Telephone systems have a greater role in the success of a business. Communication has witnessed drastic changes with the introduction of VOIP technology. These systems bring a lot of benefits to the enterprises including reduced call rates, customer satisfaction, low bandwidth utilization, enhance productivity and many. When it comes to the business telephone systems in Kenya, choosing the best is a bit complex job. It is wise to depend upon a reliable IP telephony provider who is skilled at developing quality telephone solutions. A good provider can pick suitable PABX or IP PBX telephone systems for your business in Kenya, Nairobi.

Empowering your business communication with advanced Telephone Systems Kenya

As a reliable IP telephony provider in Kenya, Nairobi, we at Almiria has core expertise in developing telephony solutions using the advanced business telephone systems, communication equipment such as Panasonic Office telephone system, Cisco Telephone system, Panasonic Telephone System, Yeastar IP Pbx phone system, NEC Telephone System, Dlink IP Pbx telephone system, Samsung telephone system, Grandstream Telephone system, Conference solutions and so. We provide complete end-to-end solutions that satisfy your communication needs in a great and cost-effective way. By analyzing your business requirements, office set up and the employee needs, we help you find the best telephony solution. It has never been easier to pick the systems earlier, but now with ALmiria Kenya the job of picking right systems is easier. Our highly talented and skilled professionals ensure you wonderful telephony solutions that take your business to new levels.



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IP PBX systems for improved communication and productivity

VOIP technology enables the communication through the internet; i.e. the IP networks. Compared to the standard form of technology, the IP based communication extends many benefits to the users. Besides making the communication effective, it is cost effective as well. Most of the IP PBX systems come with the advanced calling features facilitating employees to become more productive and efficient. These systems deliver superior voice quality over the internet. On the whole, employing IP based communication is beneficial for your business in Kenya, Nairobi. As a solution provider, we deal with the best IP phones Kenya.

Communication is the central part of any organization, it is the responsibility of you to enhance the communication infrastructure with the modern systems. Regardless of the company size, business communication needs to be effective and resilient. Systems are available to meet all kinds and size of business. As the VOIP systems are proved to be versatile, it is wise to implement IP systems to strengthen infrastructure.

The benefits of using VOIP Phone Systems

  • Certainly, reduce the telephone charges
  • Able to add more phone lines to the system as the business expands
  • Comprehensive calling features to support better communication
  • Easier to integrate with CRM and other software apps
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Easy to customize according to the user requirements
  • Enhance the communication through video conferencing and other facilities
  • Multiple line support
  • Improve collaboration

Enterprises have ethical reasons to employ the telephone systems. With the evolving communication technology, it is crucial for them to accept state-of-the-art telephone systems. Not only does it augments the communication – both externally and internally – but also it develops profitability as well. The drive toward the digitization has enabled the business to communicate over the internet – where it has opened many new value-added opportunities. VOIP technology has emerged as a convenient, reliable and cost-effective option for the enterprise of all sizes which allowed the communication to be happened over a single line as opposed to separate lines.

Telephone system installation Kenya

Your business in Kenya really needs a refined telephone system that makes communication powerful and effective. So to make the communication strategies simple and transparent, you need to have an orchestrated solution. With us, you get the best solution with the best brand systems.

With us, the Telephone system installation can be customized to meet the unique needs of the company in Nairobi.

Having a look at the features will help you to get a clearer picture

  • Add new caller extensions as and when needed
  • Have total control over active calls
  • Easy to manage with the browser interface

As the business in other parts of the world takes steps to improve communication set up, now it is your turn to come up with the advanced systems to revel in.

Telephone solutions to wide range of industries in Nairobi.

We have phone solutions to wide range of industry across Nairobi. With the most reliable and robust telephony services in Kenya, we stand out amongst other providers for our wide range of solutions. We provide solutions to our key markets including hotel industry, hospital sector, financial sectors, educational institutions and government institutions in Kenya. The solutions we provide are strictly based on the industrial practices in adherence to the Kenyan rules.

From office telephone systems to home telephone systems Nairobi

With the expertise to providing perfect solutions to wide array of industries, we are good at developing solutions for small office environments and home telephone systems Kenya at a reasonable way. Our office communication system provides greatest flexibility that suits well to the business communication requirements. We offer solutions to call centers, corporate, IT companies as well.

The portfolio of business telephone system we cover include variety of office communication systems from simple digital phone system to state of the art IP phones Kenya. The orthodox way of customer telephone call interaction is long gone. Apart from providing the telephone installation Kenya, we offer telephone system maintenance, office phone systems repair Kenya and the after sales support. Our telephony services are available in Kenya (Nairobi) as well.

If you think now is the time to upgrade or implement new communication infrastructure for your business in Kenya, you can contact us. We help to achieve your communication goals in a capable way using the professional telephone systems. Having great expertise in crafting solutions to wide range of industries, we know well what kind of IP telephony solutions are best suited to your office. We just don’t stop after offering telephone installation, you can expect a wonderful support and maintenance.

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