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With the advent of new technology, there has been a tremendous demand of computing needs as well as change in geographical locations and distribution types where IT systems are deployed. IT managers are looking for secure, flexible and operationally economical infrastructure.

When designing Data Network and server racks, they consider products that deliver secure access and protection to critical IT systems. They have the capacity to accommodate expansion and growth while being cost effective. This approach results in quicker deployment, improved availability, reduced cost, better security and increase staff efficiency.

What Is a Server Rack?

A data Network and server rack organizes and houses critical IT systems which can be configured to support diverse requirements. Server rack cabinet, it is enclosed to ensure security. Server cabinets are found in data centre setups, but can also be used in smaller computer closets. The 19 inch server rack is a standard size enclosure or frame for mounting equipment and is used for computer server equipment. The 19’ server rack allows dense hardware configuration without taking a lot of shelving or floor space. If you need a smaller number of servers, it is the best choice economically. Equipment or device placed on the rack are referred to as rackmount.

Types of Data Network and Server Racks

These are also referred to as LAN racks, network cabinets, server cabinets or other terms but they are generally the same, rack enclosures where important IT systems are mounted. They can be customized or preconfigured. Pre-configured racks are deployed and assembled easily and quickly.  They are often the less expensive option.

Server racks can be customized to fit the desired specifications and needs. Companies that needs unique depth, height or width dimensions or specialized applications like dust or water proofing or shock resistance can work hand in hand with the provider to design a custom server rack solution.

Server racks can be locked or open frame. Open racks offers more flexibility and space and allows accessibility of cables usually from the top. These are often found inside secure server rooms. The closed server racks on the other hand are more expensive. It is important

Usually more expensive, closed server racks can be locked. It is a better option if the server rack will be placed outside a secure server room or in a non-secure location.

 Data Network and Server Rack Size, Depth, Rack Unit (U)

To determine these qualities, consider what kind of equipment will be placed in the lack and the quantity. Standard sized racks are normally selected because the standard size devices are easily integrated in the rack. The server rack depth is the distance from front rail to the back of the back rail.

The Rack Unit (U or RU) is the unit of measurement used to define the vertical space available in an equipment rack.  It is applied to the server rack as well as the devices they hold. It is standardized as multiples of 1.75 inches (44.45 mm) or one rack unit or “U”. Most racks are sold in the 42U form, which means a single rack can hold forty-two (42) 1U devices, or any combination of 1U, 2U, 3U or other rack unit heights that add up to 42 or less.

Choosing the Height of the Data Network Server Cabinet

typically the height of server racks and data cabinets are measured in ‘u’ sizes. ‘U’ is a standard measurement for all rackmount equipment, one rack ‘u’ is 44.45mm high. Typically a 24 port patch panel or switch will be 1u in size.

You should work out the equipment you want to use inside your server rack if you want to put in equipment that isn’t rack mountable, you should include the size of this and divide the height be 44.45 to give you an approximate size in ‘u’, this equipment will need to be positioned on a shelf which will take an additional 1u of space.

Server Cabinet Accessories

  • Power Distribution Units (PDU’s) – We hold stock of a huge range of rackmountable PDU’s, from 4 – 12 Way, with a range of socket and input options. We also hold stock of PDU’s with surge protection and built in ammeters.
  • Shelving – If the equipment you’re putting inside your server rack isn’t rackmountable, you will need to shelving to position it on. We offer three different types of shelving, these are:
    • Fixed Shelving – Fixed shelves will mount on the front and rear of the server cabinet offering a more heavy duty solution for accommodating equipment in your rack.
    • Modem Shelves – These shelves mount on the front 19″ mounting angles and provide a light duty solution for holding small pieces of equipment.
    • Telescopic Shelves – These are mounted front and rear and provide a good solution for equipment you need to access easily.
  • Fan Units and Trays – Standard fans for server cabinets are available in two guises as follows:
    • Rack Mount Fan Units – These units mount on the 19″ mounting profiles and are used to move the air around the cabinet in the direction required.
    •    Roof Mount Fan Units – These fans mount in the server cabinets’ upper aperture taking no working space from the cabinet itself. They are used to expel air from the cabinet to help keep it cool
  • Cable Management – Keeping your server rack tidy is important, that is why we offer a number of cable management options as follows:
    • Cable Trays – These are used on the side of the the server cabinet (usually inside around the middle or rear) to help you route cables neatly vertically inside the cabinet
    • Horizontal Cable Tidy Bars – These mount on the 19″ mounting profiles inside your cabinet, to help you route cables efficiently and tidily when using patch panels and switches.
    • Brush Strip Panels – These mount horizontally on the 19″ mounting profiles and are used to route cables around the cabinet out of site.
    • Jumper Rings – These typically mount vertically in 800mm wide cabinets to help route cables within the server rack.
    • Blanking Panels – if you have any unused space in you server rack, you can use blanking panels to hide unsightly cables or equipment you don’t want people to see.
    • Cage Nuts and Bolts – Virtually all rackmount equipment is mounted on the 19″ mounting profiles using M6 cage nuts and bolts. A pack of these is essential for every cabinet.
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Cabinet Fans


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Cabinet Fans

Big Cabinets Fans

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Data and Server Cabinets

Cabinet 6U 600*450mm wallmount

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Data and Server Cabinets

Easenet 9U 600x450mm Server Cabinet

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Data and Server Cabinets

Cabinet 9U 600*450mm Wall mount

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Data and Server Cabinets

Cabinet 12u 600*450 Wallmount

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Data and Server Cabinets

Cabinet 9U 600 x 600 mm WallMounted

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Data and Server Cabinets

12U 600 x 600 – Wall Mount Cabinet

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Data and Server Cabinets

Cabinet 18U 600 x 450 MM Wall Mount

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