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In the recent past, Fiber optic networking has been gaining popularity and is slowly replacing copper as the standard for high speed data transfers.

While fiber has the disadvantage of requiring more expensive equipment and training, the extra expenses are well worth the monumental gains in speed and efficiency.

 Installing a fiber network can help you transmit more info with greater fidelity over longer distances. It also provides added security, and is more resistant to electrical interference than traditional copper cabling.

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Fiber optic SC Adapters

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Fibre and Accessories

3M Ball Marker Telephone 1401XR

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At almiriatechstore have a huge selection of fiber optic supplies including, of course, the fiber cables themselves. We’ve got fiber patch cords, & single and multimode fiber optic cabling, and fiber optic connectors for your termination needs. Our fiber optic testers and test kits will help you troubleshoot your network both during and after installation.

Our fiber enclosures include wall mount options, racks and housings, and outdoor enclosures. And our fiber patch panels are available in a number of different options that can be customized to fit virtually any fiber optic application.

There are many different types of fiber cable for example, The Outdoor Fiber Optic cable multimode 48 Threads-Cores 50/125 OM2 type per Meter. The is also the quality and affordable 24 Core Multi-Single Mode Outdoor Fiber Cable.

At almiriatechstore we also sell quality 12 Core Multi-Single Mode Outdoor Fiber Cable at the most affordable price in Nairobi Kenya.

When you visit our shop you can also buy Protective Fiber Sleeves. The 8 Port fiber tray with SC simplex adapters is also available at our shop in Kenya.

 We have some of the best Fiber Optic Enclosure Outdoor That comes with Self-latching, hinged cover design allows easy access without loose parts. Self-sealing individual entrance ports prevent water and insects from entering

We also have the best and most quality 2.5 KM Net-Link Fiber Media Converter 100 Base in our shop in Nairobi Kenya.

almiriatechstore Kenya also sell the most and the highest quality of the latest patch panel.

A patch panel in a local area network (LAN) is a mounted hardware assembly that contains ports used to connect and manage incoming and outgoing LAN cables. Patch panels are also referred to as patch bays, patch fields or jack fields and are also commonly used in radio and television.

Patch panels can also be used to interconnect and manage fiber optic cables. A patch panel uses patch cords, a sort of jumper cable, to create each interconnection. Circuits can also be rearranged by plugging and unplugging respective patch cords

At almiriatechstore we have quality Enterprise patch panels at affordable prices. Patch panel ports are configured to accommodate Ethernet cables in an enterprise network. In an enterprise network, a patch panel serves as a sort of static switchboard, using cables to interconnect network computers within a LAN and to outside lines including the internet or other wide area networks (WANs).

Patch panels can also be used to interconnect and manage fiber optic cables. A patch panel uses patch cords, a sort of jumper cable, to create each interconnection.

 Circuits can also be rearranged by plugging and unplugging respective patch cords. Enterprises and other organizations often place patch panels in a wiring closet, a small room where networking and other electrical connections are made.

Patch panels are usually attached to network racks, either above or below network switches and take up 1U or 1.75 inches of space. Patch cords connect the ports in the patch panel to ports in the network switch, which creates permanent port connections to the switch that won’t be interrupted during moves, adds and changes (MACs).

The many Types of patch panels that you can buy from our shop in Nairobi Kenya are for example, we have the Ease Net CAT 5e amp 48 Port Patch Panels. You can also buy Siemon Network Patch Panels-48 Ports Cat 6 from Kenya.

Patch panels can be based on the number of ports they contain, with 48-port, 24-port and 12-port panels among the most common.

Patch panels are also designed for specific cable specifications like Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat 6A and Cat 7 cables. There are specific patch panels for unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and shielded twisted pair cables.

This the some of the patch panel Product Specifications

  • Panels can be mounted directly to fit a standard 19-inch relay rack or cabinet
  • Modules utilize Siemon’s colored icons for easy identification and administration
  • Available in 16-, 24- 48-, and 72-port configurations
  • Bold port numbering enables quick and ready identification of outlets
  • Write-on area provided for panel designation

We are also the leading supplier of the different types of SFPS in Nairobi Kenya. We have the Dlink DEM-311GT 1-port SFP SX MM Fiber Transceiver. The latest and most quality D-Link’s and new line of Gigabit Interface Converters (GBICs) as well as Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFPs) transceivers represent an industry leading combination of performance and affordability.

D-Link’s new Gigabit transceivers are available in two form-factors: standard (GBIC) or (SFP)/mini-GBIC. The DEM-311GT is a high performance 850nm multimode SFP/mini-GBIC transceiver.

Supporting full duplex, Gigabit speeds on multimode fiber for distances of up to 220m/550m on 62.5µm/50µm fiber respectively. The unit features a metal housing to reduce EMI and to increase durability.

The DEM-311GT is hot pluggable and is backed by a standard 2-year product warranty and free technical support. The cisco SFP single mode module from almiriatechstore in the leading in the industry. The 1000BASE-ZX SFP operates on standard single–mode fiber-optic link spans of up to approximately 70 km in length.

The cisco SFP single mode module that we sell comes with the following characteristics

  • Guaranteed 100% cisco compatible: Meets MSA standards and is designed, programmed and tested to perform identically to the Cisco GLC-LH-SMD fiber transceiver module.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: This Cisco GLC-LH-SMD compatible SFP+ module is backed by a lifetime warranty from almiriatechstore limited.
  • SFP FIBER MODULE PERFORMANCE: Max Data Transfer Rate: 1 Gbps |Wavelength: 1310 nm | Type: Single Mode Fiber | Connection Type: LC Connector | Maximum Transfer Distance: 20 km (12.4 mi) | Power Consumption: Less than 1 Watt | MTBF: 2,722,277 hours | DDM: Yes
  • Simple installation: This 1000BASE-LH module can be plugged directly into Cisco’s routers or switches and is hot-swappable making upgrades and replacements seamless by minimizing network disruptions.

We also sell the best quality and affordable Dlink LC-SC Single Mode Duplex Fiber Patch Cord 1M. Together with the above patch code, you can buy from us the Dlink SC-SC Multimode (50/125um) OM3 Duplex Fiber Patch Cord 1M.

Our prices are very affordable. The other different types of patch codes that you can buy from us at very affordable price are as follows. The 1 Metre Siemon Category 6e UTP Patch Cord.

Welcome and buy the Siemon – 1 Metre Category 6 U/UTP Patch Cord, the RJ45 to RJ45, 4-pair, WHITE jacket all from almiriatechstoreshop, Nairobi Kenya.

The Cat6 Patch Cable Category 6e is designed to double transmission frequency to 250 MHz for use in Category 6 applications requiring a consolidation point (CP) or cross-connect.

The cords are 100% factory transmission tested to 250 MHz and feature a patented cross pair isolator and innovative. We also have quality Siemon 3-meter Patch Cords

Together with the best Dlink SC-SC Multimode (50/125um) OM3 Duplex Fiber Patch Cord 1M. The Dlink LC-SC Multimode (50/125um) OM3 Duplex Patch Cord 1M from our Nairobi shop is the most quality and also the most affordable.

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