Seagate CCTV Hard Disk Kenya

Seagate remains the top brand in internal, external and portable CCTV Hard Disk sales.  The Increased Demand for optimum surveillance in and around the home and business has led to a need for exceptional CCTV Recording product with excellent recording, storage, and minimal data loss. While Seagate is an international supplier,  the Seagate CCTV hard disk in Kenya delivers on its promises of high speed, reliable performance, and HDD support. CCTV Storage remains a vital part of active surveillance, and with hard drive technology continually changing, the need for dependable operation remains in demand. We take a closer look at the popular range of hard drives for your CCTV systems and whether Seagate is the best security investment you can make.

Seagate Surveillance Hard Drives in Nairobi

Storage becomes an important part of CCTV Security Systems. The CCTV Systems rely on optimum storage to maintain 24-hour security and leave property owners with peace of mind their residence is being monitored. An inability for surveillance hard drives to keep up with its system demands can lead to residential and commercial disaster. Lost security footage compromises safety, but also makes monitoring of employees and assets impossible.

Seagate Surveillance Storage HDD

Seagate surveillance hard disk in Nairobi offers a broad range of storage solutions from its smaller 4TB drives to 10TB and more. Its dependable product line allows consumers to choose the amount of storage needed for CCTV purposes. While the larger the hard drive, the more expensive, Seagate has maintained its value range in support of all types of compatible surveillance purposes. Seagate offers CCTV Hard Disks from 1 TB TO 12 TB.

Types of Seagate CCTV Hard Disks

The latest release in the Seagate CCTV hard drive range includes the Skyhawk drives. The products have been designed to provide plug and play features, including optimization for digital video playback storage. Easily connect your Seagate hard drives to a 1080p surveillance system. The flexibility of the product allows for the install of additional drives and cameras.

The Seagate SkyHawk CCTV Hard disks categorized into three types depending on the application requirements. The ideal Seagate CCTV hard drive provides smooth transition and optimization. It offers compatible firmware for surveillance systems including streaming and data overwriting. The drives offer advanced data loss protection so should an error occur while recording, the drive creates a backup or firmware minimizes the loss of information. It is important to learn of the compatibility of a system before investing in storage drives.

These are the types of Seagate Surveillance Hard disks

SMB surveillance DVR and NVR [ 1TB , 2 TB, 3 TB, 4 TB, 6 TB, 8 TB]

SkyHawk 8 TB  ST8000VX0022

SkyHawk 8 TB ST8000VX004

SkyHawk 6 TB ST6000VX0023

SkyHawk 6 TB ST6000VX001

SkyHawk 4 TB ST4000VX007

SkyHawk 3 TB ST3000VX009

SkyHawk 3 TB ST3000VX010

SkyHawk 2 TB ST2000VX008

SkyHawk 1 TB ST1000VX005

AI-surveillance NVR [ 8 TB, 10 TB, 12 TB, 14 TB , 16 TB]

Seagate expands the Surveillance HDD family with SkyHawk AI, the only purpose-built drive to reliably record both high-resolution video images and deep learning insights.

SkyHawk AI 16TB ST16000VE000

SkyHawk AI 14TB ST14000VE0008

SkyHawk AI 12TB ST12000VE0008

SkyHawk AI 10TB ST10000VE0008

SkyHawk AI 10TB ST10000VE0004

SkyHawk AI 8TB ST8000VE000

SkyHawk AI 8TB ST8000VE0004

Centralized/NVR Analytics [ 16TB, 14TB,12TB, 10TB, 8TB, 6TB, 4TB, 2TB, 1TB ]

Depending on the TYPE  of your Seagate CCTV hard drive, the general performance for the smaller drives can reach anywhere between 180 TB/year to 550 TB/year. The Product also offered with a warranty between 3 Years to 5 Years.SkyHawk surveillance drives are built for NVR and DVR designed for 24*7 working capacity available from 1 TB to 10 TB. Skyhawk hard disk reduces the frame drop and downtime.   These hard drives feature ImagePerfect firmware enables clear and smooth video streaming.

The CCTV Hard drives have been shown to drop in performance once in a while, but these lags could be due to the optimization processes. Hikvision NVR, 4.0 OS systems, and select Dahua NVR systems equipped with Skyhawk Health Management [ SHM] which enable depth analysis of HDD and provide information on HDD Performance optimization. This type mechanism is kind of first in the surveillance HDD market. The Skyhawk AI type of hard disks carries Built-in RV sensors for supporting 16+ bays in an NVR. The Seagate AI HDD is having a tremendous performance rate of 550TB/yr workload. The Seagate CCTV hard drive provides safe and reliable performance. It certainly delivers value for money and remains a top choice for compatible surveillance systems.

Choosing The CCTV Hard Drives

For the home surveillance and independent DVR system, a hard drive of 1TB to 8Tb should be sufficient. The Seagate Surveillance HDD of 4TB can deliver recording speeds of 6GB/s and able to connect up to 64 cameras. Seagate has emphasized its dedication to quality, cost, and performance. It can handle a multi-drive environment and offer triple the speeds and capacity of a PC hard drive. This provides the option to expand your surveillance system over time. The larger drives incorporate firmware optimization. This type of technology has been recognized as supporting smooth performance, minimizing delays and supporting the longevity of the drive.

Why Choose Seagate Surveillance Hard Drives

Seagate offers a modern line of CCTV hard drive technology. The HDD products for surveillance purposes should include the 4TB, 6TB or 8Tb storage. It provides round the clock recording, fast performance, and fair pricing. With room to expand, you do not have the extra expense or complications of adapting your entire camera system. Seagate surveillance drives help both homes and businesses expand on its camera surveillance with a seamless transition. Purchase your Seagate drives from Seagate authorized Distributor in Nairobi.

Seagate takes the reliability of products and solutions seriously, ensuring that quality is part of every step in the product lifecycle, from design all the way through production and delivery to customers. Only Seagate combines 35+ years of storage experience in HDD with ash, systems, services and consumer devices to help our customers get more value from their data. Seagate is also the only storage company that stands behind our products by offering a data recovery service.