Computer and Network Accessories for Home and Business

We offer the widest range of Computer and Network Accessories for Home and Business use. We stock high quality accessories from top brands such as Microsoft, HP, Lenovo and Samsung. We have computer accessories for different functions such as information input, cables, storage devices, power solutions, audio devices and web cams among others in our Online Shop. Visit us for any computer accessories that you may need and we have a solution for you. Our Online shopping in Kenya With Fast Delivery within Kenya guarantee that you will get the device you want at your convenience while at the same time getting it at competitive prices. Our computer accessories provide the highest reliability and competitiveness for customers because they are also provided at lower prices. Storage devices We have different data storage accessories such as hard disk drives for expanding the memory of your desk top or laptop. We have External Hard Drives,Flash Disk Drive,Internal Hardisk HDD,Memory Cards,solid-state drive SSD SATA hard disk drives, which are effective for data storage and retrieval and at the same time cost effective. These are ideal for expansion of storage space in desk tops. We also have solid state drives from manufacturers such as Transcend, WD Blue, Toshiba and SanDisk. These drives come in different configurations and can be used for internal storage as well as external storage.

We also have USB 2.0 flash drives, SD Cards, and memory cards that are useful for transporting relatively small loads of data from one computer to another. Our memory devices are compatible with different devices including smartphones and tablets. We have flash drives of different storage capacities ranging from 4 GB to 64 GB units. Our flash drives are genuine and purchased from verified suppliers to ensure their reliability in performing the functions that you want. We have USB flash drives from a wide range of manufacturers such as Toshiba, SanDisk, and Boost. We also have cloud storage such as the Western digital personal clouds and the network attached storage devices (NAS) that offer as much as 8 TB of personal storage space. Input accessories Computer input devices are key accessories that we stock in our stores. These include devices such as keyboards and mouse. We purchase these devices from renowned suppliers who give us a guarantee of reliability and genuineness. The devices are tested and verified to be of high quality and compatibility with different devices. We stock wireless input devices such as Bluetooth mouse and keyboards that are compatible with many brands of laptops and tablets. The keyboards and mouse devices that we stock are sought from manufacturers such as Microsoft, IBM, HP, Dell, Samsung and other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Cables We offer solutions for all your cable needs in computing to ensure that you get optimum performance and are able to connect any peripheral device that may enable you to accomplish your tasks. We have different USB cables for varied functions such as connecting printers and USB converters. We also stock high quality USB extension cables as well as cables for connecting smartphones and tablets for data storage and transfer across devices. Our cables are tested to ensure their reliability and sought from trusted suppliers. We also have USB hubs, that are designed to increase the capacity of computers in handling many USB devices. The hubs have USB 3.0 capabilities and are designed for optimum performance of as many as four devices. We also stock VGA cables of varying lengths to suit your needs as well as VGA splitters to help in improving the quality of the display that you can provide when working with multiple displays from the same computer. We also have power cables for every computer that are fused and sourced from reliable suppliers. Power solutions We have different power solutions on offer that include UPS systems for personal computers from manufacturers such as Mecer, Mercury and APC. We provide UPSs at the lowest prices in Kenya and also offer other power devices such as surge protectors to ensure the safety of your computer at all times. We have a wide range of surge protectors that are meant for different devices. These include surge protected extension cables and Ethernet surge protectors. Whatever power solution you need for your computer, we are the store for you and have a wide selection of what you need. Audio devices We have different audio options for your computer and we provide a wide range of speakers that you can install on your computer or other compatible device. These include multimedia mini speakers that offer relatively high sound quality at low prices.  We also have stereo speaker systems that are designed to produce high quality surround sound for multimedia and other entertainment purposes.  We have USB speakers that are highly effective because they are compatible with any computer that has USB ports. We also stock Bluetooth wireless speakers that are more portable and capable of providing high quality sound and higher flexibility in terms of location, usage and compatibility with different devices. Come to us if you have any need for a speaker system that you can use with your computer and you will get your preference at competitive prices. We have discount offers for different speaker systems and other audio devices. We also stock headphones from different manufactures that are ideal for web chatting, music and other purposes. We have headphones from different brands such as Logitech and Creative that offer high quality sound and voice clarity through their microphones. Webcams Webcams are important tools for desk top computers because they provide an alternative for video input and can be used for video conferencing or other functionalities. We stock webcams from different manufacturers such as Ubiquiti and Logitech. These devices come with a warranty from the manufacturers and they offer high quality video as well as microphones for voice capturing. Whatever you webcam needs, we have a solution for you because our range includes dome IP camera that can capture overhead footage and may be ideal for conferencing.

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