Fire Detection System & Installation

Regular service and maintenance helps to identify any problems before they arise, which could potentially endanger lives. The early detection of fire plays a critical role in protecting the safety of your occupants, staff and potential emergency response personnel as well as minimizing the loss, damage and downtime of your business. Our systems comprises of intelligence addressable and conventional.

  • Heat Detectors: spot and line heat detection.
  • Smoke Detectors: photoelectric, ionisation and multi-criteria.
  • Flame Detectors: ultraviolet, infrared & dual spectrum.
  • Audible Alarm Devices such as Bells, Horns or Speakers.
  • Emergency call buttons
  • Specialized HVAC duct sensors

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire bell & Sounders

A fire detection system is designed to detect fire and combustion products in an emergency situation and alert building occupants to initiate evacuation where necessary. The type of fire detection system used in your building should be based on your fire safety requirements, which can be determined through a risk assessment of your building or facility. When selecting a fire safety system, you must also consider the ongoing cost and commitment that will be required over the life of the system. The Australian Fire Code mandates that regular Inspection, Testing, Repair and Maintenance on Fire Alarm and Emergency Voice Communication Systems be undertaken and completed by qualified technicians on an annual basis.

Fire Training

Our qualified experts are able to train you according to the specific needs of your business, providing training for everyone from beginners to experienced security personel. The training covers:

  • First response to fire
  • How to raise the alarm
  • Evacuation procedure
  • Contacting the emergency services
  • Fire extinguisher location and usage
  • Accommodating for those with physical disabilities