Telephone Systems

Welcome to our telephone systems store where we specialize in all major aspects of communication for your business whether large or small. We have a wide range of telephone systems that are meant to cater for your different needs as an organization. We have deals from companies such as Cisco IP Phones,Fanvil,Flying Voice,Panasonic,Telephone Cables,Yealink,Yeastar, Zycoo, Alcatel, Cisco, Ericsson, Mitel, Lucent, and Huawei in the different telephone system products.

Telephone Systems

With free delivery within Nairobi and express delivery services being available across Kenya, we are your one stop shop for business communication systems. We have products such as cordless telephones, telephone cables, PBX VoIP phones, Conference Phones, Headsets, VoIP, SIP, and digital Phones. We have regular offers on these phones and accessories in order to provide the customers with an incentive for purchasing from us.

Telephone systems

We install and sell different telephone systems from companies such as Avaya, Panasonic, BT, and Samsung among others. We install hosted cloud PBX units as well as broadband services that are designed to provide the most effective communications infrastructure to users. We have experienced professionals who can give you advice on the type of telephone that will fit your business needs. Our team of talented experts and engineers has a reputation for excellence and high quality workmanship in the telecommunications industry and we strive to use these assets to ensure that you get the best out of our business telephone system. This coupled with the express delivery are meant to ensure that you get convenience and value for money when you order from us.

Cordless telephones

We have cordless phones from manufacturers such as Panasonic, Huawei, and Gigaset. These are high quality cordless devices that have different capabilities for enhancing your telephone communications experience. They have features such as digital answering capabilities, caller ID, conferencing and digital encryption. These features are found in all our cordless phones and they are the ideal devices for business communication in a flexible manner. The digital answering system in our cordless phones allows up to 4 incoming calls hence it improves the quality of business contact. The cordless handset and technology that is incorporated into the system allows for mobility and crystal clear communications.

IP and digital Phones

We have a wide range of stylish IP telephones that come with different features that are in line with the needs of organizations. These devices include the wide range of Yealink brands that vary in terms of the range and features that they provide to the user. They include entry level phones that are highly affordable to the higher end models that come with features such as cordless handsets and attendant consoles.

Conference Phones

We have a wide range of conference phones that are applicable in business settings because they can handle many calls and allow them to interact on the same platform. We have conference phones from suppliers such as Yealink and Panasonic that offer crystal clear voice quality and a wide range of other features that are designed to improve your business communication experience. We select these devices on the basis of the quality that they provide for our clients as well as the features that they can support for improving their usage experience.

PBX VoIP phones

We have a wide range of PBX voice phones and modules that are designed to integrate effectively with your telecommunications environment. In providing PBX phones, we have deals with well-known companies such as Yeastar and we offer products such as the PBX GSM modules, and the PBX S2 modules. We also have PBX expansion boards and modules that help you in improving the telephone communication environment in your organization. We also stock the VoIP PBX phone systems that are designed to offer the best deals for the consumers by offering the best range of features as well as price competitiveness.


Business communication is an intricate process that involves a lot of communication. As a result, it may be tiring to have an attendant always holding a phone. As a result, we stock attendant consoles and headsets that can be used to ease the work of the attendants. We have headsets and consoles from different manufacturers and they are selected on the basis of their compatibility with the different telephone systems and brands. The headsets are designed to address the differing needs of users by considering factors such as ergonomics and sound clarity.

Refurbished and remanufactured products

We also stock refurbished and remanufactured business telephones from different manufactures. These products are refurbished from the UK and United States and they are made to ensure high quality and reliability for the consumers. The refurbished units are made to the highest international standards and they offer high quality at low prices for the users. Although these products are not new, they are checked and verified to ensure that they comply with international quality standards.

Telephone cables and other accessories

We also stock telephone cables for making your connections around the office or home. Our cables are sourced from well-known manufacturers such as Panasonic and Huawei and they enable the use of the different types of business telephones without any hitches. We have different telephone cables for underground connections ranging from 20 to 100 pairs depending on your needs. We also provide the accessories necessary for making the connections from the phones to the main lines or the computer network. These include RJ11 telephone connectors and plugs as well as junction boxes and voice patch panels. We also have junction boxes from high quality accessories manufacturers that are designed to address varied needs. If you need telephones and telephone parts, you are in the right place because you will get variety as well as price competitiveness. With use, you are guaranteed of the best quality that you can get and expert advice from individuals that have significant experience in providing business telephone communication services and solutions. Also Check