e.g. you can combine pin and fingerprint. With biometric access control devices, you can use the fingerprints as the unique identifier. In a more advanced setup, you can scan the retina to authenticate users. Based on our extensive experience, we are ranked among the best biometric access control system in Kenya. We install biometric time attendance system Kenya. Now as we conclude, we advice our clients to automate their security systems. And to deploy only the tried and tested biometric devices. We are one of the most innovative biometric time and attendance companies in Kenya. Please contact us today by filling out the form below or call us. We would be thrilled to design for you door access control system Kenya that meets your needs. We also deal with high precision metal detectors.

Biometric For Access Control and Time & Attendance Almiria do have several varieties and Latest Varieties with Different Prices with different Specifications. Call or write to us and we give you more Info.Biometric For Access Control Entry Record and Exit Record and Time & Attendance Almiria do have several varieties and Latest Varieties with Different Prices with different Specifications.

Biometric Facial and iClock

Biometric Facial and with Access Control and Time & Attendance Almiria has the facial Access Control and Fingerprint Time and Attendance in our stores. Enquire today and we will supply, install or maintain for you. Thank you for writing and callingBiometric Time & Attendance and iClock Almiria deals with different varieties and we have installed several kinds of products and the performance and the effectiveness is of high level. We will always meet your Security requirement. call us today.Biometric Access Control, Time & Attendance, Facial and iClock    

Multi-door Controller Password and Card Software Based

Multidoor Controller Password-Card Software Based Time &Attendance and employees Management Almiria has confidence with this kinds of system. The circuit are effective and the performance very good.Time and Attendance Card Sensor Entry and Exit Records ALmiria deals with different types of readers depending with the system or the client requirement.Control Panel Time and attendance, access control, duty roster, Management, Control  

Stand Alone Password and Card Only

Stand Alone Access Control Keypad Almiria has various type of access control stand alone keypad that are cost effective thus enhances security. Call us today for more info.Stand Alone Password-Card For Exit and Entry with Time and Attendance Software This system has been inst.alled by Almiria in Banks, Sacco and most financial Institutions where RFID cards printable as ID cards are used. To control easy access of various offices. It’s software based with EXIT and ENTRY control keypads.Stand Alone Access Control Password and RFID Cards Almiriatechstore has several different varieties call or write to use for more Details

Hotel Door Locks

Access Control Barriers

Access Control Single Barriers For issues regarding Barrie’s, Gate Motors, Ticketing Barriers, Parking access barriers, terminal Barriers etc. Call or write to us for more details. Our delivery time is the shortest as possible. Be Safe and Secure with AlmiriaAccess Control Double Barriers We have the parking barriers, we also do have the control access Barriers. We can import as per your requirement and meet your stand and and install for you.Access Control Gate Barriers We have differents types of Gate barriers we do have the automated barriers and the sliding gate motors and swing Gate automated. The system can be used with a mobile phone a remote button.

We do outsource our products from various international manufacturers listed below.

Companies / Manufacturers Almiriatechstore Deals With for: CCTV Cameras, Access Control, Burglar Alarm, Intercoms & Electric Fences Systems in Kenya
  • Kocom
  • Centurion
  • IP tec
  • Vivotek
  • IDS Digital Security (Control Panels & CCTV Systems)
  • Secu-Alarm (Enforcer Brands)
  • Texecom
  • Risco Group
  • Garrett
  • I-Vision
  • CNB
  • Hikivision
  • GKB
  • Aver-Media
  • Nemtek
  • Prosys alarm control panel
  • ZKSoftware
  • X-Vission
  • Merlin
  • Wizard
  • Hammer
  • Aegis-fence Perimeter System co.
And many more manufacturing and supplying companies.

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