Power and Electricals

We have a one-stop Power and Electricals supply store in Nairobi with the widest selection of indoor and outdoor electricity and power equipment. We stock different equipment for indoor lighting, electrical fittings, emergency lighting and other electrical needs. Our wide range of products ensures that we have solutions for different types of customers including retail users who want single fittings for their home and contractors seeking large quantities at wholesale prices.

Power and Electricals

We have different products for varied uses such as uninterruptible power supply units (UPS), power distribution units, battery packs for storage of electricity. Our power and electricals shop stocks different products such as lamp holders, lighting, cables & wires, generators, batteries and battery packs, voltage stabilizers, and fans among others.

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Power & Electrical

Mecer Lobo 2.4KVA Inverter

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Uninterruptible Power Supply If you need a UPS system for any function, you can visit us anytime and we will provide what you need. We have UPS devices from different manufacturers such as Mecer, Mercury, Digitek, and APC. Our UPS devices vary in size and capacity. We have relatively small UPSs with a capacity of 650 VA and 700VA units from Mecer and APC. We also have 2kVA and 3kVA units as well as commercial smart UPSs with capacity of 10000 VA. The UPS power backups have an operating voltage of 230 V, which makes   in the local power settings. Our UPSs are sourced from verified suppliers and distributors and they come with a warranty. Lamp holders We know that lamp holders are a key part of the aesthetics of a building irrespective of its purpose. We have stylish and functional lamp holders from different manufacturers such that are useful in providing the necessary lighting for any building’s interior. We have lamp holders from varied manufacturers and we offer the widest variety of lamp styles and other features. Lighting Lighting is a key element of the buildings and compound’s aesthetics. Whether you want domestic lighting for a room in the house or an office we have a solution for you. We also provide commercial lighting for different exteriors. We have LED strip lights for different exterior functions as well as LED surface panel daylights and halogen lamps for security in commercial exteriors. Our lights are a bargain because we combine quality, variety and price competitiveness in our offerings. Our LED panel lights have low power consumption hence they also present significant savings in terms of energy use.  We have stylish lighting for indoor and outdoor uses that are designed to address your needs for the home or office. Cables & wires Cabling in electrical connections is a key element that can affect performance and functioning of your lighting or other connections. We have different cables for industrial and domestic uses in electrical connections. We have high quality electrical conductors that are effectively insulated and manufactured to international standards. We stock different types of wires and electrical cables of guaranteed quality and performance standards with the aim of addressing all your electricity connection needs. We distribute cables and wires from well-known manufacturers such as East African Cables and Philips that have a guarantee of quality and high performance. Generators and alternators Power outages can be such a drag on your business or other areas of life because they reduce the quality of life significantly. Our company knows this and we offer different solution that can help you have electricity to keep your operations going when the mains electricity is unreliable. We stock different types of generators of varying sizes including the small portable units for small businesses or domestic purposes to the industrial generators with automatic ignition for industrial complexes that are used for uninterruptible backup electricity supply. We also offer installation for the generators including configuration to ensure that it works well with the mains electricity in supply in the building or organization. We also supply the necessary accessories for installation of generators such as switches and alternators to ensure effective operation of the units. Batteries and battery packs Batteries are important tools for storage of electricity in domestic and industrial settings. They are especially useful in installation of domestic sola photovoltaic units because they store the generated electricity during the day for use at night. We understand the need for reliability of performance and durability of batteries to ensure that you get value for money. We have different batteries for varied needs including power storage for backup in domestic and other settings. We can also help you in configuring the battery packs to ensure optimal performance. Voltage stabilizers We stock voltage stabilizers for different functions in the home or office. We have the generic voltage stabilizers used on fridges and TV sets. We also have other voltage stabilizers for industrial uses that are meant to guarantee the safety of your machinery from power surges. Our products are sought from verified suppliers and come with a warranty to ensure that you get value for money.  We get the devices from well-known manufacturers and they are optimized for local usage. Fans We have different types of fans that can be used for the home, office or factory floor.  We have the widest range of fans of different sizes and functionalities such as box fans, overhead fans, and stand fans. Our products offer a guarantee of quality and reliability because they come from verified suppliers and we test them before delivering to our customers. We also provide installation services for these devices to ensure optimal performance and value for money for you. Other electrical accessories We provide other electrical accessories and tools that are essential in responding to the needs of individuals and organizations. These include devices such electricity testing kits, switches, switch boxes and switch boards that are essential in making effective electrical installations. We ensure that professional accessories are available to our consumers and we have the widest range of accessories that are effective and essential to the domestic user as well as the professional electrical engineer. Whatever your need for electrical devices, we have it.

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