Burglar Alarm Products; GSM, LED, LCD & Wireless Control Panels

Almiria has over the years created a reputation of being the best home, house, office and commercial Burglar Alarm Products; GSM, LED, LCD & Wireless Control Panels systems supplier and installer of different types of security alarm systems in Kenya. We have both standard and GSM security alarm systems that detect movement when a door or window is opened. The sensor then triggers a strobe light or siren, indicating that someone may be trying to break in. Motion detectors can monitor large areas in a house or business premises. In the event of any movement within its range, the device sounds a siren or sends a distress signal to programmed phone numbers for response. The intelligent motion detectors can  tell the difference between an intruder and a family pet. This is the best Home security system in Kenya if it installed and serviced by a reputable stockist.

Burglar Alarm Products; GSM, LED, LCD & Wireless Control Panels

As a leading company that provides Intruder alarm systems, our services include:

  • Home Intruder alarm systems
  • Integrated Intruder alarm systems-can work with other systems like cctv, fire warning systems,access controls,lights  etc
  • Commercial Intruder alarm systems for offices,warehouses,shops etc
  • Manual alarms,activated by pressing a distress switch
GSM Control Panel Fixed Wireless Terminal  GSM Control Panel  Almiria has a range of Control Panels which are Expandable and you can arm and disarm and receive Elerts when alarm triggers.GSM Control Panel Phone activation and elerts type of System The GSM Modules are used with Mobile Phone. Almiria has GSM Modules That will give you alerts when there is intrusion

LCD  Control Panel

LCD Control Panel 8 Zone. We have different types of LCD Control Panels. We have IDS, Veritas, Litsys, Secolink, Crow, Prosys Control Panel.LCD Keypads  Control Panels. We have different LCD types of Keypads. You can make more inquires and we can give more Details.LCD Touch Sensor Keypad  We have varieties of this products and many more.  

LED Control Panel Products

LED Control Panel Products   We have different types of LED Control Panels. We have IDS, Veritas, Crow, Prosys Control Panel.  LED Keypads Products We have different types of LED Keypads.  LED Control Panel Products Almiriatechstore Install Burglar Alarm Systems and we use Crow, Prosys, Secolink, Litsys, Veritas, Premire, IDS Control Panel. The cheapest Control Panel SDL has is an LED type of Control Panel.  

Wireless Control Panel Products

Wireless Control Panel Products We have wireless Module which can be used with control Panel and control the Panel Wirelessly.Wireless Control Panel Products We have different varieties of Wireless Products with different features.

We have products from Different Manufacture to suit your Security Need

Companies / Manufacture Almiria Deals With for: CCTV Cameras, Access Control, Burglar Alarm, Intercoms & Electric Fences Systems in Kenya

  • Kocom
  • Centurion
  • IP tec
  • Vivotek
  • IDS Digital Security (Control Panels & CCTV Systems)
  • Secu-Alarm (Enforcer Brands)
  • Texecom
  • Risco Group
  • Garrett
  • I-Vision
  • CNB
  • Hikivision
  • GKB
  • Aver-Media
  • Nemtek
  • Prosys alarm control panel
  • ZKSoftware
  • X-Vission
  • Merlin
  • Wizard
  • Hammer
  • Aegis-fence Perimeter System co.
And many more manufacturing and supplying companies.

We look forward for a chance to serve and offer you; security solutions, consultations as well as supply and installations of:-

  1. Security Systems and Products
    • Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) in Kenya and beyond
    • Access Control Systems in Kenya and beyond
    • Burglar Alarm Systems in Kenya and beyond
    • Intercoms Systems in Kenya and beyond
    • Electric Fences / Razor Fence / Perimeter Protection in Kenya and beyond. e.t.c
  2. Service Maintenance Contracts for:
    •  CCTV Cameras, Electric Fences / Razor Fences, Access Control etc in Kenya and beyond.
  3. Supply and installation of Electrical and Networking materials in Kenya and beyond.

Almiria installs security systems in industries, institutions, public buildings, government institutions, warehouses, offices, hotels, business premises, airports and private residential houses. We are devoted to effective management of our work force to optimize efficiency in attending to our clientele. Our Dynamic Administrative and Operational Structure is set up to successfully meet the challenges of the security industry. With Almiria you are assured of a responsive and excellent security system of any kind.

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