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Desktop computers are used on the table or desk. They are big and execute instructions and perform all the operations. The desktop computers have several components but one main component is the keyboard and CPU. There are other components such as headphones, webcams, speakers and mouse. They are referred to as Personal computers and can be used for editing and typing documents, connecting to the internet through LAN, saving important files, watch videos, listen to music or create images. It can be used with other software such as Adobe Premier Pro and Photoshop. Having a desktop at home goes a long way in assisting kids to familiarize with term papers, projects and assignments.

Desktop can also be used for general life events, communication and daily task. You can shop App Desktop,Brand New Desktop Computers, Dell Desktop, HP Desktops, Lenovo Desktop,Refurbished Computers

Essential Features of a Desktop Computer

  • Hard Drive.
  • Type of Processor.
  • Random Access Memory (RAM).
  • Display Type.
  • Dual Monitor Options.
  • Wireless Connectivity.
  • Graphics Card.
  • Operating System.
  • Desktop lasts longer than laptops since it has better specification compared to Laptop and are easier to replace parts.

Apple Desktop

Apple iMac desktop computer comes with a 5K retina dislay renders multitasking and performance efficiencies with an integrated with 8GB memory. It is powered by a 3.4GHz processor. It features Mac OS Sierra operating system and a 27 inch display for convenience.

iMac does not have a tower and it is notable for having the CPU in the monitor. The 27 inch and 21inch model are self contained. You don’t need cords for iMac to control your mouse and keyboard.

Best MacBooks

  • Best for portability: MacBook.
  • Best overall: 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.
  • Best affordable option: MacBook Air.
  • Best without the Touch Bar:
  • Best big-screen laptop:

Apple Computers- One in All

Apple computers have recorded massive sales all over the world. They are targeted for high income earners and exhibit a high level of exquisiteness and class, just like apple products in general. People using apple computers can attest the fact that they are catchy to the eye with diverse features and applications that gives a sound experience every time you use them. Thinking of getting an iMac, here are some benefits.

  • They give value for your money.
  • An iMac comes with all-in-one design and are compact. They exhibit convenience, comfort ability and swiftness. iMac has almost everything you need in a computer. It is portable and light to carry and work with at any given time.
  • The interface with iMac has extremely high and graphical solutions. This is alluring and has striking features to the eye.
  • They offer security since the chances of viruses or malware are very slim. Apple computers have the highest level of security that you can imagine. Therefore, your files are secure and safe.

Dell Desktop Computer

Dell desktop is space and energy efficient and easy to setup with benefits of (AIOs) all in one computer offers. AIO makes sense in few cases.

Common AIO use

  • High-visibility areas: Can be used by receptionist or office managers to minimize wire and optimize on first impression.
  • Small spaces: AIO can be used in retail space, dorm dwelling or in kitchen setup with tight space.
  • For Desk-centric workers:
  • Entertainment systems: Dell cinema provides rich viewing experience without having to hide the desktop tower. For instance, XPS 27 AIO can be used for entertainment purposes.

Standout AIOs

Dell has developed All in One computer that meets the needs of customers. There are some dell desktop computers that rise above and are an ideal consideration

Dell Inspiron 27 700 AIO: Is built for early adopters, entertainment loves and customers looking for premium 4K viewing and virtual reality. It offers graphics and power to support that experience and some gaming. Multimedia loves will enjoy superior Dell cinema experience. It offers convenience and security of windows support and infrared camera. The biggest appeal is the design.

Dell Optilex 7760 AIO:  if you are outfitting for work rather than play, this computer will provide best performance with 8th Generation processor up to 32GB DDR memory. Optilex has a webcam for video collaboration with Full HD resolution and infrared.

 iron 27 7000 AIO, the OptiPlex line features a pop-up webcam to for video collaboration, with optional infrared and full HD resolution to enable Windows Hello sign-on support and sharp video calls.

AIO is an ideal solution for certain needs of the customer. Whether looking to for a clutter free way to enjoy music, movie or other entertainment, AIO might be your best option.

HP Desktop

The new HP Pavilion allows more specialization, latest 6th generation Intel Pentium, audio tuned and vibrant displays for immersive computing experience. The notebook PC and HP pavilion convertible are lighter and thinner than the previous generations. They feature Prismatic Lithium battery cell to maintain the battery life and fast charge.

HP Pavilion x360 is sleek with audio expertly tuned by O&B play for on the go entertainment.

  • HP Pavilion x360s are lighter and thinner compared to previous generation.
  • FHD IPS or HD displays with more attractive experience on PC depending on the model
  • Full-size keyboard with optical backlit.
  • 16GB memory, 512GB SSD with option for HDD up to 1TB.
  • Full HD IPS display on 15.6” and 13.3” diagonal model.
  • 6th generation Intel Pentium, Intel Celereno or Intel Core up to i7 processor.

HP also offers two all-in-ones with a micro edge display option or edge-to-edge display on select models that reduces the border further by 75% for more viewing areas. HP Pavilion desktop features vertical feature and design smaller footprints with sleek profiles to maximize deskspace.

HP Laptops on the Market

  • HP Spectre 13 (thinnest Ultrabook)
  • HP Spectre x360 (perfect hybird laptop)
  • HP Pavilion 15 (best for schools)
  • HP Omen X (Used for gaming)
  • HP Chromebook 14 G5 (Most affordable)

Refurbished Desktop Computer

Desktop computers are the dying breed. Nevertheless, you cannot do without them. A desktop computer with a monitor is not a mobile computing device like a tablet or Laptop. However, it packs more processing power. It is the ideal PC for hobbyists. If you need more RAM and needs to replace your hard drive.

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