Automated & Manual Burglar Alarm Systems by Almiria Limited

Almiria Limited stands at the forefront of home security innovation, offering an extensive selection of automated and manual burglar alarm systems designed to protect your home or business from unauthorized entry and potential threats. Our comprehensive range of alarm systems, sensors, and control solutions ensures the safety of your premises around the clock, providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Our Product Range

Alarm Systems

Our state-of-the-art alarm systems are engineered for reliability and ease of use, capable of deterring intruders and alerting you to potential security breaches. Choose from automated systems for hands-off operation or manual systems for traditional control.

Vibration Sensors

Detect the slightest movements with our sensitive vibration sensors. Ideal for windows, doors, and valuable items, these sensors trigger an alarm when disturbed, providing an early warning of potential intrusion.

Siren & Buzzers

Our loud sirens and buzzers are designed to alert homeowners and deter burglars the moment an intrusion is detected. With indoor and outdoor options available, ensure your alarm is heard where it matters most.

Indoor & Outdoor Motion Detectors

Maximize your property’s security with our range of motion detectors. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these detectors use advanced technology to monitor movement, reducing the risk of false alarms while keeping intruders at bay.

Remote Panic Button

Enhance your security system with a remote panic button. This portable device allows you to activate your alarm system instantly in case of emergency, offering additional protection and convenience.

Fixed & Wireless Panic Buttons

Choose from fixed or wireless panic buttons for easy access and flexibility. These buttons can be strategically placed around your home or business, providing a quick and simple way to trigger your alarm system during an emergency.

Control Systems

Our user-friendly control systems put the power of security in your hands. Easily arm or disarm your alarm system, manage settings, and monitor your property’s security status from a central location.

Alarm Receivers

Ensure your alarm signals are promptly received and processed with our reliable alarm receivers. Compatible with a wide range of systems, these receivers facilitate efficient communication between your alarm system and monitoring service, ensuring rapid response to any security threat.

Why Choose Almiria Limited?

  • Comprehensive Security Solutions: From basic alarm systems to advanced motion detectors and panic buttons, we offer a full spectrum of security products to meet your needs.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Our products incorporate the latest security technology, providing you with sophisticated, reliable protection against intruders.
  • Easy Integration: Our systems are designed for easy integration, allowing you to expand your security setup as your needs evolve.
  • Professional Support: Almiria Limited’s team of security experts is available to assist with system selection, installation, and maintenance, ensuring your system operates flawlessly.

Protect your home or business with Almiria Limited’s automated and manual burglar alarm systems. Contact us today to find the perfect security solution tailored to your specific requirements, and take the first step towards enhanced peace of mind.

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