Telephone systems plays a significant role in the business success by enabling companies to achieve its communication goals every efficiently and effectively. IP/VOIP technology has brought rapid changes in the communication domain causing business to upgrade their existing telephone systems to IP based telephone systems.

If you look to upgrade your communication infrastructure, look no further at almiriatechstore we have the solution you need. It is a great option to boost up the productivity, reduce communication costs, and strengthen customer relations as has been done by YEASTAR MYPBX UNIFIED COMMUNICATION IP PBX

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How about Yeastar MyPBX Phone System as your office Telephone System

Kenya has emerged as a commercial hub in the east. With established organizations, its economy is fast improving . As a business entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to strengthen the communication infrastructure that stand you out from the competitors. Communication infrastructure has a good role in expanding business in Kenya. Here is the importance of a reliable IP telephony provider in Kenya comes. Thus it  is brilliant in developing communication solutions with the right IP telephone systems (IP PBX). Considering the features and functionalities, Yeastar MyPBX makes your business communication perfect and reliable.

Solution with Yeastar MYPBX system

As a communication leader, Yeastar specializes in the manufacturing of IP PBX systems and VOIP gateways. The company is devoted to manufacturing other communication tools as well. We have the expertise in developing solutions with Yeastar MyPBX Kenya. Due to its advanced features and options, it is a good choice to building advanced communication solutions. To surprise its users, the system comes in various models that are tuned to make the communication easy and reliable. These systems are easy to use ad manage.Telephone systems with the Yeastar MyPBX Nairobi, Kenya

To meet the various communication needs, we develop solutions with the various models of Yeastar MyPBX systems. It consists of the MyPBX SOHO, MyPBX standard and MyPBX U Series.

MyPBX s20 SOHO: MyPBX SOHO is definitely a good choice to business of preferably small size. With the advanced telephony features this system is able to support 20 users. It is a hybrid system that provide connectivity to PSTN lines and ISDN lines. This opens a wonderful connectivity options allowing business to grow bigger. MyPBX SOHO is a great all-in-one PBX telephone system that delivers enterprise-grade functionalities to small medium businesses.

Its features include

  • Ideal for office with less than 32 users
  • Cutting edge IP-PBX features
  • Advanced call features
  • Support to multiple languages
  • Inter-operability with the leading systems
  • Support to plug and play
  • Easy management through Web Browser
  • Environment friendly
  • Support IP phones from the leading brands such as CISCO, Polycom, Panasonic and more

MyPBX U Series: Yeastar MyPBX U series systems

MyPBX U Series: Yeastar MyPBX U series systems comes with state of the art features that is perfect for small to medium size business solutions. The system is suitable to accommodate more users and can handle varied simultaneous calls. This series of systems are highly reliable and affordable that bring productivity to the business. With VOIP gateways, additional circuits can be added to the MyPBX U series PBX systems. It include the models My PBX U100, MyPBX S200, MyPBX S300 and MyPBX U5 Series.

  • MyPBX S100: Yeastar MyPBX U100 has been designed to support up to 100 users. It has the ports for ISDN BRI, PSTN, GSM/CDMA connectivity. Enriched with advanced features, this IP PBX system is a favorable tool to any of the small business environments. The features include: it support 25 simultaneous calls, Cutting-edge IP PBX features, basic call handling features, and support to Multilanguage, interoperability with the leading systems and open source platforms.
  • MyPBX S300: Yeastar MyPBX U200 is a progressive version of its previous version; it has the capacity to support 300 users and 50 simultaneous calls. What makes the difference is that it comes with an audio input port and an audio output port. Like the previous version, it is worth for the investment you make. The features include versatile design, ISDN BRI, PSTN, GSM/CDMA connectivity, support to Plug and play set up, less power consumption, Support to multi language, call handling features, good interoperability with the leading IP phones such as CISCO, AVAYA, etc…
  • MyPBX s50: Yeastar MyPBX U5 series consists of the units such as the U500/U510/U520 models. These systems have been designed for the enterprise grade performance. It can support up to 500 users and are able to handle 80 concurrent calls at a time. This enterprise grade version of Yeastar offers a wonderful solutions in the most demanding conditions. Some of the features include are call handling features, advanced IP PBX features, easy management, support to multi language, good interoperability with the leading IP phones, environment friendly etc….

Yeastar s-series VOIP PBX system

Yeastar s-series VOIP PBX system is a wonderful choice for the medium to large enterprises. This series is designed to support up to 500 users and is built with cutting edge features. It provide good cost savings, productivity and efficiency.

Some of its features include

  • PSTN/ISDN BRI/ GSM/3G and E1/T1/PRI connectivity.
  • Powerful apps include conference panel, VPN server and more
  • Connect different sites and remote users efficiently
  • Low power consumption
  • Advanced calling features
  • Voicemail to email
  • Voicemail forwarding

Get powerful telephone systems 

Our years of experience in the domain of communication made us a favorite among the service providers. With our indomitable service, we also have won many prestigious customers in Kenya as well. If the requirement for a powerful telephony solution in Kenya arises, we are at your disposal. We could develop powerful solution with Yeastar IP PBX systems that almost will change the future of your business. Additionally our solutions with Yeastar PBX systems will certainly deliver the quality of communication you need. Being a Yeastar distributor in Kenya, we involve with variety of other Yeastar products including Yeastar analog phone systems, VOIP gateways and IP phone systems. Be it for any kind of requirement, we have the right solutions for your communication need. Be in touch with us to know more about our systems and solution using Yeastar systems Kenya

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