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Almiriatechstore is a trusted Electronics shop in Nairobi, Kenya with express delivery countrywide and a proven track record on variety, best prices, speedy delivery and excellent service. Shopping Online from Almiria electronics shop will be a fulfilling experience giving you access to an array of products with exciting deals.

KSh335,000.000 Excl. Tax
KSh187,000.000 Excl. Tax
KSh155,000.000 Excl. Tax
KSh150,000.000 Excl. Tax
KSh92,000.000 Excl. Tax
KSh89,000.000 Excl. Tax

Sony Television Tvs

Sony 55X7000G TV

KSh82,000.000 Excl. Tax
KSh68,000.000 Excl. Tax
KSh65,000.000 Excl. Tax