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Product CodeDescriptionSelling Price
YJ-HH360-R-2USBHand held 2D image scanner8000
YJ-HF600-1-2USBKIT, BLACK, 2.7M USB HOST CABLE KES   28,600.00 
PC43TA00100202PC43T Thermal Transfer 203dpi USB Ethernet 6ipsLCD Latin Pri KES   49,400.00 
PC23DA0010022Direct Thermal 2.2 inch wide 203dpi 8ips Desktop Printer KES   45,500.00 
7980G-2USBX-0USB Kit, 2D Imager, vertical Presentation Scanner KES   34,840.00 
78828U1-3Honeywell APEX3 Portable barcode & receipt printer,bluetooth KES   50,700.00 
1900GHD-2USB-22D Imager, HD Focus. Includes 9.8′ straight USB cable. Color KES   15,600.00 
1400G2D-2USB-12D Scanner, PDF417, Rigid Presentation Stand, 1.5m Straight KES   15,340.00 
1250G-2USB-1handheld single-line laser scanner with code gate KES     8,840.00 

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