Discounted Prices Networking Data Cabinets /server rack Prices Nairobi Kenya

Networking data cabinet is designed to provide the ultimate security to your networking equipment. Data cabinets are used to store routers, patch panels, switches and a wide variety of networking equipment as well as networking accessories.

Data cabinet comes with glass lockable door, the glass door enables the user to observe the equipment when they are on and off without necessarily opening the door, Our networking data cabinets includes 4U data cabinets, 6U networking data cabinets, 9U data cabinets, 12U networking data cabinet and 15U data cabinet.

Server Rack Cabinets

Network racks organize IT equipment into standard-sized server rack cabinets for greater efficiency throughout the data centre. Rack styles range from open-frame racks consisting of two or four mounting rails (called posts) without sides or doors to lockable rack cabinets with rails, front and rear doors and side panels.

The server rack is used to store servers, UPS ES, monitors or similar equipment. Our server rack ranges from 42U server rack, 32U Networking server rack, 27U server rack and 22U server rack cabinet.

42U Server Rack / Equipment Rack / Cabinet – 42U, (W800 x D800mm)68,000
42U Server Rack / Equipment Rack / Cabinet – 42U, (W800 x D1000mm)78,000
37U 600 X 1000/960 MM Floor Standing Rack Cabinet48,000
32U 600 X 800 MM Floor Standing Rack Cabinet39,000
32U 600 X 600 MM Floor Standing Rack Cabinet35,000
22U Data Cabinet (600 X 600) servers rack27,000
42U Data cabinet 600 x 800 ( servers Rack)55,000
42U Server Rack, Data cabinet 600 x 1000 Glass Front Door60,000
42U 600×600 standing rack cabinet43,000
27U Server Data Cabinet 600 x 100043,900
22U Network Cabinet 600x800mm28,000
22U Network Cabinet 600x 100032,000
18U Server Network cabinet 600 x 600 Glass Front Door19,000
15U Networking Data cabinet 600 by 60018,999
15U Networking Data Cabinet 600 by 45017,500
12U Cabinet Steel Door 600mm x 600m16,500
9u 600mm by 450mm data cabinet for patch panel, switch & PDU11,500
6U Data Cabinet 600 by 4508,500
4U Data Cabinet 600 by 4505,500
BIg cabinet fans1,500

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