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Mecer Online UPS

The online UPS is ideal for environments where electrical isolation is necessary or for equipment that is very sensitive to power fluctuations. Although it was at one time reserved for very large installations of 10 kW or more, advances in technology have now permitted it to be available as a common consumer device, supplying 500 W or less. Features of our online UPS 1KVA/ 2KVA/ 3KVA/ 6KVA Available

KSh240,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh194,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh95,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh580,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh240,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh195,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh39,000.00 Excl. Tax