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Siemon Copper Cabling Solutions 

Siemon copper cabling is designed to offer the best quality as per the ISO standards. The Siemon copper cabling exceeds the expectations of the IEEE standards. Category 5e cabling systems include a full range of components such as cable, modules, patch cords, patch panels and S110 connecting blocks in order to create the end-to-end category 5e system you need with a contractor-focused value.

Siemon Category 5e Cables 

Siemon’s end-to-end category 5e cabling solution is available in Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) and Shielded Twisted Pair (STP).

  • Guaranteed transmission performance margins in excess of category 5e/class D parameters
  • Independently verified to perform to 160 MHz for supporting Gigabit Ethernet
  • Premium 5e shielded F/UTP design is ideal for applications requiring high EMI resistance

Siemon Category 6 Gigabit Ethernet cables

Siemon Cat 6 Gigabit Ethernet cables are certified to meet or exceed established performance criteria for TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1 network specifications. This 4-pair cable is characterized to 500MHz, supporting 1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet.

PC Connection patch cables are engineered for low near-end crosstalk and attenuation. Color-matched snag-free boots protect the RJ45 plug and assure proper bend radius and strain relief. This plenum-rated cable is made with 4-pair, 24AWG stranded, unshielded twisted pair (UTP) wire.

Cat 6 is completely backward-compatible with current Cat5e equipment. Our Cat 6 Cables are composed of 4 pairs 24 AWG stranded conductors with PVC jackets. Conductors are wired to gold plated RJ45 plugs in accordance with the TIA/EIA 568B standard (Telephone Industry Association/Electronics Industry Association.) They consist of a foil shield with drain wire to protect signals from external noise. It is available in nine colors. Boots match cable color. Custom modular cable assemblies are available.

The Category 6 end-to-end system includes everything you need for a quality, reliable packet delivery system, including high-performance CAT 6 UTP modules, patch panels, three different levels of cable, patch cords and a wide range of work area solutions. 

Has voice, data, video and security capabilities, Our Cat6 600MhzBulk Cable is ideal for your network installation. Whether you are wiring your home, office or entire campus, Our CAT 6 UTP cable selection offers the right cable for the right network. If your business depends on the networking count on Siemon for all of your structured wiring CAT 6 CMR Riser Cable, CAT 6 Plenum cable, CAT 6 shielded cable and the new 10 Gigabit CAT 6 cable both in the plenum and no- plenum.

Our new CAT 6 gigabit cables- the CAT 6A, 10 Gigabit Cable comes in Plenum and PVC Riser in Gray only and on wooden reels at about 45 pounds per reel.

We now stock CAT 6A Cable- the new 10 Gigabit Cables standard that brings your network almost up to the upcoming CAT7 Standard.

The Cat6 and Cat5e UTP cables allow voice-data convergence and support for Gigabit Ethernet.

Choose from industry-leading copper solutions from ABA, Coleman, Avaya SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED, Avaya SYSTIMAX PowerSUM, Belden, Berk-TekLANmark, Commscope, and Superior Essex. Available in both plenum and non-plenum, CAt6 shielded and CAT6plenum shielded.

  • Part of the MAX 6 system, MAX modules come in angled, flat and keystone styles and feature Siemon’s patented crowned jack contact geometry that improves electrical and mechanical performance
  • The MAX 6 System includes 6 UTP patch panels that offer universal 110 style punch down and highly visible port identification and labeling, as well as angled and flat MAX patch panels that can be configured for a variety of applications and come in a range of port counts to accommodate up to 72 ports in 2U
  • The MAX in-line coupler panel is a compact 1U design that allows you to plug an RJ45 plug into both sides
  • The MAX 6 system is available with three different levels of cable – Premium 6 cable that far exceeds all ANSI/TIA and ISO/IEC Category 6 transmission performance, System 6 that offers headroom above Category 6 transmission performance specifications and Solution 6 cable that meets or exceeds Category 6 transmission performance.
  • MAX 6 system cables is available in a variety types to meet any application, including riser, plenum, and outside plant (OSP)

Networking Cables


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Networking Accessories

Patch Cords Siemon 3 meter

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SiemonCAT 6 Patch Cords

Siemon offers several innovative category 6 patch cord options for use with the networking as well as CCTV systems, as well as factory terminated and tested copper trunking assemblies for faster deployment scenarios.

  • Suitable for LAN networks, CCTV Installation and Voice.
  • The CAT6 UTP Cable supports Gigabit Ethernet
  • PE insulation
  • FR PVC Jacket
  • Operates at a bandwidth up to 100 Mhz.
  • Comply with Cat5e specifications
  • 4-pair shielded twisted pair (UTP) cable

Available in UTP and shielded, Siemon’s Category 6A System features the highest performance margins across all critical transmission parameters, the fastest, easiest and most reliable termination process, superior transmission consistency and customer-focused usability, efficiency and ergonomics.

End-to-end Category 6A UTP and shielded systems include Category 6A cable, outlets, modular cords, patch panels, trunking cable assemblies, work area solutions and the field terminated plug.

Siemon Category 7 Copper Cabling

Exceeding ISO/IEC category 7/class F specifications, Siemon’s fully shielded TERA end-to-end cabling solution delivers 10 Gb/s performance and beyond, offers a bandwidth of 1.2 GHz per pair, supports cable sharing and is validated for TEMPEST high-security government applications.

Siemon category 7

is a cable standard for Ethernet and other interconnect technologies that can be made to be backward compatible with traditional Cat 5 and Cat 6 Ethernet cable. Cat 7 features even more strict specifications for crosstalk and system noise than Cat 6. To achieve this, shielding has been added for individual wire pairs and the cable as a whole. Category 7 is recognized for all the country organizations’ members of ISO.

The Cat 7 cable standard

The Ca7 Cablehas has been created to allow 10 Gigabit Ethernet over 100 m of copper cabling (also, 10-Gbit/s Ethernet now is typically run on Cat 6a). The cable contains four twisted copper wire pairs, just like the earlier standards. Cat 7 can be terminated either with 8P8C compatible GG45 electrical connectors which incorporate the 8P8C standard or with TERA connectors. When combined with GG45 or TERA connectors, Cat 7 cable is rated for transmission frequencies of up to 600 MHz.

Category 7a is defined at frequencies of up to 1000 MHz, suitable for multiple applications in a single cable. Simulation results have shown that 40 Gigabit Ethernet is possible at 50 meters and the speed of 100 Gigabit Ethernet is possible at 15 meters.

Siemon CAT 7 Patch Cord

SIEMON TERA CAT 7 patch cables and stocks CAT 7 Patch Cords and CAT 7 Patch Cables along with our molded- booted standard CAT 6 Patch Cords and CAT6 patch cables. Category 7/Class F (ISO/IEC 11801) cable specifications require transmission frequencies of up to 600 MHz over 100 meters of fully shielded copper cabling. CAT7 cable consists of four individually shielded pairs inside an overall braided shield, also known as Shielded Twisted Pair Cable (STP), or Shielded Foil Twisted Pair (S/FTP). CAT7 features even more stringent specifications for crosstalk and system noise than CAT6 and is designed specifically for Gigabit Ethernet applications (Gigabit over copper).

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