Computer Accessories & Peripherals

With the advent of new technology, computer accessories are increasingly becoming popular since most people tend to use desktop computers or laptops to complete work for their education or business or even to play online games. While the computers have gotten cheaper, you will still need to ensure that you want to get most from your investment. To state the obvious, the computers have the capacity of doing incredible things. Since their inventions, more subsequent inventions have been made to work hand in hand and maximize their potential. That’s where computer accessories come in. The Kenyan market is filled with innovative and unique add on to turn your computer into that dream hdevice you always craved for. Below I have listed several computer accessories. we have Computer Keyboards, desktop accessories, HDMI Cables, Headphones, Laptop Adapters and Chargers, Laptop Bags, Laptop Batteries, Mouse, USB, Cables, VGA Cables and webcam

Computer Accessories & Peripherals

Laptop Cooling Stand or Pad: While working in bed, the laptop may not be comfortable. The solution is to ensure that your laptop is able to “breath” by use of a cooling pad. In addition, your desktop and laptop computer can overheat from dust buildup. Ensure that your computer is in a cool place and check or remove dust regularly. All the precautions above will help you maximize your computer and ensure that it run at optimal speed.

A Keyboard Cover: Silicone Keyboard covers are flexible, thin and are of great colors. They are necessary to protect keyboards from liquid, dusts, dirt and food. This will ensure that all the keys are functioning well and keep the letters and numbers from fading. The cover can also be washed and disinfected.

External Hard Drive: This device is necessary when what you want to store is of value: video, photos and documents. Though the desktop computers have more storage than laptops, it is imperative to backup your data to an external drive in case the computer crashes when from malware or age or maybe you need more storage space to keep large files. Whatever the reason, there is no excuse not to have this device.

Computer keyboards

The keyboard is a computer hardware used to input characters, text and other commands. Though the keyboard is an external peripheral in a desktop computer, or virtual in Tablet PC, it is an essential component of the computer system. Microsoft Keyboards and Logitech Keyboards are fundamentally most sought after manufacturers of keyboards.

Physical Description

Modern computers are very similar to classic typewriter keyboards. There are diverse distinct keyboard layouts of keyboards are available (JCUKEN and Dvorak). Nevertheless, most of the keyboards are QWERTY type. Keyboards have symbols, letters, numbers, arrow keys and more, but some have numeric keypad and additional features such as power button, volume control or sleep the device or built in trackball mouse that provides an easy way to use keyboard and the mouse without lifting your hand of the keyboard.

Connection Types

Most of the keyboards communicate with computer systems through RF receiver or on Bluetooth. The wired keyboard connects the motherboard through USB using Type A connector. Older keyboards connect through PS/2. Keyboard on laptops are integrated but technically they are considered to be wired. Wired and wireless keyboards require drivers to be used in the computer. The drivers for non-advanced keyboard do not require to be downloaded since they are already included in the operating system.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are many keys that users of computers do not use or aren’t sure why they are there: modifier keys are the control, shift and Alt keys. Alt-F4 is the keyboard short cut and closes the window you are using currently. Window key (start, flag, and logo) key is to open the start menu. Win-D is one example of using this key to hide/show the desktop. Win-E opens window explorer.

Changing Keyboard Options

You can manage keyboard settings, like repeat rate, repeat delay and blink rate from control panel. You can make advanced changes to the keyboard using software such as SharpKeys. This program edits windows registry to map one key to another or disable keys. SharpKeys is very useful if you are missing a keyboard key.

In conclusion, in choosing the keyboard; you need to consider the type, layout and connectivity. Keyboard layout: the major ones are the standard ergonomic, standard, laptop and flexible keyboards. Keyboard Layout: the most popular layout is QWERTY. Other layout includes AZERTY, DVORAK, HCESAR, and QWERTZ. Keyboard connectivity: this refers to how the keyboard is connected to the computer. The connectivity can be wired or wireless while order versions uses PS/2. USB keyboards are produced globally due to its compatibility with many systems. The wireless keyboard uses RF connection or Bluetooth connection with USB receiver.

Key weight of the keys; there are some keyboards that will need a gentle punching while others requires force in order to punch the keys. There is a feel to this feature and thus you will be able to differentiate when typing. Portability: how small or easy the keyboard is. This feature, you can fit the feature into the your bag without feeling much weight. Portable keyboards have full keys which make them weigh less than the standard keyboards.


The headphones are devices that can be plugged into a laptop, computer, mp3 player, smart phone or other devices to listen to audio or video privately without causing disturbance to anyone within the vicinity. They are plug_and_play. Traditional headphones have two ear cups attached by a band. There is a common misconception between headset and headphones. A headphone is a set of two speakers mainly designed close to the ears while the headsets have a microphone attached with it. It gives the user the capacity to speak into it. The headphones come in diverse sizes and shapes and mostly the types have evolved over the years. You can have wireless or wired headphones.

When considering a headphone to buy, consider the following

  • Comfort
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Sound quality

The experience separates the type of effects when you have different headphones on like noise cancellation headphones that filter all external noise while making you listen only to the sound coming from the headphones. Although the wired headphones are the most popular, the wireless styled headphones are starting to take over the scene among the Kenya Millennia’s with their ability to make the experience better when you use them in activities like jogging, running and gym. Wireless headphones are known for high quality since it gives the user the clarity of sound. Bluetooth connection is needed to connect the headphones to your device.

USB Cables

USB is the universal Serial Bus and is the world most popular connectivity port. Most of the appliances and devices today come with USB port. The current smart phones uses USB cables for charging and also for connecting speakers, laptops and desktops. USB inventions have revolutionized the world. USB cables transfer data at Hi-speed from one device to another.

When purchasing the USM, it is important to understand that there are different types of USB cables for various appliances and devices. A-A cables: designed to two devices having USB standard port together. A-B cables: These cables are meant to connect peripherals like multiple computers, scanners and printers. A-Mini B: the cables are used by smart phones such as Blackberry in order to transfer data, charge or connect to blackberry desktop manager. A-Micro B: These are cables used mostly on android smart phones and tablets to connect to desktops or laptops. These cables transfer data and also help in managing tablets and smart phones.

Benefits of Using USB Cables

The USB cables have the ability to carry information per second (12mb/s) than parallel cables (1.5kb/s). This means that it will be faster to transfer data. The port of the USB is s smaller than parallel cable port and this allows the manufactures of the computer to efficiently come up with more compact and thinner laptops or portable computers.

If you want to multi task, or if you need to connect two or more devices into your laptop or computer, you will surely love using Hub. This gives multiple devices the capacity to get connected to one USB port on your PC. With parallel cable, just one device can be plugged into the port

Another advantage of USB cables is that they are used to charge gadgets like tablets and mobile phones which is a capacity that parallel cable lacks. You can connect the USB charger into the phone while the other end is plugged into the PC USM port. The process of charging commences with the right amount of power running from the computer being effectively transferred to the phone.

With all these benefits, it is surprising that these are now the most popular options of connectivity than the parallel cables.

VGA cables

VGA is an analogue video standard which carries RGBHV data from device source to a display. VGA is not compatible with other analog video standard thou it is analogue and cannot be directly connected to YPbPrequipment or CVBs without separate signal convertors. VGA connection can reach 1080P Full HD without signal breaking. Therefore it is an imperative part of our lives.

A video graphic array (VGA) is used basically to link the computer to the display device. One end of the VGA is attached to the port in the computer graphic card and the other to the port on display. The video card transmits video display signal when the computer is running which are then displayed to the monitor or screen. The VGA cables are available in different types where shorter cables with insulation and coaxial presents better video quality. The VGA is used to connect analog PC to a laptop or a personal computer. VGA utilizes HD15 connector (female or male) depending on the equipment attached to connect the screen and personal computer. You can find extensive selections of VGA cable assemblies on our website with custom made VGA cable assemblies to your exact specifications.

Key Features

  • Effectively connect to any equipment enabled with VGA from monitor, PC or laptop and projector.
  • Get to use a high quality, reliable connection with excellent cable
  • It has a robust quality and no maintenance is needed
  • PVC covers reduces interference and provide efficient insulation
  • Ideal for work, home or traveling. It creates a reliable connection for video gaming and editing of videos.

Modern VGA capabilities

VGA suffers signal degradation in the same way as composite and component video. Splitters, electronic interference and long cables can all contribute to signal loss. Even with shorter cables, VGA is not always a sharp digital link. VGA has a unique standard of managing with reduced bandwidth; most devices have the capacity to automatically lower the screen resolution in order to preserve the fidelity of video. For instance, is a 1080p Full HD signal cannot  display correctly, the hardware may be stepped down to 600*800 in order to ensure display of pictures.

When you maintain a high resolution and you are operating over long distances, you can include VGA splitters which come in active and passive varieties. Passive splitter is ideal for shorter distances.

Best VGA Cable

  • Cable Unlimited PCM-2230
  • DCables Premiums
  • StarTech MXT101MMHQ
  • Cables to Go Pro Series
  • Cable to Go CMG Rated

Computer Mouse

Mouse communicate with the computer either physically or wirelessly, wired connection. For a wireless connection, a mouse connects to the computer through Bluetooth or RF Communication. An RF wireless mouse will need a receiver that will connect the computer physically. Bluetooth wireless mouse connects through the Bluetooth if the computer hardware. For wired connections, the mouse connects to the computer through a USB connection using Type Connector. The older generation mouse connects through PS/2 ports. Either way it connects to the motherboard directly.

Computer Mouse Drives

A computer mouse like any piece of hardware works with a computer only when proper drivers are installed. A basic mouse will work outside the box since the operating system likely already has drivers ready to be installed. However, special software is needed for advanced mouse since it has more functions. The advanced mouse works just like the standard mouse but it is likely that the extra buttons wont function until the right driver is installed.

The ideal way to install a missing driver is through the website of the manufacturer. Microsoft and Logitech are the most popular manufacturers of mice, but you will also get them from other manufacturers. One of the easiest way to install drivers is to use free driver tool.

Why Mouse

The mouse is one of the top accessories for every laptop and desktop irrespective of the trackpad on notebooks and laptops, majority prefer to use mouse due to ease and comfort it brings. It is an input device that uses a moving cursor on the computer system.

Computer Mouse Buying Guide

There are different types of mice available online. Each has unique features and vary in prices too. You can consider Logitech, Dell or HP. With the guide below you can select the ideal mouse of the computer system.

  • Wireless or wired mouse: wired is also referred to as cord mouse meaning it is connected to laptop or desktop through the wired connections. One major benefit is that you don’t buy batteries often since it is powered by the cable connection. They are less expensive compared to wireless mouse and never loses connection as long as the cord is intact. One disadvantage of wired mouse is that USB connection is that they monopolize USB ports. For a computer with two USB ports, imagine using one port for mouse and you have to manage other devices. Wireless mouse is connected to laptop or PC through radio frequency and Bluetooth
  • Type of Connection: Mouse can be connected to the USB port or serial port. Serial port is outdated since old desktop will make use of serial port mouse. The USB is the advanced upgrade of serial port. It is easier and fast to install. The mouse driver installs automatically (plug and play)
  • Buttons: By default, two major buttons are apparent on the mouse which is the right and left button. Each has specific function and operations it carries out. Some of the mouse have scroll or volume button.

HDMI cables

HDMI connects to your TV. HDMI covers both video and audio. It befits the status of cable of cables since it is everywhere. Check out even the grocery stores, you will notice HDMI cables. When you look closely to details, there a lot of abbreviations and numbers resulting to a confusing mess for anyone who want to buy for their TV

Even the cheapest of cables will assist you. However, to get 4K HDR video, you might need better made and specific cables. This might not cost more than the cheapest in the market

There are two “fails” with HDMI cables. One of the most likely is that you won’t get any signal at all: flashing or blank screen. You need to check everything whether it is connected well and all the settings are correct. The other HDMI “fail” is sparkles. This looks like snow on the screen. Sometimes it can be heavy to look like static, like an Old TV tuned to a dead channel. If the TV receives the same resolution that you are sending, then you are set. A different cable will not make the graphics brighter or sharper.

Cable recommendations

There are cheaper options, but ideally HDMI cables have standard prices. They are rated to have bandwidth that can handle HDR and 4K content. It is often listed as 18Gbps.

Desktop Accessories

To fully enjoy your desktop computer, you need the right accessories. If you enjoy music as you study or while working or you need to blast music in your apartment, you can consider portable speakers. Desktop accessories will help you to maximize functionality of the system fully. Knowing which computer accessories that you need are important. Because an accessory worked for a laptop does not mean that it will work for a desktop.

To be on the safe side when shopping, ensure that you purchase USB port accessories. A good example of this is the USB mouse. You might decide to replace your computer mouse; there are distinct options available to choose from such as serial or USB port.

There are extensive top quality accessories such as HP wireless mouse, DVD/CD rewritable drives, wireless adapters, optical mouse, keyboards, Card readers and so much more.

Webcam Accessories

A web camera is a digital camera connected to a computer. It send live pictures from wherever it is sited to another location through the internet. Many computer laptops and screens come with inbuilt webcam and microphone. However, if you computer does not have, you can add a webcam separately. Some webcams are plugged into the computer through USB but others are connected on Wi-Fi. Other features

  • Inbuilt sensors to start recording and detect movement
  • Tilt and Pan ability
  • Integral microphone
  • Light that when on, will let you know that the webcam is in use.

Webcam can be used to video chat over the internet using Skype for information you need to get going. There are blogs that use webcam are attractive to users since this is an interesting way to learn more about the blogger and can be an alternative to leading many online texts. A blog that incorporates video, the viewer gets greater insight into the blogger.

Webcam can be used by bloggers to record short videos. Free tools such as Blogger allow the videos to be directly uploaded. It means that it is easy for bloggers to share recorded videos from their webcams that makes it accessible for readers.

Why Webcams

  • No need for tripod: webcam are used by one person. There is no need for tripods, remote controls or requiring another person to operate
  • Ease of use: Easy to use and not sophisticated as like video cameras
  • Complete with software that allows processing an d will compress the file ready to load on a blog.
  • Specialist software
  • Hands free : Ideal for recording videos giving it the capacity of demonstration

Microsoft, Logitech and HP are the most common in webcam development technology with each company trying leapfrog the other.

Surge Protector

A surge protector is a device that shields your computer and other electronics from power surges or transient voltage derived from power supply. The standard American voltage for office and home building is 120V over which, anything is considered transient and manage electronic devices plugging into the outlet. Though the power surges are so brief, they can cause damage to electronic equipment.

How it Works

A surge protector channels extra voltage into the grounding wire, thus preventing it from flowing through the devices installed at the same time allowing normal voltage to continue. Power surges can damage equipment by burning wires or wearing down the device internal component over time. They also protect cable lines and telephone systems since they carry electric current.

Surge Protectors & Lightening

Users of devices usually think that surge protectors will protect your systems from lightning, the most familiar source of power surge. Even the most effective surge protectors cannot prevent lightning electrical pressure. The most ideal way to prevent damage during lightning occurrence is to unplug devices that could damage your system irreparably. Surge protectors protect equipment from lower surges common in a modern electrical setup. For instance, devices such as air conditioners and refrigerators require large amount of energy to switch compressors and motors on and off, creating power surges that disrupt steady flow of voltage. Downed power lines, faulty wiring and faulty equipment at the utility company can cause power surge as well.

Why a Surge Protector

Sometimes the electricity in the house starts to fluctuate, either going too low or too high. This could be very bad for your appliances in the homes since they can get damaged easily or even get damaged permanently. This is why you need surge protectors. They are basically used to control the current in that it will not matter whether the current is to high or too low. It is a major device accessory since it protects the appliances connected to it. Ensure that your DVD players, fridges, TVs and other appliances are connected through a surge protector to ensure they last long. There are various brands in Kenya like Solar Africa, Mika and Airstar.


Fill your room with music. You can play songs from your TV, flash disk and PC and create an entertainment arena in your living room. Speakers enhance the sound of a file one is playing or watching. When you need to hear everything clearly, which means that a good speaker is equally important? There are diverse kinds of speakers: 2.0, 2.1, & 5.1 speakers, single subwoofers and single speakers. The multimedia speakers are used in a computer setup and are usually sold with computer and help you play video and audio files from your computers.

Wireless speaker is the latest home theatre system technology. It gives you the capacity to play music on computer, tablet and phone

Ethernet Patch-Cords

Patch lead, patch cord and patch cable is an optical or electric cable used to connect one or more optical or electronic device to another through signal routing. We have different types of devices: switches, computer, router and switches are connected with patch cords. They are produced in diverse colors so that they can be distinguished easily are relatively short. We have different patch cord depending on the devices: headphone extension, microphone cables, Tiny Telephone connector, XLR connector, ¼ TRS phone connector and RCA connector as well as modular Ethernet cables and snake cables to carry amplified signals or video. Nevertheless, patch cords refer to short cords used hand in hand with patch panels.

Patch means came from the early use in radio studio and telephony where extra equipment kept on standby could be substituted for failed devices. Reconnection was done through patch panels and patch cords like jack fields. In addition, patching could form a typical connection between the devices. The analog music synthesizers use patch cords to interconnect function sections such as filters, oscillators, etc.

Patch cord is different from a standard structured cabling in that the patch cable is stranded for flexibility but the standard cable is solid copper. Since the patch cord signal loss is higher than the solid cable, short length should be considered.


Thus is a hardware media where information is physically stored. Your computer devices need storage to perform operations. All computers require storage. The storage comes in two forms in modern technology.

Temporary storage

It is supplied as RAM. Memory is a place where the processor performs its operation. It is the place where programs runs and stores information. RAM is the playground of the playground, workshop and den of the microprocessor.

Long-term storage

This is availed by storage media. Storage media includes; CDs, DVDs, disk drives, flash drives. The long term storage on the other hand allows information to be recalled and saved for later use.

Flash memory has replaced the magnetic media since it is efficient, reliable and cheaper.

  • Memory Card
  • SSD
  • Memory Stick
  • USB flash drive, thumb drive, jump drive

Why is storage

Without storage, the computer cannot save or remember any setting or information and would be regarded as dumb terminal. Though the computer runs with no storage component, it would be facilitated to view data unless it has storage device. A small task such as browsing needs storage in the computer.


It is imperative to keep your computer from damage. Below are few tips to consider so that you won’t be disappointed especially when you need the devices most.

  • Never store storage device in extremely hot or cold places. Storage devices have delicate components that get damaged easily when exposed to extreme conditions. It follows that the storage component should not be stored on other devices that are extremely hot or cold to avoid data loss or damage.
  • Scan the storage device with up to date antivirus when people are plugging into your computers to detect virus or malware that might have infected it.
  • You need to backup information on cloud storage such as Google drive, One drive, Dropbox
  • You should take eject option seriously to ensure closure of programs that are already running lest data will be damaged.


A memory card is a storage device used fro storing data files and storage media. It gives a non-volatile and permanent medium to store files data and files from the device attached. Memory cards are used commonly in small and portable devices such as phones and cameras. It is also referred as a flash card.

They come in all sizes and shapes and with many cameras and thus offers diverse options for their camera systems. When dealing with cameras that present multiple cards supported, it can be confusing to find which offers the best option for camera. For instance, Nikon D5 offer Compact Flash or QXD model with each exhibiting different advantages and disadvantages.


Different cards are rated for different speed. Most of SD cards use “U” rating system; Lexar put an x in front of arbitrary number. SanDisk is ideal enough to use MB/s measurement. Speed is measured in many ways.

SD Cards Measurement

Card measurement measure the SD card speed. It is a series of arbitrary numbers and symbols that does not explain one thing or the other. The speed class is signified by three logos; C with number in the middle, Stylized V with a number next to it; or U with number in the Middle. There are diverse buses; the speed class is a universal system for both SD cards and microSD cards.

Compact Flash Speed Measurement

SD often use the speed class measurement system, Compact flash are more complicated. SanDisk use pure maximum transfer speed, many others choose arbitrary system. It is more complicated when you see x number on a card, you can determine the MB/s write/read speed by dividing by 6.666. If a card is x800, it is read speed up to 120MB/s

UDMA Measurement

Compact Flash cards uses UDMA measurement to determine read and write speed for the card. UDMA (Ultra Direct Memory Access) and this is a system to more easily identify the transfer rate on cards.

Brand Importance

Brand recognition is an imperative aspect when choosing a memory card. When taking photos or shooting videos, all the data is pushed to the memory card. Some cards are held a higher standard from production to sales but most of the larger brands also give a lifetime on their memory cards. No shoot is worth losing since you need to save some cash on the memory card; it is recommended to buy trusted brands in purchasing memory cards. We recommend ProGrade Digital, Lexar and SanDisk. This is also applicable when selecting card reader.

Types of Cards

Compact Flash Cards (CF Cards)

CF card is the standard for DSLR systems since the original format. It is large in size compared to SD cards, CF cards are commonly found in DSLR system like the Nikon D810 and Canon 5Ds/5DSr. Howbeit, most of the new cameras offer SD slots for their system and many others have adapted to XQD and CFast memory solutions that has proven to the future advancement of memory card technology.

CFast Cards

Using a serial ATA bus, the write/read speed potential was increased significantly, reaching up to 600MB/s with CFast 2.0 platform. Howbeit, the use and development of CFast has been slow and it is seen that CF/XQD Express platform will take over and be the new standard in future technologies.

XQD/CF Express Cards

Among the latest memory card formats, XQD has some incredible speeds that maintain a small form factor. XQD is slightly larger than SD card or also called CF Express and allow 1000MB/s on XQD format on the new CF Express.


This is a standard for smaller camera systems and became popular memory format particularly with smaller Shoot and point and Mirrorless mirrors. Though SD has retired, SDHC is a relatively common feature and allows for transfer speed up to 25MB/s on High Speed Bus. Nevertheless, it might be easier to upgrade to SDXC format that allows faster transfer speed.

MicroSD Cards

MicroSD are used on devices that may be too small to hold an SD card system or Compact Flash. The MicroSD are found in action cameras and drones such as GoPro Hero.

Solid State Drives (SSD)

SSD are becoming more prevalent more so with video camera systems. Larger video cameras use Solid State Drive as their preferred format. The SSD used in Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+ and Atomos Ninja Inferno 4K are no different than what you use for your computer.

Red Mini-Mag

With transfer speed up to 300MB/s, Red Mini-Mag card are faster to capture 8K video footage, you will need RED Mini-Mag Station to derive information off the cards.

SxS Cards

SxS cards working use PCI ExpressCard, found on some video cameras and laptops. It is developed by Sony, Sony does not use file format exclusively through popular cameras that accepts SxS are the Sony FS5, Sony FS55 and ARRI Alexa. SxS design is fast allowing 1.3 Gbit/s transfer speeds with theoretical limit of 8 Gbit/s

P2 Cards

It is developed by Panasonic and was first introduced in 2004 and is oftentimes used on many Panasonic Video Cameras. It is used on Panasonic VariCam, the P2 format comes in three different styles: microP2 and P2 card and the expressP2.

Solid State Drive

SSD is a nonvolatile storage media that stores persistent data on SSD flash memory. There are two key components that make the SSD: NAND and flash controller chips. The SSD architectural configuration of the Solid State Drive controller is optimized to deriver read/write performance for both random and sequential data requests. SSD are referred to as solid state drive or flash drives.

How to buy the right SSD

The best way to hobble a fast control processing unit is to pair with low voltage. The processor can handle very many cycles per second; it takes a lot of time waiting for the drive to feed it with information. The hard drive is sluggish since they have moving parts.

If you know the SSD that you want to buy or you want specific recommendations, check on our website

You also need to consider SSD features such  

  • SSD is better than hard drive: SSD is three times faster than the hard drive. Depending on the performance or workload, mediocre and good SSD can be sublte
  • 250 – 512GB capacity: Buy at least 250GM SSD. 500GB offers good balance between capacity and price. 
  • Understand your computer device: Find out whether you have M.2 slot on mother board or whether there is room for chassis.
  • SATA is cheaper but slower: SATA are common, costs less and still offer good performance for standard applications.

What to Buy

SSD have different form factors and operate over diverse software and hardware connections. What type of SSD to buy is dependent on what you have or what you are intending to buy. If you have the recent gaming building, your system may incorporate most of the modern types of drives. Modern convertibles and laptops are shifting to gum-stick shaped M.2 factor. In some cases, laptops are soldering to the board directly in that you cannot upgrade at all.

Form Factor that you need

  • U.2 SSDs
  • SSD Add-in Card (AIC):
  • 2.5-inch Serial ATA (SATA): 
  • M.2 SSDs:

Both M.2 drives and M.2 connectors look identical irrespective of what they support. Double check the convertible, laptop or motherboard manual before making any purposes

If your daily tasks that consist of gaming, office applications and web browsing, most of the NVMe SSD are not going to be faster than the less expensive SATA models. If you have heavier tasks such as transfer of photo and video editing, file transfer, compression/decompression or transcoding, then you might regard steeping up to NVMe SSD. NVMe provide up to 5 times more bandwidth than SATA models.


  • 128GB Class: It tends to exhibit slower performance as a result of minimal number of memory modules.
  • 250GB Class: The drivers are much cheaper but quite cramped if you use your drive to house OS, several personal computers and probably large media. 
  • 500GB Class: Occupy sweet spot between roominess and price.
  • 1TB Class: It is useful for massive game or media libraries; 1TB gives enough space for primary programs and operating system with massive room for future media software and collections.
  • 2TB Class: If you need to work with large media files, large game library or want to access on the quick, 2TB is the choice to make.
  • 4TB Class: This is quite expensive. Samsung was the only company providing 4TB models in SSD 850 & 860 EVO

External Hard Drive

This is a portable storage devices that is attached to a computer through FireWire or USB connection or wirelessly. They have higher storage capacities and are used to backup computers. External hard drive is an ideal way to backup your data and files. It is similar to flash drive, however it is used to hold large data at high speed and it is protected and safe. External HDD come with internal cooling and are used for storing information and file due to their portability. They are connected to a laptop or computer system through a high speed cable such as FireWire or USB cables.

When choosing a reliable and suitable external hard drive, there are some factors to consider to get the most ideal hard drive. Consider the storage capacity. You can shop for 500GB hard disk capacity. The capacity ranges from 250GB to 4TB.

The speed of hard drive also matters depending on how often you want to make use or backup your external hard drive, it is ideal to shop for a drive with USB 3.0 as opposed to USB 2.0 port. A 3.0 USB port is 10 times faster than a 2.0 port.

You also need to consider the security aspect of the external HDD as opposed to software encryption; it is advisable to shop for a device with hardware encryption which is more secured and reliable.

Best External Hard Drive

  • Adata SD700 External SSD
  • Samsung T5 SSD.
  • WD My Book Duo 4TB.
  • Seagate Backup Plus Desktop Drive 5TB.
  • Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt.
  • Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro.
  • iStorage diskAshur 2TB.
  • LaCie Porsche Design Mobile Drive 4TB. USB-C star.

Internal Hard Drive

Internal hard drive is the basic storage device located in the computer. It contains pre-installed software applications, files and operating system. Most of the desktop computers have several internal drives allowing them massive storage. On the contrary, the laptop can only accommodate one drive, forcing the user to add the drive to storage data that exceeds the internal capacity of the laptop.

Internal HDD are located inside the computer. Basically, they are not portable and can be used only in the computer they inhabit. There are two kinds of internal hard disks (HDD and SDD). HDD are traditional kind and use rotating disks to store and retrieve information, so the faster the spin of the hard drive, the quicker your computer will be. They are a bit cheaper and can provide ample storage.

SSD are very fast, so if you want speed, you should give a trial to SSD. Solid State Drive have no moving parts; are less likely to be corrupted and more durable. The SSD capacity is not the SSD’s strong suit.

Benefits of internal HDD

  • Always connected to computer and thus regular scheduling of the backups needs less effort
  • Great storage capacity for large amounts of data.
  • Cost efficient
  • Can be upgraded and replaced to keep the computer is running smoothly.

However, the internal hard drive is not portable and thus must remain fixed in one computer. They also require to be installed if they are upgraded or replaced which means that the person installing must be conversant with internal workings of the computer.

Patch Cord

A patch cord is an electrical or optical cable that is used to connect optical or electronic device for routing of signal. Patch cords come in many different colors so as to distinguish, they are short

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