Almiria 2019 Products Price List

(600mm X 600mm) Networking  Cabinet Shelves KES           1,800.00
1 Meter 4 Core Single Mode| Multi mode Fibre Cable KES           1,000.00
10 channel Licence key in NS500 KES         35,000.00
10 Meters USB 2.0 High Speed Printer Cable Connector KES           1,000.00
100 Pair MDF Box Telephone Discase KES           6,000.00
10n HP Wireless 2.4G Optical Mouse KES               600.00
12 Core Multi | Single Mode Outdoor Fiber Cable – Multi Mode KES               150.00
12 Core Multi | Single Mode Outdoor Fiber Cable – Single Mode KES               140.00
12 Inches Laptop Porch Bag KES               800.00
120″ x 120″ Electric / Motorised Projector Screen KES         28,000.00
12U  Data Cabinet Wall Mounted 19-inch (W600mm x D450mm) 450mm Deep KES         14,500.00
12U 600mm Deep Data Cabinet, Wall Mounted, 19-inch (W600mm x D600mm) KES         16,500.00
12V 10 Amp Single Output Switching CCTV Power Supply OPEN KES           2,000.00
12V 30 Amp CCTV Power Supply Open KES           4,000.00
12V CCTV Power Supply – 20A Single Output – PS1-100W-SF5 Open KES           3,000.00
12V DC 10A Regulated Power Supply for CCTV System KES           4,500.00
13.3 Laptop Porches Bag KES               800.00
15 Inches Laptop Porch KES               800.00
15u 600mm Wide 600mm Deep  Wall Mounted Cabinet KES         19,000.00
15U Data and Network Cabinets  600mm by 450mm KES         17,500.00
17-55 Inch Tilt TV wall Mount bracket KES           3,500.00
17-80 Inch Tilt TV wall Mount bracket KES           5,000.00
18U 450mm Deep Data Cabinet, Wall Mounted, 19-inch (W600mm x D450mm) KES         19,000.00
1GB Nvidia GeForce Graphics Card KES           4,000.00
1TB Desktop Internal Hard Drive KES           6,500.00
1TB Laptop Hard Disk Toshiba KES           7,000.00
1U EaseNet Cable Manager KES           1,000.00
1U, Management Panel, Network Cable Manager KES           1,000.00
1X4 Full HD HDMI Splitter 4 Port Hub Repeater Amplifier v1.4 3D 1080p 1 in 4 out KES           3,500.00
2 Port Serial PCI Controller Card KES           1,500.00
2.5 KM Net-Link Fiber Media Converter  100 Base KES           5,500.00
20 users License for Panasonic NS500 KES         63,000.00
20A 12V/20A/240W CCTV Power Supply KES           5,500.00
20M Flat High Speed HDMI Male to Male 1.4 Cable – Supports 3D, HDTV, Projector, PS3, Computers and more! KES           2,500.00
22 U Data Cabinets Networking Racks 600mm x 600mm KES         25,000.00
22 U Data Cabinets| Networking Racks  600mm x 800mm KES         32,000.00
22U Data Cabinets| Networking Racks (600mm x 1000mm) KES         42,000.00
24 Core Multi | Single Mode Outdoor Fiber Cable
24 Core Multi | Single Mode Outdoor Fiber Cable – Multi Mode KES               250.00
24 Core Multi | Single Mode Outdoor Fiber Cable – Single Mode KES               230.00
24 Port D-Link Fast Ethernet Switch DES-1024D KES           4,500.00
24 Port fiber tray With SC simplex adapters KES           6,000.00
24 Port Siemon Patch Panel KES         14,000.00
24MT48V-PT LG 24 Inch HD Monitor LED TV KES         15,500.00
25 Pair  Voice Patch Panels KES           4,000.00
25 Pair Amphenol Cables for Telecom Installations KES           2,000.00
27U Server Cabinet 600mm  x 1000mm KES         43,900.00
2GB Nvidia GeForce Graphics Card KES           6,500.00
2m High Speed HDMI Cable KES               600.00
2TB Toshiba Desktop Hard Disk KES           8,500.00
2U Horizontal Cable Management Panel KES           2,500.00
3 Meters Antenna Extension Cable TL-ANT24EC3S KES           1,500.00
305M EaseNet Indoor Cat 6 Full Copper KES         12,000.00
305M EaseNet outdoor Cat 6 Semi-Copper Ethernet Cable KES         12,000.00
30M Meters High Speed FLAT HDMI cable KES           3,500.00
32 U Data Cabinets| Server Racks (600mm x 800mm) KES         40,000.00
32U Data Cabinets| Network Racks (600mm x 600mm) KES         33,000.00
32U Data Cabinets| Server Racks (600mm x 1000mm) KES         45,000.00
3m Flat HDMI Cable – Premium Quality / 1080p KES               600.00
3RCA to HDMI converter KES           4,500.00
4 Channel CCTV Camera Power Supply – 12VDC – 5 Amps KES           3,500.00
4 Channels NVR dahua KES         16,000.00
4 Core Burglar Alarm Cable White KES           1,400.00
4 core White Flat Tel/Data Cable, 4 x (7 x 0.15mmØ) – 100m reel KES           1,200.00
4 Port GSM VoIP Gateway GN-VOIP-GSME-4G 4 GSM channels KES         58,000.00
42 U Networking | Server  Cabinet (600mm x 600mm) KES         40,000.00
42 U Server| Patching | Networking Cabinets (600mm x 800mm) KES         47,000.00
42U 1000mm Deep Server Cabinet, Floor Standing, 19-Inch Rackmount (W600mm x D1000mm) KES         60,000.00
42U 1000mm Deep Server Cabinet, Floor Standing, 19-Inch Rackmount (W800mm x D1000mm) KES         77,000.00
42U Server Rack / Equipment Rack / Cabinet – 42U,  (W800 x D800mm) KES         68,000.00
42U Server| Patching |  Server Cabinets 600mm x 1000mm KES         55,000.00
4G LTE indoor CPE Router ZLT P28 KES           9,500.00
4G LTE WiFi WD-5AP Android 7.0 Handheld POS Terminal KES         45,000.00
4GB Afox Nvidia Geforce G630 Graphics Card KES           9,500.00
4U 450mm Deep Data Cabinet, Wall Mounted, 19-inch (W600mm x D450mm) KES           6,000.00
50 inch hisense smart ultra HD 4K led TV KES         52,000.00
50 Pair KRONE – Junction Box (MDF Box) Telephone Discase KES           4,500.00
50 Port  Voice Patch Panels KES           6,000.00
500 M EaseNet Indoor Cat 6 Full Copper Ethernet Cable. KES         16,000.00
500GB Toshiba Desktop Harddisk KES           4,500.00
52 Port  D-Link Fast Ethernet Switch 1000/100 KES         36,000.00
55W650D Sony SMART 55 inch FULL HD TV KES         92,000.00
57mm x 40mm Thermal Paper Rolls KES               150.00
5m High Speed HDMI Flat Cable KES               900.00
5M USB 2.0 Active Extension Repeater Cable A Male to A Female KES               550.00
5-Way Socket Extension Cable – 6Ft – White white normal KES           1,200.00
6 Core Multi | Single Mode Outdoor Fiber Cable
6 Core Multi | Single Mode Outdoor Fiber Cable – Multi Mode KES               110.00
6 Core Multi | Single Mode Outdoor Fiber Cable – Single Mode KES               100.00
6 Way  White  Cabinet Power Distribution Unit KES           4,500.00
6 Way Black  Cabinet Power Distribution Unit KES           4,500.00
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600mm x 1000mm 42U Network Cabinet With Mesh KES         60,000.00
600mm x 600mm  22U Network Cabinet With Mesh KES         28,000.00
600mm x 800mm 42U Server and Network Cabinet With Mesh KES         52,000.00
600mm X 800mm Networking Cabinet Shelves KES           3,000.00
6u 450mm Deep Wall Mounted Data Cabinet 600mm by 450mm KES           9,000.00
72 x 72 Manual Projection Screen KES         15,000.00
750kg Holding Force Magnetic Lock KES         16,000.00
8 Channels NVR dahua KES         22,000.00
8 Core Multi | Single Mode Outdoor Fiber Cable
8 Core Multi | Single Mode Outdoor Fiber Cable – Multi Mode KES               130.00
8 Core Multi | Single Mode Outdoor Fiber Cable – Single Mode KES               120.00
8 Port D-Link Ethernet Switch KES           1,200.00
8 Port Fiber Single Mode Splitter KES           4,500.00
8 Port Fiber Tray with LC Duplex Adapters KES           5,000.00
8 Port fiber tray With SC simplex adapters KES           4,000.00
8 Port GSM VoIP Gateway GN-VOIP-GSME-8G 8 GSM channels KES       115,000.00
80mm x 80mm Thermal Paper Roll KES               240.00
815098-B21 HPE 16GB 1Rx4 PC4-2666V-R Smart Kit ( GEN 10  Server) KES         50,000.00
826850-B21 HPE DL380 Server Gen10 4114 Xeon-S Kit KES       130,000.00
843266-B21 HPE 1TB SATA 7.2K LFF RW HDD for Server KES         18,000.00
8GB Sandisk Memory Card KES               800.00
8GB Transcend USB Flash Disk Drive KES           1,200.00
90 Degree PRI Motion Sensor KES         13,500.00
96*96  MANUAL PROJECTION SCREEN KES         17,000.00
9U 450mm Deep Data Cabinet, Wall Mounted, 19-inch (W600 x D450mm) KES         11,000.00
Access Control Power Supply door lock controller box 12V 5A KES           5,500.00
Access Control Power Supply PSU 12V 3A KES           4,500.00
Acer Aspire 1410T 521 752 1810 8172 Laptop Battery KES           3,500.00
ACER Aspire 3810 – 4810 Laptop Keyboard KES           2,500.00
Acer D255 – D257 – D260 Laptop Keyboard KES           2,500.00
Acer Kav10- KAV60 – AOA150 Laptop Keyboards
ACER LAPTOP ADAPTER 19V 2.15A Charger KES           1,500.00
ACER LAPTOP Charger 19V 3.42A Adapter KES           1,500.00
Acer v5-570 Laptop Keyboard KES           2,500.00
AD-Link CAT6 Ethernet Cable – 305M KES           5,500.00
AF-2G24-S45 – Ubiquiti airFiber Antenna 2.4GHz 24dBi 45deg Slant Parabolic Dish KES         35,000.00
AF-5G23-S45 – Ubiquiti airFiber Antenna 5GHz 23dBi 45deg Slant Parabolic Dish KES         20,000.00
AF-5G30-S45 – Ubiquiti airFiber Antenna 5GHz 30dBi 45deg Slant Parabolic Dish KES         25,000.00
AF-5G34-S45 – Ubiquiti airFiber Antenna 5GHz 34dBi 45 degrees Slant Parabolic Dish KES         58,000.00
AF-5G-OMT-S45 – Ubiquiti airFiber OMT RD Conversion Kit 5GHz 45deg slant KES           5,000.00
AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED VR KES         28,000.00
AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR KES         30,000.00
AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II KES         88,000.00
AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G IF-ED KES         48,000.00
Aico, Networking UTP Cable Roll, CAT6,305 Meter,RJ45 Cable KES           5,500.00
Almark England 4 Way Surge Protector KES           1,500.00
Aluminium Door magnet KES               800.00
AM-2G15 – Ubiquiti Antenna AM-2G15 2Ghz 15dBi 120-deg Dual-Pol Sector KES         23,500.00
AM-5AC21-60 – Ubiquiti airMAX 5GHz 21dBi 60deg 802.11AC Sector Antenna (2×2 MiMO) KES         32,000.00
AM-5G16 – Ubiquiti Antenna AM-5G16 5Ghz 16dBi 120-deg Dual-Pol Sector KES         12,000.00
AM-5G19 – Ubiquiti Antenna AM-5G19 5Ghz 19dBi 120-deg Dual-Pol Sector KES         22,500.00
AMO-2G13 – Ubiquiti Omni 2.35-2.55 GHz 13dBi Antenna KES         33,000.00
AmpliFi HD (High Defination) Home Wi-Fi Router (AFI-R) KES         19,500.00
AM-V2G-Ti – Ubiquiti Antenna Titanium 2.4GHz Variable Beamwidth Dual-Pol Sector KES         45,000.00
AM-V5G-Ti – Ubiquiti airMAX Titanium Sector Antenna 5GHz 19-21dBi Variable Beamwidth Dual-Pol KES         37,000.00
Anti Theft Bag Pack Come in Blue/Black/Purple KES           2,500.00
APC 5 Way Surge Protector KES           2,500.00
APC BackUP UPS 700VA KES           9,000.00
APC Back-UPS 1400VA, 230V, AVR, IEC Sockets BX1400UI KES         22,522.00
APC Back-UPS 500VA, AVR, IEC outlets BX500CI KES           7,700.00
APC Back-UPS 700VA 230V AVR IEC Sockets BX700UI KES           9,000.00
APC Back-UPS 950VA 230V AVR IEC Sockets BX950UI
APC Smart-UPS 1000VA 1KVA LCD 230V SMT1000I KES         48,000.00
APC Smart-UPS 1500VA 1.5kva LCD 230V SMT1500I KES         67,567.00
APC Smart-UPS 2200VA 2.2KVA LCD 230V SMT2200I KES       106,470.00
APC Smart-UPS 3000VA 3Kva LCD 230V SMT3000 KES       150,000.00
APC Smart-UPS 5000VA 230V Rackmount/Tower SUA5000RMI5U KES       300,000.00
APC Smart-UPS 750VA LCD 230V SMT750I KES         33,000.00
APC Smart-UPS C 1000VA 1KVA LCD 230V SMC1000I KES         45,000.00
APC Smart-UPS C 1500VA 1.5kva LCD 230V SMC1500I KES         53,000.00
APC Smart-UPS C 1500VA LCD RM 2U 230V SMC1500I-2U KES         66,000.00
APC Smart-UPS C 2000VA 2kVA  LCD RM 2U 230V SMC2000I-2U KES       102,000.00
APC Smart-UPS C 2000VA 2kva LCD 230V SMC2000I KES         79,000.00
APC Smart-UPS C 3000VA 3kVA LCD 230V SMC3000I KES       150,000.00
APC Smart-UPS C 3000VA 3kva Rack mount LCD 230V SMC3000RMI2U
APC Smart-UPS RT 1000VA  1kva 230V SURT1000XLI
APC Smart-UPS SRT 10000VA 10KVA 230V SRT10KXLI KES       586,950.00
APC Smart-UPS SRT 192V 8kVA and 10kVA Battery Pack KES   1,110,565.00
APC Smart-UPS SRT 3000VA 3kVA 230V SRT3000XLI KES       238,875.00
APC Smart-UPS SRT 5000VA 5kva 230V SRT5KXLI KES       305,000.00
Apex 3 203dpi Bluetooth USB KES         51,000.00
Apple 13″ MacBook Air, 1.8GHz Intel Core i5 Dual Core Processor, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Mac OS, Silver, MQD32LL/A KES       120,000.00
Apple iMac (MNE92) Mid 2017 27 inch Retina 5K Display 3.50GHz Intel Core i5 Quad-Core 8GB of DDR4 RAM 1TB Fusion Drive KES       269,000.00
Apple iMac MMQA2 21 Inch i5 8GB 1TB Desktop KES       144,000.00
Apple iPad 6th Gen 128GB 9.7-Inch Wi-Fi Space Grey MR722 KES         73,000.00
Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch 64GB WiFi + Cellular (2017) KES         93,500.00
Apple Macbook Air 13-Inch, MQD42 Core i5, 8GB, 256GB SSD KES       145,000.00
Apple MacBook Air MQD32 Laptop – Intel Core i5 KES       107,000.00
Apple Macbook Pro (MJLQ2 ):Intel Core i7 Processor,256GB Hard disk, 16Gb Ram
Apple MacBook Pro MPXQ2 Intel Core i5 7th gen-2.30GHz 8GB RAM 256GB SSD 13.3 inch Retina KES       168,000.00
Apple MacBook Pro MPXT2 Intel Core i5 7th gen-2.30GHz 8GB RAM 256GB SSD 13.3 inch Retina KES       180,000.00
Apple MacBook Pro MPXV2 With Touch Bar 2017 Intel Core i5 8GB RAM 256GB SSD 13.3 inch Retina KES       279,000.00
Apple MacBook Pro MPXY2, 13-Inch with Touch Bar (3.1GHz i5 7th Gen, 8GB, 512GB SSD) KES       310,000.00
Asenware 2 Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel AW-CFP2166-2 KES         22,000.00
ASTEL CABLE – COAXIAL RG 6 CABLE  300MTR KES           6,000.00
ASUS AC5300 Wireless Tri-Band (Dual 5GHz   Single 2.4GHz) Gigabit Router KES         45,000.00
Asus Laptop Adapter 15V 1.2Amps Charger KES           2,500.00
Asus Laptop Adapter -19V – 3.42Amps Charger KES           1,500.00
Asus Laptop Adapter 19V 1.75Amps Charger Black KES           2,500.00
ASUS X441 M Intel Celeron 14 Inch 4GB RAM 500GB HDD DOS
ASUS X540N 15.6 Inch Intel Celeron 500GB HDD 4GB RAM No OS Installed
Asus X540N Intel Celeron 4GB/500GB/Dos/15.6″ KES         28,000.00
Audio Door Phone RL-3205 Intercom KES           8,000.00
Aura 6900 Series Thermal Receipt Printer KES         21,500.00
Aura-8800U/-B Super high speed 3″ thermal printer | Laptop KES         25,500.00
Backup batterys 12v 7A KES           1,300.00
Barcode Scanner Syble XB-3120 KES         21,000.00
B‑DB‑AC Ubiquiti Networks Bullet AC Dual-Band airMAX ac Radio KES         12,500.00
BEW2-ODP BioEntry W2 Reader Fingerprint Dual RFID KES         66,500.00
Big Cabinets Fans KES           1,500.00
BioStar 2 TA Time Attendance License Module KES         55,000.00
Bixolon SLP-TX400 Thermal Label Printer KES         43,000.00
Bixolon SRP-275II POS Receipt Kitchen Printer KES         26,000.00
Bixolon SRP-350II Monochrome Desktop Direct Thermal Receipt Printer
Bixolon SRP-E770III  Economic Label/Barcode Printer KES         35,000.00
BLN-OC BioLite Net Reader Fingerprint, RFID, Optical Sensor KES         65,000.00
Break Glass for Key KES           4,000.00
Brush Panel KES           1,800.00
BSA2-OMPW Biostation A2 Reader Fingerprint, RFID KES       135,000.00
C13S015262BA Epson SIDM Black Ribbon Cartridge for LQ-670/680/pro/860/1060/25xx KES           1,500.00
C13S015337BA Epson SIDM Black Ribbon Cartridge for LQ-590 KES           2,000.00
Cable Telephone 20 pair PER Metre KES               220.00
Canon Pixma E-414 INK ADVATAGE Printer KES           6,500.00
Canon Pixma G2400 CISI Printer KES         17,400.00
Canon PIXMA iP2840 A4 Single Function Inkjet Printer KES           3,500.00
Cash Drawer EPOS (ECH 410) KES           8,000.00
Cash Drawer Micros 410 C KES           6,900.00
Casio KL-120 Portable Thermal Label Printer KES           5,800.00
Casio KL-60 Label Printer KES           5,000.00
Cat 5E AMP Complete Double Face Plates KES               400.00
Cat 5e EaseNet  PatchCodes 1M| 2M| 5M| 3M| 10M
Cat 5e EaseNet  PatchCodes 1M| 2M| 5M| 3M| 10M – 1 Metre KES               180.00
Cat 5e EaseNet  PatchCodes 1M| 2M| 5M| 3M| 10M – 10 Metre KES           1,000.00
Cat 5e EaseNet  PatchCodes 1M| 2M| 5M| 3M| 10M – 2 Metre KES               250.00
Cat 5e EaseNet  PatchCodes 1M| 2M| 5M| 3M| 10M – 3 Metre KES               350.00
Cat 5e EaseNet  PatchCodes 1M| 2M| 5M| 3M| 10M – 5 Metres KES               550.00
Cat 5E EaseNet Complete Double Face Plates KES               500.00
Cat 5E EaseNet Complete Single Face Plates KES               400.00
Cat 5e| Cat 6 A RJ 45 Plastic Connectors KES                 10.00
Cat 6 AMP Complete Single Face Plates KES               500.00
Cat 6 EaseNet Complete Double Face Plates KES               600.00
Cat 6 EaseNet Complete Single Face Plates KES               500.00
CCTV 12 Volt Power Supply – 5.0 Amp Single Output KES           1,500.00
CCTV Cameras and Acessories
ceiling mount 1mt 50-100 cm KES           5,500.00
Centurion Automatic Electric Slide Gate KES         95,000.00
Centurion Automatic Remote Swing gate KES       115,000.00
Ceramic Insulators for Electric Fence KES               110.00
CISCO – CISCO SFP MULTIMODE/Singlemode KES         12,000.00
Cisco 1841 Integrated Services Router KES         46,000.00
CISCO 1941 /K9 – Cisco ISR G2 1900 Series Router KES         78,000.00
Cisco 7811-K9 IP Phone CP-7811-K9 KES         13,500.00
Cisco 7821 IP Phone  2 Lines 2 Ethernets Port PoE KES         16,000.00
Cisco Aironet 1602e IEEE 802.11n 300 Mbps Wireless Access Point AIR-SAP1602E-A-K9 KES         53,800.00
Cisco Aironet 3602 Series Access Point (AIR-CAP3602-A-K9) KES         74,000.00
CISCO Catalyst 2960 WS-C2960G-24TC-L Switch KES       100,000.00
Cisco CISCO2911/K9 Cisco 2900 Series Routers KES       177,000.00
Cisco CISCO881-SEC-K9 881 Advanced IP Services Router KES         37,000.00
Cisco CP 6921 2-Line Office VoIP Phone KES         17,000.00
CISCO GLC-SX-MM= 1000Base-SX SFP Transceiver Module 1 Gbps KES         12,000.00
Cisco IP Phone 8845 – IP video phone – digital camera KES         35,000.00
Cisco ISR4321/K9 4321 Integrated Service Router KES       125,000.00
Cisco ISR4331/K9 4331 Integrated Services Router KES       180,000.00
Cisco SF100-16 SWITCH 16 PORT KES           9,000.00
Cisco SF100-24 24-Port Unmanaged Fast Ethernet Switch, 100 Series KES         13,000.00
Cisco SF100-24 SF100 24 Port 10 100 Switch Small Business KES         10,500.00
Cisco SF100D-08 8-Port Desktop 10/100 Switch KES           4,500.00
Cisco SF200-24P Smart Switch: 24 10/100 Ports, 12 of 24 PoE Ports, 2 Combo Mini-GBIC Ports KES         42,000.00
Cisco SF200-48 48-Port 10/100 Ethernet Smart Switch-Non POE KES         39,000.00
Cisco SF200-48P Smart Switch: 48 10/100 Ports, PoE, 2 Combo Mini-GBIC Ports KES         60,000.00
Cisco SF300-24 Managed 24-Port 10/100 Ethernet Switch KES         30,000.00
Cisco SF300-48P 48-Port 10/100 PoE Managed Switch KES       119,000.00
Cisco SFP GLC-LH-SM-C Mini-GBIC Transceiver Module KES         12,000.00
Cisco SG 300-10P 10-Port Gigabit PoE Managed Switch KES         53,000.00
Cisco SG102-24 Compact 24-Port Gigabit Switch KES         35,000.00
Cisco SG200-26 Gigabit Ethernet Smart Switch with 24 10/100/1000 Ports KES         59,000.00
Cisco SG200-26P 26-Port 10/100/1000 Gigabit PoE Smart Switch KES         63,000.00
Cisco SG300-28 28-Port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Managed Switch KES         80,000.00
Cisco SG300-28P 28-port Gigabit PoE Managed Switch KES         79,000.00
Cisco SG300-28P 28-port Gigabit PoE Managed Switch KES         80,000.00
Cisco Sg300-28P Gigabit Poe Managed Switch KES       188,000.00
Cisco Small Business  SG100-24 24-Port Gigabit Switch KES         33,500.00
Cisco Small Business SF100D-08 – switch – 8 ports – unmanaged KES           5,000.00
CISCO SYSTEMS SF100D-05 5 Ports 10/100 Desktop Switch KES           4,000.00
Cisco WAP131 Wireless-N Dual Band Access Point KES         23,000.00
Cisco Wireless-N Access Point Power Over Ethernet WAP121 KES         15,000.00
CISCO2921/K9 Cisco 2921 Integrated Services Router KES       200,000.00
CO2 Fire Extinguisher 9 Litres KES           7,500.00
Color screen Wireless office Phone   FIP11WP KES         13,000.00
Colour Video Door Phone KES         10,000.00
Commercial Door Closer for Access Control KES           4,500.00
Computer Accessories | Laptop Accessories | Peripherals Accessories
Computer Power Adapter Cord KES               200.00
Creative A50 USB Speakers KES           1,800.00
Creative A550 Speakers KES           6,999.00
Creative HS150 Headset KES           1,500.00
Creative HS300 Headset KES           1,800.00
Creative Speakers A120 2.1 KES           2,800.00
CRM-P Ubiquiti CRM Point Central Managment Airmax KES         13,000.00
CRS106-1C-5S Mikrotik Smart Switch, 5x SFP cages, 1x Combo port (SFP or Gigabit Ethernet) KES           8,500.00
CRS125-24G-1S-IN Mikrotik 24x Gigabit Ethernet layer 3 Smart Switch 1x SFP Port KES         23,000.00
CRS317-1G-16S+RM Mikrotik Smart Switch 1 x Gigabit LAN 16 x SFP+ Ports KES         48,000.00
CRS326-24G-2S+RM Mikrotik 24 Gigabit port switch with 2 x SFP+ Ports KES         23,000.00
D9L63A HP OFFICEJET PRO 8210  Printer KES         16,000.00
dahua 16 channel nvr KES         26,000.00
Dahua Access Cotrol DHI-ASI 1212A (V2)  Fingerprint Standalone KES         18,000.00
Dahua Cameras Bullet/Dome HD Mini KES           1,800.00
Dahua DHI-ASA1222E Biometric Standalone Time Attendance Recorder KES         10,000.00
Dahua DH-NVR608-128-4K 128 Channel network video recorder KES       180,000.00
Dahua EZ-IP IPC-D2B40 Mini-Dome IP Camera 4MP KES           8,500.00
Dahua NVR (4232-8p) KES         57,000.00
Dahua NVR (NVR3104-P) KES         26,000.00
Dahua NVR (NVR3108-P) KES         29,000.00
Dahua NVR (NVR3204) KES         37,000.00
Dahua NVR (NVR4204) KES         22,500.00
Dahua NVR (NVR4208-8P) KES         29,000.00
Dahua NVR (NVR4216-8P) KES         33,000.00
Dahua Switch (DH-PFS3110-8P-96) POE KES         11,900.00
Dahua Switch (PFS3005-4P-58) KES           6,500.00
Dahua Switch (PFS3106-4P-60) KES           8,000.00
Dahua Switch (PFS4220-16P-250) 16 Ports POE KES         29,000.00
Dahua Switch PFS3106-4P-60 POE switch KES           7,500.00
Dahua UTP CAT6 Cable 305m  PFM920I-6UN-C/U KES         12,000.00
DAP-3310 PoE Outdoor Access Point with PoE Pass Through KES         13,500.00
Dashboard Car Camera KES           9,000.00
Datacard SD360  Automatic  Dual Sided ID Card Printer KES       165,000.00
Datalogic Magellan 3200VSI  1D/2D  USB  Cable Barcode Reader KES         36,000.00
Datalogic Magellan 800i Kit – USB HID Scanner 1D Scanning KES         25,000.00
Datalogic Memor X3 Mobile Hand Held POS Computer
Datalogic QuickScan Lite QW2120 Barcode Scanner KES           8,500.00
Datalogic QuickScan Lite QW2420
Datalogic Skorpio X4 Mobile Skorpio Hand Held Computer
Datalogic TD1100 Handheld Barcode Scanner KES           8,000.00
Dell 19.5V 3.34A Big Pin Original Adapter KES           3,000.00
Dell 19″ Square LCD Monitor Refurbished KES           5,000.00
Dell 19V 4.62A KES           1,500.00
Dell 22″ LCD Monitor Refurbished KES           8,000.00
Dell 3300 laptop Battery KES           3,500.00
Dell 3567 15.6-inch Laptop (7th Gen i5-7200U/4GB/1TB/Windows 10/0GB Graphics) KES         62,000.00
Dell A225 USB Speakers KES           1,200.00
Dell E6400 Laptop Battery KES           3,500.00
Dell Inspiron 1545 – 1525 – 1420 – 1520 – 1526 – 1540 laptop keyboard KES           2,500.00
Dell Inspiron 3467 Intel Core i7-7th Gen 4GB/1TB/2GB/Dos/14″ KES         73,000.00
Dell Inspiron 3542 Intel Corei3 6th Gen 4GB 500GB HDD DVDrw Wifi Webcam HDMI 15.6″ free dos KES         40,000.00
Dell Inspiron 3567 Laptop – Intel Core i3 15.6 Inch, 500GB, 4GB DDR4 RAM KES         43,000.00
Dell INSPIRON 3573 CELERON 4GB 500GB KES         28,000.00
Dell Inspiron 5521 and 3521 Laptop Keyboard KES           2,500.00
DELL Inspiron 5570 15.6 inch Laptop Core i5  4GB RAM 1TB HDD KES         70,000.00
Dell Inspiron 5570 Laptop Intel Core i7 15.6-Inch 1TB HDD 8GB RAM KES         80,000.00
Dell inspiron 6400 – 630m -9400 -E1505 – E1705 Laptop Keyboard KES           2,500.00
Dell Inspiron 7537 15.6 Ichn Screen Intel Core i5  500GB HDD 6GB RAM Windows KES         59,000.00
Dell Inspiron Intel Celeron N3060 4GB 500GB 15.6 inch  DVDrw KES         30,000.00
Dell Intel Core i5-7200U Inspiron 3567 4GB RAM 1TB HDD 2GB AMD Radeon Free DOS KES         62,500.00
Dell Laptop Adapter – 19.5V – 3.34Amps Charger KES           1,500.00
Dell Laptop Adapter / Charger 19V – 1.58 Amps KES           1,500.00
Dell Latitude D500 – D600 – D610 Laptop Battery KES           3,500.00
Dell Latitude E5440 Intel Core i7 4GB/500GB HDD Refurbished KES         38,000.00
Dell Latitude E6410 14.1-inch Intel Core i7 4GB RAM 500GB HDD Laptop (Refurbished) KES         32,000.00
Dell Latitude E6420 Core i7 4GB 500GB  Refurbished KES         32,000.00
Dell Latitude E6510 Intel Core I7 1.73ghz 4gb RAM 128gb SSD Refurbished KES         32,000.00
Dell Optical USB Mouse KES               700.00
Dell Optiplex 3050 Core i5   4GB 500GB DOS Plus 18.5 inch Monitor KES         59,000.00
Dell Optiplex 390 Mini Tower Core i3 3.1GHZ 4GB 500GB windows7 Pro COA KES         29,000.00
Dell Optiplex 755 Tower Core2 Duo 3.0GHZ 2GB 160GB Complete System Refurbished KES         15,700.00
Dell Optiplex 760 Desktop SFF 3.0 GHZ 2GB 80GB windows7 Pro COA KES           7,800.00
DELL Optiplex 780 Desktop Core2 Duo Core 3.0 GHZ 2GB 160GB windows7 Pro COA KES           8,300.00
Dell Optiplex 960 Desktop Core2 Duo Core 3.0 GHZ 2GB 160GB windows7 Pro COA KES           9,600.00
Dell Optiplex Gx 5040 Intel Corei5 6500 (3.3 GHz) Processor, 4GB DDR3 Memory, 500GB SATA HDD KES         68,000.00
Dell PowerEdge R530 Rack Server KES       225,000.00
Dell USB keyboard Refurbished KES               400.00
DGS-1016D/G2 D-LINK DGS-1016D 16-port UTP 10/100/1000Mbps Auto-sensing KES         13,500.00
DGS-1210-52P WebSmart Switch with 48 10/100/1000 Mbps Ports (24 PoE Ports) and 4 SFP Ports KES       114,000.00
Digitek 650VA ( 390W ) Line Interactive UPS with LCD and USB KES           4,500.00
Dlink 16-Port Fast Ethernet Desktop Switch DES1016A KES           3,600.00
Dlink 19 Inch 1U Brush Manager KES           1,500.00
Dlink 24-Port Fast Ethernet Switch DES-1024A KES           4,000.00
Dlink 48 Port Cat6 Unshielded Punch Down Patch Panel – Keystone Type – 2U KES           9,000.00
Dlink 50 port voice patch panel KES           7,000.00
D-Link 8-Port Gigabit Green Ethernet Switch (DGS-1008D) KES           4,000.00
Dlink Cat 5E FTP 24 AWG UV Rated PVC Outdoor Cable-305M Roll – Black Colour KES         18,500.00
Dlink Cat 6 24 AWG UTP Cable 305Metres/Roll NCB-C6UGRYR full Copper KES         12,500.00
Dlink Cat 6 SFTP 23 AWG PVC Solid Cable – 305M Roll KES         27,500.00
Dlink Cat 6A 10G UTP 23 AWG PVC Solid Cable – 305M Roll KES         23,000.00
Dlink Cat 6A 10G UTP 24 AWG PVC Round Patch Cord – 3M KES               600.00
Dlink Cat6 FTP 180 degree Punch Down Keystone Jack- Silver Colour
Dlink Cat6 SFTP 24 AWG PVC Round Patch Cord – 3M KES               650.00
Dlink Cat6 STP 24 AWG PVC Round Patch Cord – 1M – Grey Colour KES               350.00
Dlink Cat6 UTP 24 AWG PVC Round Patch Cord – 3M KES               450.00
Dlink Cat6A 10G UTP 180 degree Tool-less Keystone Jack KES               500.00
D-LINK DAP-1155/A 802.11n Wireless multimode router 802.11b/g/n KES         14,000.00
D-Link DAP-1320 Wireless N300 Range Extender KES           5,000.00
D-Link DAP-1360 – Wireless N Open Source Access Point/Router (DAP-1360) KES           3,900.00
D-Link DAP-2360 Wireless N PoE Access Point KES         13,900.00
D-Link DAP-3410 5 GHz Outdoor Wireless PoE Range Extender KES         13,400.00
Dlink DEM-310GT 1-port SFP LX SM Fiber Transceiver KES           6,000.00
D-Link DEM-311GT 1000BASE-SX Mini-GBIC Gigabit Ethernet Module KES           4,800.00
Dlink DEM-311GT 1-port SFP SX MM Fiber Transceiver KES           6,000.00
Dlink DES-1024D 24-Port Fast Ethernet Unmanaged Desktop Switch KES           5,500.00
D-Link DES-1210-28 24 Port Smart Switch with 2 Gigabit Ports KES         17,000.00
D-LINK DES-1210-28P 24-Port Fast Ethernet PoE Switch KES         36,000.00
Dlink DES-3200-52P 48-port 10/100Base-T PoE + 2 1000Base-T ports + 2 Combo 1000Base-T/SFP ports Managed Switch KES       132,000.00
Dlink DGS-1024D 24 Ports Unmanaged Green Desktop Gigabit Switch KES         15,999.00
D-Link DGS-1100-08P 8 Port Gigabit PoE Smart Switch KES         15,000.00
Dlink DGS-1100-26MPP 24 Ports 10/100/1000Mbps PoE++ Smart Gigabit Switch KES         78,000.00
DLink DGS-1210 16 port Gigabit Switch Managed KES         16,999.00
D-Link DGS-1210-10P 10-Port Web Smart Switch with PoE KES         24,000.00
D-LINK DGS-1210-24 24-port 10 / 100 / 1000 Mbps Smart Switch KES         28,000.00
Dlink DGS-1210-28P 24 Ports 10/100/1000 Gigabit Web Smart Switch KES         40,000.00
DLink DGS-1210-48 48-port Gigabit Switch Managed KES         57,900.00
D-Link DGS-1210-52 52 Port Gigabit Smart Switch KES         56,000.00
D-Link DHP-306AV PowerLine AV Network Adapter (HomePlug) Up to 200Mbps KES           7,500.00
D-Link DHP-W311AV/B Mini AV 500 Wireless-N KES         10,000.00
D-Link DIR-524 Wireless N 150 Router KES           6,700.00
D-Link DIR-605L 300Mbps Wireless-N 4-Port Router Firewall KES           4,000.00
D-Link DMC-300SC Media Converters KES           6,900.00
D-Link DMC-515SC Media Converters (DMC-515SC) KES         27,999.00
D-LINK DMC-700SC 1000Base-T Gigabit Twisted-pair KES         11,500.00
Dlink DMC-F02SC 100Base-TX to 100Base-FX SC Multi-mode Media Converter (2km) KES           5,500.00
Dlink DMC-F15SC 100Base-TX to 100Base-FX SC Single-mode Media Converter (15km) KES           6,000.00
DLINK DPH-150SE SIP IP Phone KES           8,500.00
D-Link DPR-1061 3-Port Multifunction Print Server KES         11,400.00
Dlink Dual Faceplate Shutter & ID Plate- 86*86 mm – White Colour – Square KES               200.00
D-LINK DUB-1040 4-port Pocket USB 2.0 HUB Upstream USB Type A KES           1,000.00
D-Link DWA-123 Wireless N 150 USB Adapter KES           1,500.00
D-link DWA-131 Wireless WiFi N300 Nano USB KES           1,600.00
D-Link DWL-3200AP Wireless Access Point with PoE KES         13,900.00
D-Link DWL-3600AP WLAN access point KES         19,000.00
D-Link DWL-6600AP WLAN access point KES         24,000.00
D-Link DWR-730 HSPA  Mobile 3G Route KES           9,000.00
Dlink LC-LC Multimode (50/125um) OM2 Duplex Patch Cord 1M KES           1,500.00
Dlink LC-LC Single Mode Duplex Patch Cord 1M KES           1,600.00
Dlink LC-SC Multimode (50/125um) OM3 Duplex Patch Cord 1M KES           1,700.00
Dlink LC-SC Single Mode Duplex Fiber Patch Cord 1M KES           1,500.00
Dlink LIU 24 Port Rack Mount Unloaded Fiber Patch Panel- 1U- Fixed Type KES           9,500.00
D-Link Managed Switch DES-3028P KES         75,000.00
Dlink SC Single Mode Duplex Fiber Adapter KES               350.00
Dlink SC-SC Multimode (50/125um) OM2 Duplex Fiber Patch Cord 1M KES           1,500.00
Dlink SC-SC Multimode (50/125um) OM3 Duplex Fiber Patch Cord 1M KES           1,600.00
Dlink Single Faceplate  with Shutter & ID Plate – 86*86 mm – White Colour – Square KES               150.00
D-LINK Transceiver 10/100Base TX / 100Base FX SC 30km DMC-530SC KES         17,000.00
D-Link Wireless N DIR-615 Wireless router – 4-port switch KES         12,000.00
D-LINK Wireless WiFi N 150Mbps PCI Adapter DWA-525 KES           1,800.00
D-Link WL150 MB 3G 4 Port, DWR-512_E KES           6,500.00
Door Access System – c 600lbs, Durable, Door-ZL KES           2,500.00
Door Electric Strike Lock Fail Safe NO Narrow-type Electronic DC 12V Control  KES           4,000.00
Door Magnetic Lock with 500kg Holding Force KES         13,000.00
Door release keyswitch, External Lock Override KES           1,500.00
Double Magnetic Lock KES         14,000.00
DRUID 13 LCD 3 Joule Energizer KES         27,000.00
Druid 15 LCD Electric Fence Energizer 5 Joule KES         33,000.00
Druid 28 LCD security energizer electric fence KES         48,000.00
Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher- 9kg KES           6,000.00
DS-2CD2042WD-I  Hikvision 4MP WDR Mini Bullet Network Camera KES         10,000.00
DS-2CD2642FWD-IZS Hikvision 4MP WDR Varifocal Bullet Network IP Camera KES         23,000.00
DS-2CD2742FWD Hikvision  4MP WDR Dome Network IP Camera with IR KES         23,000.00
DS-2DE4220IW-DE Hikvision 2MP  20X Network IR PTZ Camera KES         40,000.00
DS-2DE5220IW-AE Hikvision 2MP IR PTZ Dome IP Camera KES         52,000.00
DS-7204HGHI-F1 HIKVISION 4 Channel HD 720p DVR KES           6,000.00
DS-7204HQHI-K1 HIKVISION 4 Channel HD DVR 1080P KES           9,500.00
DS-7208HGHI-F1 HikVision High Defination (HD) 720P DVR 8 Channel KES           9,000.00
DS-7216HGHI-F2 HIKVISION Turbo-HD DVR 16 Channel 720P KES         15,800.00
DS-7216HQHI-K1 HIKVISION Turbo-HD DVR 16 Channel 1080p KES         17,000.00
DS-7216HQHI-K2 HIKVISION Turbo-HD DVR 16 Channel 1080p KES         18,000.00
DS-7604NI-E1/4P Hikvision 4 Channels Embedded Plug & Play NVR KES         12,000.00
DS-7608NI-E2/8P Hikvision 8 Channel Embedded Plug & Play NVR KES         16,000.00
DS-7616NI-E2/16P HIKVISION 16CH 16 Channels PoE NVR Network Video Recorder KES         20,000.00
DTP350 80mm Direct Thermal Barcode Printer Sticker Label Printer KES         25,000.00
DVI to VGA Cable KES           1,000.00
DWM 156/3GA USB ADAPTER KES           3,000.00
EaseNet  CAT 5e amp 48 Port  Patch Panels KES           8,000.00
EaseNet  CAT 6 24 Port  Patch Panels KES           6,500.00
EaseNet  CAT 6 48 Port  Patch Panels KES           8,000.00
EaseNet Cable Manager  2U KES           2,000.00
EaseNet Indoor Cat 6 Semi-Copper 305M KES           6,000.00
EB-X41  Epson XGA 3600 Lumens Projector KES         52,500.00
ECH 410 Cash Drawer KES           7,500.00
EIKI PROJECTOR KES         21,000.00
ELECTRIC 72″X 72″ PROJECTOR SCREEN KES         19,000.00
ELECTRIC 84″X 84″ PROJECTOR SCREEN KES         22,000.00
ELECTRIC 96″X 96″ PROJECTOR SCREEN KES         24,000.00
electric fence digital voltmeter KES         17,000.00
Electric Projector 72*72 screen KES         22,000.00
Electric screen 100″ 100″ 4:3 with RF remote KES         29,000.00
Emergency Break Glass Access Control Emergency Door Release Emergency Exit KES           1,400.00
ENET Webcam KES               599.00
EPOS EC301 – Laser Barcode Scanner KES           6,000.00
EPOS TEP220MD Thermal Receipt Printer KES         15,500.00
EP-R8 – Ubiquiti EdgePoint R8 Intelligent WISP Control Point Layer-3 Router KES         60,000.00
EP-S16 – Ubiquiti EdgePoint S16 Intelligent WISP Control Point Layer-2 Switch KES         63,000.00
Epson 12mm Strong Adhesive Labelling Tape, LC-4WBW9 KES           2,500.00
Epson C13T66424A Ink Cartridges T6642 4 colour ink bottles Singlepack 1 x 70ml Cyan KES           1,400.00
Epson C13T66434A – Ink Cartridges T6643 4 colour ink bottles Singlepack 1 x 70ml – Magenta KES           1,400.00
Epson C13T66444A – Ink Cartridges T6644 4 colour ink bottles Singlepack 1 x 70 ml – Yellow KES           1,400.00
Epson C13T67314A – Ink Cartridges T6731 6 colour ink bottles Singlepack 1 x 70 ml – Black KES           2,000.00
Epson C13T67324A Ink Cartridges T6732 6 colour ink bottles Singlepack 1 x 70ml Cyan KES           2,000.00
Epson C13T67334A – Ink Cartridges T6733 6 colour ink bottles Singlepack 1 x 70ml Magenta KES           2,000.00
Epson C13T67344A Ink Cartridges T6734 6 colour ink bottles Singlepack 1 x 70ml Yellow KES           2,000.00
Epson C13T67354A Ink Cartridges T6735 6 colour ink bottles Singlepack 1 x 70ml Light Cyan KES           2,000.00
Epson C13T67364A Ink Cartridges T6736 6 colour ink bottles Singlepack 1 x 70ml Light Magenta KES           2,000.00
Epson DLQ-3500 Printer KES       163,000.00
Epson EB-1460Ui Ultra-Short Throw Wireless Interactive WUXGA 3LCD Projector KES       500,000.00
Epson EB-1781W Projector KES       118,000.00
Epson EB-1785W Wireless WXGA 3LCD Projector KES       220,000.00
Epson EB-2250U Full HD business projector 5,000 lumens KES       282,000.00
Epson EB-955W KES         52,000.00
Epson EB-S05 3200 Lumens Projector KES         38,000.00
Epson EB-S18 Projector KES         43,000.00
Epson EB-S41 SVGA 3300 lumens Projector KES         43,000.00
Epson EB-X05 3300 lumens XGA projector KES         51,000.00
Epson EcoTank L3060 3-in-1 Ink Tank System Printer KES         26,500.00
EPSON INKJET PRINTER L386 Printer KES         24,500.00
Epson L1300 L Series Ink Tank Printers A3 Ink Tank Printer KES         55,000.00
Epson L1455 A3 Wi-Fi Duplex All-in-One Ink Tank Printer KES       125,000.00
Epson L210 Printer KES         20,500.00
Epson L382 – InkJet Color Printer & Scanner KES         17,500.00
Epson L486 All in one printer KES         34,000.00
Epson L565 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Printer KES         40,000.00
Epson L605 Wi-Fi Duplex All-in-One Ink Tank Printer
Epson L805 Colour Inkjet Printer, Wifi Connectivity, Black KES         35,000.00
Epson L850 Multifunctional All in One Printer KES         44,000.00
Epson Label Works LW-300 Label Printer KES           6,500.00
Epson LabelWorks LW-300 Label Printer KES           6,500.00
Epson LabelWorks LW-400 Label Printer KES           8,500.00
Epson LabelWorks LW-400VP (with Carry-Case & Protective Cover) Thermal Label Printer KES           9,000.00
Epson LQ-2190 Dot Matrix Printer KES         77,000.00
Epson LQ-690 Dot Matrix Printer KES         47,000.00
Epson LX-350 Impact Dot Matrix Printer KES         20,000.00
Epson PLQ-22 Printer KES         71,500.00
EPSON SIDM BLACK RIBBON CARTRIDGE FOR DFX-9000 (C13S015384BA) KES           4,000.00
Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3720 All-in-One Printer KES         36,000.00
ER-8 – Ubiquiti EdgeMAX 8-Port Gigabit EdgeRouter (rack mount) KES         41,500.00
ERPro-8 – Ubiquiti EdgeMAX 8-Port Gigabit EdgeRouter Pro (fiber-enabled, rack mount) KES         45,000.00
ER-X Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X, 5-Port, single Passive PoE KES           7,500.00
ER-X-SFP – Ubiquiti EdgeMAX 5-Port Gigabit EdgeRouter X 5W SFP KES         10,500.00
ES-16-150W – Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 16-Port PoE Switch 150W KES         40,000.00
ES-24-250W – Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 24-Port PoE Switch 250W KES         56,000.00
ES-24-LITE – Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 24-Port Lite Gigabit Switch 25W KES         29,000.00
ES-48-500W – Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 48-Port PoE Switch 500W
ES-48-LITE – Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 48-Port Lite Gigabit Switch 56W KES         51,000.00
ESET Internet Security 1 User KES           1,900.00
ETS 6588 GSM Fixed Wireless Phone with SIM Card Slot KES           4,000.00
EX30 Expansion E1 Module KES         80,000.00
EX-UK Keyboard KES               650.00
Fans For Wall Mount Cabinets 4U-12U KES           1,500.00
Fanvil C01 Call Center IP Phone KES           6,000.00
Fanvil C400 Gigabit VoIP Phone KES         25,000.00
Fanvil C600 Enterprise Smart Video IP Phone KES         27,000.00
Fanvil X3P VoIP Phone  2 SIP Lines PoE KES           6,500.00
Fanvil X4 4 Line Enterprise Multi Color Screens Phone KES           8,000.00
Fanvil X5 ­ Executive ​Desk Phone KES         13,500.00
FCP3-RACK- Siemon Fiber Connect Panel, Fixed Tray Black, 1RMS KES         13,500.00
Fiber  Optic LC Adapters KES               300.00
Fiber optic Enclosure (Indoor) KES           4,000.00
Fiber optic Enclosure (Outdoor) KES           6,000.00
Fiber Optic LC Connectors KES               500.00
Fiber optic SC Adapters KES               200.00
Fiber Optic SC connector KES               300.00
Fiber Patch Cord – MM Lc-Lc 3 Metres KES           1,800.00
Fiber Tray 24 port with LC Adapter-Duplex KES         11,000.00
Fibre cable Outdoor 12 Core Multi mode per metre KES               148.00
Fibre cable Outdoor 12 Core Single mode per metre KES               129.00
Fibre cable Outdoor 4 Core Singlemode SM Per Metre KES                 89.00
Fibre cable Outdoor 8 Core Multimode MM Per Metre KES               120.00
Fibre cable Outdoor 8 Core Singlemode SM Per Metre KES               120.00
FIBRE PATCH CODE MM Lc-Lc 3mtr KES           1,500.00
FIBRE PATCH CODE MM SC-LC 3M KES           1,500.00
FIBRE PATCH CODE MM SC-SC 1M KES           1,000.00
FIBRE PATCH CODE MM SC-SC 5M KES           2,800.00
Fibre Patch Cord, MM Lc-Lc 1 Metre KES           1,200.00
FIBRE SM SC-SC 10M KES           2,100.00
FIBRE SM SC-SC 20M KES           3,200.00
FIBRE SM SC-SC 30M KES           3,000.00
fire alarm bell with strobe light for Alarm Sound System KES           4,000.00
Fire Blanket 1.8m x 1.8m KES           3,500.00
Fire Panel KES         24,000.00
Fire Resistance Cable KES         10,500.00
Fire Sign KES               550.00
Firewire 4pin to 4pin Cable KES               450.00
Firewire 9 pin to 9 pin Cable KES           1,200.00
Fixed Panic Buttons alarm KES               500.00
FJ2-LCSC5L-01AH FIBER JUMPER, DUPLEX, XGLO, MM, LC/SC, OM3, 50/125, A QUA JKT, LSOH, 1 KES           4,500.00
Flattrap razor Wire 12m KES           5,000.00
Flyingvoice VoIP Gateway, VoIP Wireless IP PBX KES         45,000.00
Foam Fire Extinguisher
FR1300 Fingerprint Reader Exit Reader For F18, F2 And F22 Access Control System RS485 KES         16,000.00
FR1300 Slave Reader KES         11,000.00
Fused 3 Pin Flower Power Cable KES               250.00
Fused Power Cable KES               250.00
FV350 – Multi-Biometric Finger Vein and Fingerprint Access Control KES         43,000.00
Garrett  – Hand Held Metal Detector KES           3,800.00
Garrett Super Wand Hand Held Metal Detector KES           7,500.00
Gate barrier
GENERAL 05 BULB / LOT- LED Energy Saving Bulb -Day Light – Pin Type KES               400.00
Generic Display To VGA Converter KES           1,200.00
Generic Flexible Computer USB Wired Keyboard KES           1,200.00
Generic Fridge -Guard-Voltage Stabilizer- White KES           2,500.00
Generic USB 3.0 to Ethernet Adapter KES           1,800.00
Giagnet GN-FDWR-BLNK 24-port Fiber Optic Sliding Drawer (Blank) KES           6,000.00
Gigalite Gigabit 24 port  Web smart Switch with 4 SFP KES         22,000.00
Giganet 1U & 2U Rack Management System Cable Manager
Giganet 50 Port 1U Voice Panel
Giganet CAT6A Shielded RJ45 10G Keystone Jack, Tool-less, Die-Cast KES               700.00
Giganet Category 6 FTP Outdoor Cable Cat 6 KES         16,500.00
Giganet Category 6 UTP Cable KES         12,500.00
Giganet Category 6 UTP Modules KES               300.00
Giganet Category 6 UTP Outdoor Cable KES         14,000.00
Giganet Category 6 UTP Panel 24 Ports KES           6,000.00
Giganet Category 6 UTP Patch Cords
Giganet Category 7A S/FTP Cable
GIGANET Duplex Patchcord LC-LC Multimode 10 Metre KES           3,000.00
Giganet Faceplates Overview and Keystone Faceplates
Giganet GN-10G-FTP-PP24 24-Port Unshielded keystone Patch Panel, 19-inch, 1U, Rackount, Horizontal Punch KES           5,000.00
Giganet GN-C6-FP-02 2Port Shuttered Faceplate Complete KES               250.00
Giganet GN-C6-PP-48 Category 6 UTP 19” 48 Port Patch Panel KES         10,000.00
giganet patch panel 24 ports KES           7,999.00
Giganet Pre-Terminated Category 6A Trunking Assemblies
Giganet Shielded Category 6A Blank Patch Panel
Giganet Shielded Category 6A Die Cast Keystone Jack
Giganet Shielded Category 6A Foiled Twisted-Pair Cable KES         16,500.00
Giganet Shielded Category 6A Patch Cords 3m
Gigaset A220A X3 Cordless Telephone KES         18,000.00
GIGASET A490 TRIO Cordless Phone KES         15,000.00
Glitel GSM Router 3g811n KES           6,500.00
Grandstream DP760 Long-Range Wideband DECT Repeater KES         14,000.00
Grandstream Enterprise IP Phone GS-GXP 2140 (4.3 Inch Color Display POE) KES         15,000.00
Grandstream Enterprise IP Telephone GXP2130 (2.8 Inch LCD Screen, POE) KES         12,000.00
Grandstream GS-GXP1630 High-End IP Phone for Small Business Users VoIP Phone and Device KES           9,500.00
Grandstream GS-GXP1760 Mid-Range IP Phone with 6 Lines VoIP Phone KES         11,000.00
Grandstream GS-GXP1760W Wireless HD IP Phone Integrated with Wi-Fi 4.6″ KES         12,500.00
Grandstream GS-GXP2135 Enterprise IP Phone with Gigabit Speed 8 Lines KES         11,000.00
Grandstream GS-GXP2160 High End IP VoIP Phone KES         17,000.00
Grandstream GXP 2170 High End IP Phone KES         17,000.00
Grandstream GXP1610 Basic IP Phone with 1 SIP Account KES           5,000.00
Grandstream GXP1615 Basic IP Phone with 1 SIP Account KES           6,000.00
Grandstream GXP1625 Basic IP phone with 2 SIP Accounts KES           7,000.00
Grandstream GXP1628 Small to Medium Business HD IP Phone KES           8,500.00
Grandstream GXP1780 Mid-Range IP Phone with 4 SIP Accounts KES         10,500.00
Grandstream GXP1782 Mid-Range IP Phone with 4 SIP Accounts KES         12,000.00
Grandstream GXV3275 Multimedia Video IP Phone for Android (7 Inch Color Display, Bluetooth, Camera PoE) KES         30,000.00
Grandstream GXV3370 16-line IP Video Phone with Android 7.x KES         38,000.00
Grandstream GXW400x series FXS Gateway KES           6,000.00
Grandstream Networks GXP2200EXT Expansion Module KES         14,000.00
Grandstream Networks GXV3240 IP Video Phone for Android KES         25,000.00
GSM Control Panel KES         14,000.00
GSM Huawei 6188 sim card desktop phone/gsm landline phone KES           5,000.00
G-Tab Q55 Kids Educational Tablet – 7″ With Longhorn study content KES           7,800.00
H340 USB Computer Headset  With digital audio KES           3,500.00
H540 USB Computer Headset KES           5,000.00
H5M90AA HP Business Laptop Backpack KES           2,500.00
H600 WIRELESS HEADSET KES           8,000.00
H800 Bluetooth WIRELESS HEADSET KES         15,000.00
hammer 4 zone energizer KES       120,000.00
HAMMER 630 4 Joule Energizer with Battery KES         14,500.00
HAMMER 640 5 Joule Energizer KES         20,000.00
HAMMER 680 8 Joule Energizer with Battery KES         39,000.00
Handboss Universal Foam Cleaning Agent KES               400.00
Handheld 2D imager scanner YJ-HH360-R-2USB KES           7,000.00
HD Button Camera KES           7,000.00
HD Wireless 4 CCTV Cameras Kit  IP Surveillance KES         50,000.00
HDMI Cables 1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M |15M| 20M
HDMI Cables 1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M |15M| 20M – 1.5 Meter KES               500.00
HDMI Cables 1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M |15M| 20M – 10 Metre KES           2,500.00
HDMI Cables 1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M |15M| 20M – 15 Metre KES           3,500.00
HDMI Cables 1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M |15M| 20M – 20 Metre KES           4,000.00
HDMI Cables 1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M |15M| 20M – 3 Metre KES           1,000.00
HDMI Cables 1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M |15M| 20M – 5 Metres KES           1,800.00
HDMI Extender over Cat5e/CAT6 up to 120M Meters KES         10,000.00
HDMI Extender Over Single Cat5/Cat6 Ethernet Cable Up to 60M/196ft KES           6,000.00
HDMI Over Ethernet KES           5,500.00
HDMI Splitter 1 in 8 out 1×8 / 8 Port  Eight Ouputs Distribution Repeater  Full HD 1080P KES           6,000.00
HDMI Splitter 1×2 Ports 2 Port 1080P KES           2,500.00
Hdmi Switch 3 Port KES           2,000.00
HDMI to 3RCA converter KES           2,500.00
HDMI to HDMI Cable 15Mtrs KES           2,800.00
HDMI to HDMI Cable 20Mtrs KES           3,500.00
HDMI to Mini HDMI Cable 1.8Mtrs KES               800.00
HDMI to VGA Cable KES           1,200.00
HDMI to VGA Male Converter With Audio Cable KES           1,200.00
HDMI-HDMI 1.5M Cable Hi Definition Multimedia Interface KES               300.00
Heavy Duty Door magnet KES               800.00
HID OMNIKEY 3121 USB Card Reader KES         11,500.00
High Speed HDMI Flat Cable Male-Male 10m KES           1,500.00
High Tensile GALVANIZED HT WIRE 1.6mm 1200m KES           6,500.00
High Tensile GALVANIZED HT WIRE 2.5mm 800m KES           9,500.00
Hikvision   DS-2DE5225IW-AE 2MP 25X Network IR PTZ IP Camera KES         43,000.00
Hikvision  DS-2CE56COT-IT3  HD720P INDOOR EXIR TURRET CAMERA KES           3,400.00
Hikvision  NVR DS-96256NI-I16 256 Channels Up to 12MP KES       350,000.00
HIKVISION 4 Channel HD DVR CCTV Surveillance Camera White – Plastic cover-DS-7104HGHI-F1 KES           6,500.00
Hikvision 4MP DS-2CD2142FWD-I HD WDR IP Network Dome 2.8mm Lens KES         12,999.00
HikVision 720P 40M IR HD Bullet Camera DS-2CE16COT-IT3 KES           4,000.00
Hikvision 8 channel Turbo HD DVR White Cover 720P-DS-7108GHGI-F1 KES           8,000.00
Hikvision Analog video doorphone set DS-KIS202 KES         13,000.00
Hikvision DS-1006KI Keyboard 128 x 64 screen  4-axis joystick KES         25,000.00
Hikvision DS-1200KI Network Keyboard Controller with Joystick KES         30,000.00
Hikvision DS-1602ZJ Wall Mount Bracket KES           2,500.00
Hikvision DS-2AE4123TI-D HD1080P Turbo IR PTZ Dome Camera KES         24,000.00
HIKVISION DS-2AE4223TI-D HD 1080P Turbo IR PTZ Dome Camera KES         30,000.00
Hikvision DS-2CD2020-I 2MP IR Bullet Network IP Camera KES           8,000.00
Hikvision DS-2CD2022WD-I 2MP ICR Infrared Network Bullet IP Camera KES           8,000.00
Hikvision DS-2CD2023G0-I 2MP IR Fixed Bullet Network IP Camera KES           8,500.00
Hikvision DS-2CD2043G0-I 4MP IR Fixed Bullet Network Camera KES         12,500.00
Hikvision DS-2CD2063G0-I 6MP IR Fixed Bullet Network Camera KES         11,000.00
Hikvision DS-2CD2083G0-I 8MP(4K) IR Fixed Bullet Network IP Camera KES         15,000.00
Hikvision DS-2CD2120F-I(W)(S) 2MP Fixed Dome Network IP Camera KES           7,500.00
Hikvision DS-2CD2122FWD-I 2MP WDR Fixed Dome Network Camera KES           8,000.00
Hikvision DS-2CD2123G0-I(S) 2MP IR Fixed Dome Network IP Camera KES           8,500.00
Hikvision DS-2CD2143G0-I(S) 4MP IR Fixed Dome Network IP Camera KES         10,500.00
Hikvision DS-2CD2163G0-I(S) 6MP IR Fixed Dome Network Camera KES         11,000.00
Hikvision DS-2CD2183G0-I(S) 8MP (4K) IR Fixed Dome Network IP Camera KES         15,000.00
Hikvision DS-2CD2442FWD-IW 4MP Wi-Fi Network Cube Camera with Night Vision & 2.8mm Lens KES         13,000.00
Hikvision DS-2CD2620F-I (2.8-12mm) 2MP VF IR Bullet IP Camera KES         20,000.00
HIKVISION DS-2CD2720F-I (2.8-12MM) 2MP Varifocal IR DOME CAMERA KES         15,000.00
Hikvision DS-2CD2942F-(I)     4MP Compact Fisheye Network Camera KES         37,000.00
Hikvision DS-2CD2T42WD-I5 4MP EXIR Bullet Network ip Camera KES         13,000.00
Hikvision DS-2CD2T43G0-I5/I8 4MP IR Fixed Bullet Network IP Camera KES         14,000.00
Hikvision DS-2CD2T63G0-I5/I8 6MP IR Fixed Bullet Network Camera KES         14,000.00
Hikvision DS-2CD2T83G0-I5/I8 8MP(4K) IR Fixed Bullet Network IP Camera KES         17,500.00
Hikvision DS-2CD6332FWD-I(V)(S) 3MP WDR Fish-eye Network Camera KES         28,000.00
Hikvision DS-2CE11D0T-PIRL 2MP PIR Bullet Camera KES           3,500.00
Hikvision DS-2CE12D0T-PIRL 2MP PIR Bullet Camera KES           3,500.00
Hikvision DS-2CE16C0T-IR  HD 720P IR Bullet Camera KES           2,000.00
HIKVISION DS-2CE16C0T-IT5-HD720P EXIR Bullet Camera KES           4,300.00
Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-IR HD 1080P IR Bullet Camera KES           3,500.00
Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-IT5 HD 1080P EXIR Bullet Camera KES           5,500.00
HIKVISION DS-2CE16D0T-VFIR3F HD Varifocal IR Bullet Camera KES           6,000.00
Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-WL3 HD 1080p White Supplement Light Bullet Camera KES           6,500.00
Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-WL5HD 1080p White Supplement Light Bullet Camera KES           7,000.00
Hikvision DS-2CE56C2T-VFIR3 Turbo HD720P CCTV Camera Dome KES           5,800.00
Hikvision DS-2CE56COT-IR HD 720P Indoor IR Turret Camera KES           2,000.00
Hikvision DS-2CE56D0T-IR HD 1080P Indoor IR Turret Camera KES           3,500.00
Hikvision DS-2DE4225W-DE 2MP 25X Network PTZ IP Camera KES         35,000.00
Hikvision DS-2DE4425IW-DE 4MP 25x Network IR PTZ Camera KES         40,000.00
Hikvision DS-2DE5120IW-AE 1.3MP 20X NETWORK IR PTZ DOME IP CAMERA KES         40,000.00
Hikvision DS-2DE5425IW-AE 4MP 25X Network IR PTZ iP Camera KES         70,000.00
HIKVISION DS-332HQHI-K4 32 ChannelsTurbo HD DVR KES         59,000.00
Hikvision DS-3E0105P-E 4 ports 100Mbps Unmanaged PoE Switch KES           6,500.00
Hikvision DS-3E0109P-E 8 ports 100Mbps Unmanaged PoE Switch KES         11,500.00
Hikvision DS-3E0318P-E 16 ports 100Mbps Unmanaged PoE Switch KES         23,000.00
Hikvision DS-3E0326P-E 24 ports 100Mbps Unmanaged PoE Switch KES         32,000.00
Hikvision DS-7224HQHI-K2 24 channel Turbo HD DVR KES         35,000.00
Hikvision DS-7232HQHI-K2 32 Channels Turbo HD DVR KES         48,000.00
Hikvision DS-7324HQHI-K4 24 Channels Turbo HD DVR KES         49,000.00
Hikvision DS-7604NI-K1/4P 4 Channels Embedded Plug & Play 4K NVR KES         13,500.00
Hikvision DS-7608NI-K1-8P 8 channel POE NVR recorder KES         20,000.00
Hikvision DS-7616NI-K2/16P 16 Channels Embedded Plug & Play 4K NVR KES         25,000.00
Hikvision DS-7716NI-K4/16P 16 Channels Embedded Plug & Play 4K NVR KES         36,000.00
Hikvision DS-7732NI-E4/16P network video recorder with 32 channels KES         55,000.00
Hikvision DS-7732NI-K4 32 Channels Embedded 4K NVR KES         52,000.00
Hikvision DS-96128NI-I16 128 Channels Super 4K NVR KES       255,000.00
Hikvision DS-9664NI-I16 64 Channels Embedded 4K NVR KES       195,000.00
Hikvision DS-K1102M/MK  Card Reader KES           8,000.00
Hikvision DS-K1F100-D8E – SMART card reader – USB 2.0 KES         16,000.00
Hikvision DS-K1T501SF  Video Access Control Terminal
Hikvision DS-K1T606 Face Recognition Terminal KES         55,000.00
Hikvision DS-K1T804MF-1 fingerprint access control terminal KES         11,000.00
Hikvision DS-K2600 Series Network Access Controller KES         25,000.00
HIKVISION DS-KAD606-N (DS-KAD606-P) for IP Video Intercom KES           6,000.00
Hikvision DS-KAW50-1Power supply for door station KES           6,000.00
Hikvision DS-KB2421-IM Video Intercom Water Proof Door Station KES           8,000.00
Hikvision DS-KD3002-VM Video Intercom Water Proof Metal Door Station KES         30,000.00
Hikvision DS-KD8102-V Door Station KES         26,000.00
Hikvision DS-KD8102-v Video Intercom D Series Water Proof Door Station KES         25,000.00
Hikvision DS-KH2220 Video Intercom Indoor Station KES           8,500.00
Hikvision DS-KH6210-L Video Intercom Indoor Station with 7-inch Touch Screen KES         12,000.00
Hikvision DS-KH6310-W Video Intercom Indoor Station with 7-inch Touch Screen KES         14,000.00
Hikvision DS-KH6310-WVideo Intercom Indoor Station with 7-inch Touch Screen KES         13,000.00
Hikvision DS-KH8301-WTVideo Intercom Indoor Station with 7-inch Touch Screen KES         18,000.00
Hikvision Embedded 4K NVR DS-9664NI-I8 64 Channels Network Video Recorder Up to 12 Mp KES       120,000.00
Hikvision IP DS-2DE4120IW-DE 1.3 MP 20X Network IR PTZ IP Camera KES         38,000.00
HIKVISION NVR DS-7716NI-E4/16P 16 channels Network Video Recorder NVR KES         35,000.00
HIKVISION Turbo-HD DVR 16 Channel 720P White-DS-7116HGHI-F1 KES         13,000.00
HIKVISION Video Access Control – DS-KV8102-IM Video Door Station KES         26,000.00
HIKVISION Video Access Control – DS-KV8402-IM Metal Villa Video Door Station KES         17,000.00
Hikvision Video intercom management unit-DS-KM8301 Indoor monitor KES         68,000.00
Hikvsion DS-2CD2122FWD-I(W)(S) 2MP WDR Fixed Dome Network IP Camera KES           8,000.00
Hisense 32 Inch Smart + Digital Tv KES         25,000.00
Hisense 32M2165 32 Inch Digital LED TV KES         20,000.00
Hisense 40 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV
Hisense 43 Inch 43N3000 Digital Smart Full HD LED TV KES         54,000.00
Hisense 43K300 43Inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV KES         51,000.00
Hisense 50 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV KES         59,000.00
Hisense 50 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with built-in WIFI KES         58,000.00
Hisense 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with built-in WIFI KES         68,000.00
Hisense 55K3300 55 Inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV KES         74,000.00
HISENSE 55N3000 55-inch 4k Ultra HD Smart LED TV built-in WIFI KES         65,000.00
Hisense 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD  UHD Smart LED TV KES       125,000.00
Hisense HD Ready LED Display Digital Television (32MT2160HTS) – Black, 32 Inch TV KES         21,500.00
HISENSE TV Prices in Kenya (2019)
Honeywell 1250G-2USB-1 Barcode Scanners KES           8,500.00
Honeywell 1400G2D-2USB-1 Barcode Scanners KES         15,500.00
Honeywell 7980G-2USBX-0 Barcode Scanners KES         35,000.00
Honeywell Xenon 1900 Bar code Scanners KES         16,000.00
Hotel Lock System KES         16,000.00
HP – 250 G6 Celeron N3350 4GB RAM 500GB HDD W10h 15.6 inch Notebook KES         34,000.00
Hp  x360 Spectre Intel Corei7 16GB DDR4 512GB SSD 13 inch KES       130,000.00
Hp 1100 Printer Cable 1.5Mtrs KES               700.00
Hp 15 15-bs085nia Corei7-7200 8GB RAM DOS 15.6 Inch 1TB 1000GB KES         72,000.00
HP 15 BS042NIA – 15.6″ – Intel Celeron N3060 – 500GB – 4GB – DOS – Jet Black. KES         32,500.00
Hp 15 Core i5 7200U 2.50GHz 4GB RAM 500GB HDD KES         54,000.00
Hp 15 Intel Corei3-5200U-2.0GHz 4GB 500GB Free dos 15.6 Inch KES         39,000.00
HP 15-bs020WM 15.6″ Touch Laptop (Dual Core, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Windows 10) KES         36,500.00
HP 15-bs061nia Intel Core i3 4GB/1TB/Dos/15.6 KES         45,000.00
HP 15-bs072nia i5-7200 4GB/1TB/2GB/DOS/15.6″/2GB GRAPHICS KES         58,000.00
HP 15-bs085nia i7-7500 – 8GB RAM – 1TB HDD – 2GB Graphics card – DOS – 15.6″ – Silver KES         72,000.00
HP 15-RA003NIA Intel Celeron N3060 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD KES         28,000.00
Hp 16GB  Flash disk drive KES           1,600.00
Hp 17 Inch Square LCD Monitor Refurbished KES           5,000.00
HP 18.5V 3.5 A Big Pin Original Adapter KES           3,000.00
Hp 18V 3.5A Big pin KES           1,500.00
Hp 18V 3.5A Smallpin KES           1,500.00
HP 19.5V 2.05A 40W AC Adapter Charger KES           1,500.00
HP 19.5V 3.33 A Big Pin Original Adapter KES           3,000.00
Hp 19.5V 4.62A Charger Laptop Adapter 90W KES           2,500.00
Hp 19″ Wide LCD Monitor Refurbished KES           7,500.00
Hp 19V 1.58A KES           1,500.00
Hp 19V 3.33A Blue pin KES           1,500.00
HP 19V 4.74A Charger Big Pin Adapter KES           1,500.00
HP 2130 Deskjet Ink Advantage  All-In-One Printer Multi-function Printer KES           4,400.00
HP 250 –  UMA Celeron 3350 250 G6 / 15.6 HD SVA AG / 4GB 1D 1600 / 500GB 5400 / DOS2.0 / DVD-Writer KES         29,500.00
HP 250  UMA i3-7020U 250 G6 / 15.6 HD SVA AG / 4GB 1D DDR4 / 500GB 5400 / DOS2.0 KES         39,000.00
HP 250 – UMA i5-7200U 250 G6  15.6inch 4GB  1TB 5400 DOS2.0 KES         54,000.00
HP 250 G5 – 15.6″ – Intel Celeron – 500GB HDD – 4GB RAM – DOS- Black KES         30,000.00
HP 250 G6 – 15.6″ – Intel Core i3 – 500GB HDD – 4GB RAM – DOS KES         40,000.00
HP 250 G6 Notebook Intel Celeron N3060 4GB RAM 500GB HDD KES         32,000.00
HP 27 inch 27es IPS LED Full HD ( 1080P ) Ultrafast Monitor – HDMI – VGA
HP 280 G2 Microtower – Intel Core i7, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 18.5” TFT KES         72,000.00
HP 290 G1 – 18.5″ – Intel Duo Core – 500GB HDD – 4GB RAM – Free DOS – Black KES         42,000.00
HP 290 G1 MT Desktop Core i3/ 4GB/ 500GB HDD/18.5″ Monitor KES         52,000.00
HP 290 G2 CORE i3 4GB/500GB/DOS WITH 18.5 KES         51,000.00
Hp 290 G2 Microtower Desktop Intel Core i5 4GB RAM 500GB HDD with 18.5 Inch Screen KES         64,000.00
HP 290 MT Intel dual core 4GB, 500GB,18.5 inch Monitor Desktop KES         46,000.00
Hp 32GB  Flash disk drive KES           2,000.00
HP 4431 – 4330 – 4530 – 4535 – Laptop Battery KES           3,500.00
HP 4675 DeskJet Ink Advantage All-in-One Inkjet Printer KES         11,000.00
HP 530 Laptop Keyboard KES           2,500.00
Hp 6000 Pro 3.0 GHZ 2GB 160GB windows7 Pro COA KES           9,400.00
Hp 6005 Pro DUO CORE 3.0GHZ 4GB 250GB windows7 Pro COA KES           9,800.00
HP 620 – 625- 4320s – 4520s Laptop Battery KES           3,500.00
HP 6930p – 8440p -6735b Laptop Battery KES           3,500.00
HP 8000 Elite 2.8GHz, 4GB, 250GB, Small Form Factor Computer, plus 17 Inch TFT  Refurbished  Computers KES         18,500.00
Hp 8GB Flash disk drive KES               900.00
HP Big Pin Laptop Adapter Charger 18.5V 3.5A KES           1,500.00
Hp Charger 19.5V 2.31A Laptop Adapter KES           2,500.00
HP Color Laser Jet Pro MFP M181fw Multi function printer KES         39,000.00
HP Color LaserJet Pro M252n Printer (B4A21A) KES         24,000.00
HP Color LaserJet Pro M281fdn Multi-function Printer KES         44,000.00
HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M176n Multifunction Colour Printer KES         30,000.00
HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M180n Multifunction Printer KES         35,000.00
HP Compaq 6720s – 6730s- 6735s – 550 – 610 Laptop Battery KES           3,500.00
Hp Corei5 2.50GHz 4GB RAM 500GB HDD Intel HD 15.6 Inch KES         52,000.00
Hp DC 5700 Desktop 1.8GHZ 2GB 80GB windows7 Pro COA KES           7,300.00
HP Deskjet 2630 All-in-One Wireless Printer Print Copy Scan KES           4,800.00
HP Deskjet CIS 5810 Printer All In One KES         17,000.00
HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135 All in One Printer Share KES           5,500.00
HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 4535 All-in-One (F0V64C) Printer KES           9,000.00
Hp Desktop DC 8300 Core i5 3.2GHZ 4GB 500GB windows7 Pro COA KES         27,000.00
Hp Desktop DC 8300 Core i7 3.2GHZ 4GB 500GB windows7 Pro COA KES         30,000.00
HP Elitebook 2560P – 2570P – Laptop Battery KES           3,500.00
HP EliteBook 2560P 12.5 Inch Notebook PC  Intel Core i5 2.7GHz 4GB 250GB KES         20,000.00
HP EliteBook 2760p Intel Core I5 2.5ghz 4gb RAM 320gb HDD KES         20,500.00
HP EliteBook 820 G4 i5 12.5 Core i5-7200U 4GB RAM 500GB HDD Windows 10 KES       124,000.00
HP EliteBook 830 Core i7 4gb RAM, 500gb HDD Certified Refurbished KES         35,000.00
Hp Elitebook 840 G1 Intel Core i5 4GB 500GB 14 Inch (Certified Refurbished) KES         28,000.00
Hp Elitebook 840 G1 Intel Core i7 4GB 500GB Touchscreen KES         33,900.00
Hp Elitebook 840 G2 Intel Corei5 5th Gen 2.30GHz 4GB DDR3 750GB HDD WiFi Webcam 14.0″ Display Free dos 1 Year Warranty Dark Grey & Silver KES         58,500.00
HP EliteBook 840 G3 Intel Core i7 8th Gen 8GB 512SSD Windows 10P 14 Inch KES       131,000.00
HP Elitebook 8440P Core i5 4GB Ram 250GB Hard Drive KES         19,000.00
HP EliteBook 8460p 14-inch Intel Core i5 4GB RAM 320GB Hard drive KES         20,000.00
HP EliteBook 8470p Intel Core i5 3230M (2.60GHz) 4GB Memory 320GB HDD 14.0″ Notebook KES         20,000.00
HP EliteBook 8570p Intel Core i5  4GB RAM 500GB HDD 15.6″ KES         29,000.00
HP EliteBook Folio 9470M 14 Inch Intel Core i5 4GB 320GB HDD KES         25,000.00
HP EliteBook Folio 9480m 14 Inch LED Ultrabook – Intel Core i7 8gb Ram/500gb hdd KES         36,000.00
HP EliteDesk 800 Desktop Computer SFF – Intel Core i7, 4gb RAM, 500gb hdd, 18.5 TFT KES         68,000.00
HP EliteDesk 800 G1 SFF SYSTEM (CI5-5500/8GB/500GB/DVDRW/23″ TFT SCREEN KES         59,000.00
HP EliteDesk 800 G1 Small Form Factor (SFF)   I5 – 4GB RAM-500 GB HDD 18.5 inch screen KES         62,000.00
HP EliteDisplay E242 HD Monitor 24 Inch M1p02a8 1920 X 1200 KES         35,000.00
HP Envy  750 Tower Desktop Intel Core i5 4GB, 500gb, 18.5 TFT Screen KES         60,000.00
Hp Envy 13 Core i3 Ultrabook 6th Gen  2.30Ghz 4GB RAM 128GB SSD KES         54,000.00
Hp Envy 13-d099nr Intel Corei7-6500U 2.50GHz 8GB 128GB SSD 13.3″ Display Wifi Webcam HDMI Free dos Backlit Keyboard Natural Silver KES         84,000.00
hp envy 15 LAPTOP keyboard KES           4,500.00
hp envy k003 LAPTOP keyboard KES           4,500.00
HP GT 5820 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Printer KES         19,000.00
HP HP 280 G2 Core i5-6500 Microtower Computer – 18.5″ (3.6Ghz) – 500GB HDD – 4GB RAM KES         65,000.00
HP HP Pro 290 G1 Desktop – 18.5 Inch – 7TH Gen – Intel Core i5 – 500GB HDD – 4GB RAM – No OS not Installed KES         60,000.00
HP INVENT 176 BLACK BAG KES           2,000.00
HP Laptop Adapter 18.5V 3.5A Charger Small Pin KES           1,500.00
HP LaserJet  Pro P102a Printer KES         14,000.00
HP LaserJet Enterprise M608dn Monochrome Laser Printer KES       108,000.00
HP Laserjet Pro M102w Wireless Laser Printer KES         17,400.00
HP Laserjet Pro M203dw Wireless Laser Printer
HP Laserjet Pro M252dw Wireless Color Printer (B4A22A) KES         33,500.00
HP LaserJet Pro M281fdw All in One Wireless Color Laser Printer KES         43,000.00
HP Laserjet Pro M452nw Wireless Color Laser Printer KES         27,000.00
HP LaserJet Pro M501dn Monochrome Laser Printer KES         60,000.00
HP LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdn Multifunction Laser Printer KES         46,000.00
HP M102a LaserJet Pro Printer (G3Q34A) KES         14,500.00
HP M130a LaserJet Pro MFP (G3Q57A) A4 Mono Multifunction Printer KES         18,000.00
HP M130fn LaserJet Pro All-in-One Laser multifunction Printer with print security KES         19,500.00
HP M426fdw  Laserjet Pro Multifunction Wireless Laser Printer KES         49,000.00
HP MFP M130fw LaserJet Pro All-in-One Wireless Laser Printer KES         22,000.00
HP MFP M227sdn LaserJet Pro  (Print, Scan, Copy, Fax, Duplex, Network) KES         32,000.00
HP Mini 210 Laptop Battery KES           3,500.00
HP ML310 ProLiant Gen8 Server/TV (3.1GHz, 8MB, L2 Cache, 350W) KES         99,000.00
Hp NC2400 – NC2410 – 2540P – Laptop battery KES           3,500.00
HP Notebook 14Intel Celeron (4GB SDRAM, 500GB HDD) 14-Inch Free DOS KES         29,000.00
HP Officejet 7110 Wide Format ePrinter KES         22,000.00
HP OfficeJet 7510 Wide Format All-in-One Printer KES         21,000.00
HP OfficeJet 7612 Wide Format All-in-One Printer KES         27,000.00
HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 All-in-One Wireless Printer with Mobile Printing KES         21,000.00
HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 All-in-One Printer series KES         24,000.00
Hp Omen 15 Core i7 6700 HQ 2.60 GHz 8 GB RAM 1TB (1000GB) KES         97,000.00
HP PageWide Pro 477dw Multifunction Printer AIO
Hp Pavilion 14 Intel Core i5-6200U 2.30GHz 4GB RAM 500GB KES         53,000.00
HP Pavilion DV1000 – ZE2000T – Laptop Battery KES           3,500.00
HP Pavilion DV4 – DV5 – DV6 – CQ60 – Laptop Battery KES           3,500.00
HP Pro 290 G2 Desktop – 18.5 Inch Intel Core i7 – 1000GB HDD/1tb – 4GB RAM KES         80,000.00
Hp Pro 400 (3.2GHz) INTEL CORE i5 4GB RAM 500GB HDD DVD RW, 18.5” Screen DOS Computer Desktop KES         88,000.00
HP ProBook 430 G5 13.3 Inch Core i7  8GB 1TB KES         95,000.00
HP ProBook 430 G5 13.3 Intel Core i5 4GB/1TB/Win10 pro KES         79,000.00
HP ProBook 4310s – 4311S Laptop Keyboard KES           2,500.00
HP ProBook 440 G4 – 14″ – Intel Core i5 – 4GB RAM – 500GB HDD – Windows 10 Pro KES         69,000.00
HP Probook 440 G5 Core i5 14.0 Inch 4GB  500GB KES         68,000.00
HP ProBook 440 G5 Laptop Core i7 8GB RAM 1 TB HDD KES         95,000.00
Hp Probook 450 G2 Intel Corei3 2.10GHz 8GB DDR3 750GB HDD KES         39,999.00
HP ProBook 450 G3 Intel Celeron Dual 8GB RAM 750GB HDD KES         31,000.00
HP ProBook 450 G3 Intel Core i7-6200U- 2.30GHZ, 8GB RAM, 750GB HDD KES         75,000.00
HP ProBook 450 G3 Intel Corei3 2.0GHz 8GB RAM 750GB HDD KES         40,000.00
HP ProBook 450 G3 Intel Corei7 6th Gen 6500U 8GB RAM 1000GB HDD(1TB) KES         78,999.00
HP Probook 450 G4 – 15.6 Inch Intel Core i5 – 1TB HDD- 8GB RAM – 2GB Nvidia Graphics KES         75,000.00
HP Probook 450 G4 ( Core i7, 1TB, 8GB, Free DOS, 15.6”) KES         85,000.00
HP Probook 450 G5 – 15.6 Inch – Intel Core i7 KES         85,000.00
HP Probook 450 G5 15.6 Inch Intel Core i5 1TB HDD 8GB RAM KES         72,000.00
Hp probook 450 G5 Intel Core i7 8500-U 2.7GHZ  8GB/1TB/2GB/Dos/15.6″ KES         84,000.00
HP ProDesk 400 G1 – micro tower – Core i7 4770 3.4 GHz – 8 GB – 1 TB, 18.5 Inch Screen KES         70,000.00
HP Prodesk 400 G4 MT Core i5 4GB 500GB CPU Only KES         51,000.00
HP ProDesk 600 G1 SFF Dual Core 4gb ram-500gb hdd- 18.5 inches monitor-free dos KES         43,000.00
HP ProLiant DL120 Server Gen9 Intel® Xeon® E5-2603 V4 6 Core1.7 GHz  8GB RAM KES       250,000.00
HP ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Server (1)Intel® Xeon® 4114 (10-Core 2.2 GHz 85W)  32GB (2x16GB) KES       450,000.00
HP ProLiant ML350 Gen10 Server (1)Intel Xeon 4110 (8-Core 2.1 GHz 85W) 16GB KES       350,000.00
HP ProOne 400 all-in-one desktop PC with Touch screen core i5, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD KES         88,000.00
HP ProOne 440 G3 23.8-inch Non-Touch All-in-One PC KES         86,000.00
HP Red Line back pack bag 15.6 Inch Laptops KES           2,000.00
HP ScanJet Pro 2500 f1 Flatbed OCR Document Scanner KES         30,000.00
HP Slate Pro 12 TABLET KES         32,000.00
HP Spectre 13 x360 Corei5-6200U 2.30GHz 4GB 128GB SSD Free dos 13.3 inch KES         68,000.00
Hp Spectre 13 X360 Intel Core i7-6200u 8GB 256GB SSD WiFi Webcam HDMi 13.3 inch TouchScreen Free dos Silver 1 Year Warranty KES       120,000.00
Hp Spectre x360 i7 6200u 8GB 512GB SSD 13.3 inch Display KES       112,999.00
Hp spectre x360-Corei5 6500u 8GB-256GB SSD Free dos KES       105,000.00
HP Tower Core i3 2.8GHz | 500GB HDD | 4GB RAM | DVD Rw With 17inch TFT Screen Ex Uk KES         27,000.00
HP V197 18.5 Inch LED Backlit Monitor
HP V213a 20.7 Inch LED Backlit Monitor
HP v243 24-inch LED Monitor 1920×1080 Full HD (1080p) KES         22,000.00
HP Wireless mouse-Black, Blue and Red KES               700.00
HP X1000 Optical Mouse KES           1,400.00
Hp X360 Spectre Intel Core i7-8th gen 16GB RAM 512GB SSD 13.3 Inch KES       145,000.00
HPE 1TB SATA 6G Entry 7.2K LFF (3.5in) RW HPE for Server KES         15,000.00
HPE 8GB 1RX8 PC4-2400T-E 2400MHz Unbuffered CAS-15 Standard Server Memory Kit KES         30,000.00
HPE Microserver  Gen10 OpteronTM  X3216(1.6-3.0GHz) /1 x HP 8GB 1Rx8/1TB 6G SATA
HPE ProLiant DL20 Gen 9 E3-1240 v6 Performance Server KES       180,000.00
HPE ProLiant DL380  Server Gen10 Entry – rack-mountable –  1.7 GHz – 16 GB KES       390,000.00
HPE ProLiant ML10 Gen 9 Server KES       125,000.00
HSDPA Modem 4G / 3.7G Universal Sim 7.2Mbps – Black KES           1,500.00
Ht101 Headset – Wired Telephone Earphone, Headphones And Microphones KES           4,000.00
Huawei 6188  sim card gsm  desktop phone/gsm landline phone KES           4,800.00
Huawei B593 LTE 4G Wifi Router KES           8,500.00
Huawei B681 28.8Mbps HSDPA+ 900/2100Mhz Wireless Router Gateway KES           6,500.00
Huawei B932 GSM Router Gateway Mini Modem-Sim card slot-No WIFI KES           5,600.00
Huawei E5220 3G Mobile WiFi Hotspot KES           5,000.00
Huawei FC312E Fixed Cordless Wireless GSM Phone KES           5,000.00
Huawei GR3 (2017), -5.2″ ,- 16GB – 3GB RAM, -12MP Camera,- Dual SIM, – 4G LTE – Black KES         18,500.00
Huawei GR5 2017 32GB 4G LTE Dual SIM 5.5″ Black KES         21,300.00
Huawei GR5 5.5 inch, 16GB (Dual SIM) 4G, Gold KES         20,000.00
Huawei GSM router Gateway B683 with SIM card Slot KES           6,400.00
Huawei Mate 10 Lite, 5.9″, 64GB, (Dual SIM), Prestige Gold KES         29,500.00
Huawei P Smart (5.65″), 32GB (Dual SIM) – Gold KES         25,900.00
Huawei P10 Lite, 5.2″, 32GB (Dual SIM), Sapphire Blue KES         26,000.00
Huawei Wi-Fi Router B310 518 Unlocked 4G LTE CPE KES           8,500.00
Huawei Y3 2017 8GB 1GB RAM 4GLTE KES           9,000.00
Huawei Y3(2017) ,8GB, 1GB, Dual SIM, Gold KES           7,900.00
Huawei Y5 2017 5″ 16GB 2GB RAM, (Dual SIM) Gold KES         11,800.00
Huawei Y7 Prime ,32GB -3GB RAM, 12MP, Dual SIM 4G  FingerPrint, 4000mAh – BLACK KES         19,500.00
IC S50 Mifare 1 Non-contacting IC Card KES               350.00
Iclock 3500 Fingerprint & RFID (ID) access control with Camera function KES         60,000.00
IDS 805 8 Zone LED Keypad KES         19,000.00
InBio160 PoE Bundle (New) KES         40,000.00
Ink Cartridges T6641 4 colour ink bottles Singlepack 1 x 70ml Black KES           1,400.00
Insulation Tape PVC Electrical 19mm x 20m Black KES               150.00
IP2G4A 2 GSM channels and 4 FXO/FXS ports IP-PBX KES         72,000.00
IS-M5 – Ubiquiti airMAX IsoStation M5 5GHz 14dBi CPE (w/ Horn Antenna) KES         13,500.00
JC268 Multimedia Mini Speaker KES               500.00
Junction Box, 20 Pair, Discase, Krone Box KES           2,300.00
JVA Z13 1 Zone Security Energizer 2.8 Joule KES         30,000.00
JVA Z14 One Zone Security Energiser 4 Joule with LCD Display KES         38,000.00
JVA Z28 Two Zone Security Energiser 8 Joule with LCD Display KES         65,000.00
K-510 Guard Patrol System KES         35,000.00
Kaspersky 2019 Internet Security  1 User+1 Free Devices KES           2,000.00
Kaspersky 2019 Internet Security  3+1 Free Devices KES           2,800.00
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 1 User+ 1 2018 KES           1,500.00
Kaspersky Antivirus 2016- 1PC   1 Free KES           1,000.00
Kaspersky ANTIVIRUS 2019 – 3 User + 1 Free KES           2,300.00
Kaspersky Antivirus 2019 1+1 User KES           1,500.00
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 3 Users+ 1 Year License 2018 KES           1,800.00
Kaspersky Internet Security 1 User+ 1 Year License 2018 KES           1,800.00
Kaspersky Internet Security 2018 3 User+ 1 Year License KES           2,300.00
KDL-49W660E  Sony Full HDR Smart TV 49 Inch KES         65,000.00
KVM SWITCH 4 PORT USB DKVM -440 KES           7,500.00
Kyocera EcoSys 1025 MFP PRINTER KES         28,000.00
Kyocera Taskalfa 1800 COPIER KES         78,000.00
lanyard is a cord or strap to wear around the neck KES               250.00
Laptop Lock KES           3,000.00
Laptop Porches 14 INCH BAG KES           1,000.00
Laptop Sleeve  10.1 Inch BAG KES           1,000.00
LBE‑5AC‑16‑120 Ubiquiti LiteBeam AC 5GHz 802.11ac built-in 120 Degree 16dBi Sector 2×2 MIMO KES         11,500.00
LBE-5AC-23 – Ubiquiti airMAX LiteBeam 802.11ac 23dBi 5GHz Wireless Broadband CPE KES           8,500.00
LBE-5AC-Gen2 – Ubiquiti airMAX LiteBeam Gen 2 5AC 5GHz 23dBi CPE KES           8,500.00
LBE‑M5‑23 – Ubiquiti LiteBeam M5 23dBi 5GHz Wireless Broadband CPE KES           6,500.00
Lenovo BM4150 Backpack Laptop Bag KES           2,500.00
Lenovo Desktop Complete System Duo Core 2.6 GHZ 2GB 80GB windows7 Pro COA With 17″ Square TFT KES         13,999.00
Lenovo Ideapad 110 Intel Celeron 1.60GHz 2GB 500GB DVDrw KES         26,000.00
LENOVO IDEAPAD 110-15IBR LAPTOP (15.6″, INTEL CELERON N3060, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, DOS) KES         29,400.00
LENOVO IDEAPAD 120S-11IAP LAPTOP (INTEL CELERON N3350 1.1GHZ, 4GB/500GB, 11.6”, wifi ,bt, DOS)-MINERAL GREY KES         28,800.00
Lenovo Ideapad 130 Core i5 4 GB RAM 1 TB HDD DOS KES         55,000.00
Lenovo Ideapad 130 Intel Core i3 15.6 inch Laptop 4GB RAM/1TB HDD/DOS/ KES         40,000.00
Lenovo ideapad 310 Intel Core i5-6200U 2.80GHz 4GB RAM 1TB NVIDIA KES         46,000.00
Lenovo Ideapad 320 | Intel Core i5-7200U | 4GB | 1TB | 2GB | 14″ | DOS KES         56,000.00
Lenovo Ideapad 320-151SK Intel Core i3 4GB/500GB/Dos/15.6″ KES         40,000.00
Lenovo Ideapad 320-15IKB  8th Intel Core i7 8GB/1TB/2GB/Dos/15.6″ KES         74,000.00
Lenovo Ideapad 330 15.6 Inch Intel Celeron 500GB HDD 4GB RAM Free DOS KES         28,500.00
Lenovo Ideapad 330 15.6 Inch Intel Core i5 1TB HDD – 4GB RAM KES         54,000.00
Lenovo Ideapad 330 Intel Core i3  14 inch  Laptop 4GB RAM 1TB HDD
Lenovo Ideapad 330s Intel Core i5 14 inch Full HD Thin & Light Laptop KES         58,000.00
Lenovo Ideapad 330S Intel Core I7 14 – inch 8GB RAM 1TB HDD KES         82,000.00
Lenovo Ideapad G580 – G585 – G585 – G585A – V580 – V585 – Z580 Laptop Keyboard KES           2,500.00
Lenovo Ideapad V110 15.6 inch – Intel Core i3 – 4GB RAM – 500GB HDD – No OS KES         36,500.00
lenovo l420 LAPTOP keyboard KES           4,500.00
LENOVO L540 LAPTOP KEYBOARD KES           4,500.00
lenovo Laptop Adapter 19V  3.42Amps  Charger Black KES           1,500.00
Lenovo laptop adapter 20v 3.25a Charger KES           2,000.00
lenovo Laptop Adapter Charger 20V 2A KES           1,500.00
lenovo laptop adapter Charger 20v 4.25a KES           1,500.00
Lenovo Laptop Ideapad 320S 15.6-Inch (Intel Core i5, 8 GB DDR4, 1TB HDD, Windows 10 Home) KES         68,000.00
Lenovo SL410- T410- T510 -T420 Laptop Battery KES           3,500.00
LENOVO T430 LAPTOP KEYBOARD KES           3,500.00
Lenovo ThinkPad L480 14 inch Intel Core i5 8250U 8th Gen Win 10 KES         96,000.00
Lenovo ThinkPad L480 i7-8550U, 8GB DDR4, 1TB 5400rpm KES       125,000.00
Lenovo Thinkpad Laptop Bag BP 100 KES           2,500.00
Lenovo ThinkPad T470, i7-7500U, 8GB, 1TB HDD, NVidia 940M 2GB, Win 10 Pro 64 KES       138,000.00
Lenovo ThinkPad X270, i5-7200U, 4GB DDR4, 500GB, Win 10 Pro 64, 3Yr KES       115,000.00
Lenovo ThinkPad X280 i7-8550U 8GB DDR4 512GB SSD 12.5″HD KES       180,000.00
Lenovo ThinkVision E2054 19.5-inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor KES         13,300.00
LENOVO TL200 Original Laptop Bag KES           1,800.00
Lenovo V110-151SK Intel Core i3-6100U@2.3GHz 4GB RAM 500GB HDD Free DOS DVDrw HDMI WiFi 15.6″ HD Black 1yr Warranty KES         40,000.00
Lenovo V110-151SK Intel Core i3-6100U@2.3GHz 4GB RAM 500GB HDD Free DOS DVDrw HDMI WiFi 15.6″ HD Black 1yr Warranty KES         41,000.00
Lenovo V130 Intel Celeron 4gb ram 500gb hdd KES         26,500.00
Lenovo V520 Tower Intel Core i5-7400 4GB DDR4 1TB DOS 1Yr – 10NK001CUM
Lenovo V520 TWR  Intel Core i7-7700 Processor 3.6 GHz  8GB DDR4-2400  1TB KES         75,000.00
Lenovo V520 TWR Intel Core i3 7100, 4GB DDR4-2400, 500GB 7200 RPM – 10NK001AUM KES         39,000.00
Lenovo X1 Carbon i7-7500U, 16GB DDR3, 512GB SSD, Windows 10 Pro KES       210,000.00
Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro 20v 2A adapter Battery KES           4,500.00
LG  – 32 Inch- Smart LED TV – Black KES         32,000.00
LG  49 inches Smart Digital HD LED TV KES         54,000.00
LG  49″ Smart UHD 4K HDR LED Digital TV KES         65,000.00
LG  65 inches Smart  UHD 4K Digital TV KES       178,000.00
LG 20V 2A Charger Laptop Adapter KES           2,000.00
LG 24″ inch digital TV. KES         18,000.00
LG 32″inch digital TV KES         24,000.00
LG 32″inch smart/digital KES         32,000.00
LG 32LH590U/570U: 32 inch Smart LED Digital tv KES         28,000.00
LG 32LJ520U 32 Inch HD Digital LED TV KES         22,000.00
LG 32LJ570U 32 Inch Smart LED TV  Inbuilt WiFi KES         26,000.00
LG 43 inch smart TV KES         42,000.00
LG 43″inch smart/digital 4k KES         62,000.00
LG 43LJ510V 43 Inch LED HD Digital TV KES         37,000.00
LG 43LJ550V 43 INCH FHD SMART LED TV KES         43,000.00
LG 43UJ630V 43 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV KES         46,000.00
LG 49 inch 4K UHD Smart HDR LED TV – 49UJ634V KES         64,000.00
LG 49 inch Digital TV 49LF510V KES         58,000.00
LG 49 INCH FHD SMART LED TV 49LJ550V KES         52,000.00
LG 49UJ630V 49 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV KES         64,000.00
LG 5.1ch DVD Home Theater System – DH3140S KES         16,000.00
LG 55″ 3D Curved Smart Digital LED TV KES       354,000.00
LG 65 Inch 65UJ630V 4K SMART TV KES       160,000.00
LG 65″ 65UJ630V 4K SMART TV KES       220,000.00
LG Home Theater LHD457 330W 5.1Ch DVD Home Theatre System KES         27,000.00
LG LHD 657 1000W 5.1 Channel DVD Home Theatre System KES         32,000.00
LG Smart 49 inch TV (49LH590V) Smart LED TV KES         62,000.00
Life Zed Air H2 Intel Celeron 3gb/32ssd+500GB/Win10/14″ KES         26,000.00
Linksys E1200 N300 Wireless-N Router with Fast Ethernet KES           7,500.00
Linksys E2500 N600 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router KES         12,000.00
Linksys E3000 High Performance Wireless-N Router KES         15,999.00
Linksys E3200 300 Mbps 4-Port Gigabit Wireless N Router KES         18,000.00
Linksys Ea1700 Wireless-n Router GbE 4 Wan 1 300mbps KES           7,500.00
Linksys EA3500 N750 Dual-Band Smart Wi-Fi Wireless Router KES         17,400.00
Linksys N300 E900 Wi-Fi Wireless Router KES           4,500.00
LINKSYS PAP2T Internet Phone Adapter with 2 VoIP Ports KES           6,000.00
Linksys WAP 610N Wireless-N Access Point with Dual-Band KES           8,000.00
Logitech  M171 Wireless Mouse KES           1,800.00
Logitech BCC950 Desktop video conferencing solution KES         40,000.00
Logitech C170 Webcamera KES           2,499.00
Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam for Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS KES           7,000.00
logitech Desktop MK120 Keyboard KES           2,400.00
Logitech Group Video Conferencing Bundle with Expansion Mics for Big Meeting Rooms
Logitech H110 Stereo Headset KES           1,600.00
Logitech H111 Stereo Headset KES           2,300.00
Logitech H150 Stereo Headset KES           2,500.00
Logitech HD C270 Webcam KES           3,500.00
Logitech HD Pro Webcam C525 KES           5,500.00
Logitech HD Webcam C270
Logitech K120 Keyboard KES           2,000.00
Logitech M100 Optical Mouse KES           1,300.00
Logitech M165 Wireless Mouse KES           1,500.00
Logitech M170 Wireless Mouse KES           1,600.00
Logitech M175 Wireless Mouse KES           1,600.00
Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse KES           1,600.00
logitech M90 KES           1,100.00
Logitech M90 Optical Mouse KES           1,200.00
Logitech MK220 Wireless Combo KES           3,300.00
Logitech MK270 Wireless Combo KES           3,800.00
Logitech PARTY COLLECTION  M238 Wireless Mouse KES           2,500.00
Logitech Stereo Speakers Z120, USB Powered KES           2,100.00
Logitech Wireless Combo MK270 KES           3,500.00
Logitech Wireless Mouse M185 KES           2,000.00
Logitech Wireless Ultra Portable M187 KES           2,000.00
Logitech Z200 Stereo Speakers KES           5,200.00
Long Type Electric Strike Lock  Fail Secure DC 12V Access Control KES           5,000.00
LS21 2.1 Stereo Speaker System KES           3,500.00
M402dne Office Black and White Laser Printers HP LaserJet Pro (C5J91A) KES         26,500.00
Mac Laptop Adapter – 16.5V – 65W-3.65Amps – White KES           4,000.00
Mac Laptop Adapter 16.5V 65W 3.65Amps – White KES           4,500.00
Maglock 280KG (600LB) Access Control System Single Door 12V Electric (Magnetic) Lock KES           5,000.00
Magnetic Stripe Card MAGSTRIPE KES               150.00
Magnetic Swipe Readers (MSRs) and Writers KES           6,500.00
MANUAL 120″X 120″ PROJECTOR SCREEN KES         18,800.00
MANUAL 60*60 PROJECTION SCREEN KES         12,000.00
MANUAL 72*72 PROJECTION SCREEN KES         13,000.00
MANUAL 84*84 PROJECTION SCREEN KES         14,000.00
MANUAL 96*96 PROJECTION SCREEN KES         17,000.00
Manual Fire Alarm Break Glass KES           1,500.00
Marvo Wireless MW-405 Mouse KES               800.00
MC 21803 Micros Money Counter KES         21,000.00
Mecer 1000VA Smart UPS Rack Mount (ME-1000-R) KES         45,000.00
Mecer 1KVA Line Interactive UPS KES         15,000.00
MECER 2000va 2KVA Line Interactive UPS ME-2000-VU KES         18,500.00
Mecer 3KVA Line Interactive UPS ME 3000 VU KES         35,000.00
MECER 650VA Line Interactive UPS KES           7,000.00
Mercury 650va ups KES           5,000.00
Mercury Elite 1500 Pro Line Interactive UPS KES         12,500.00
Mercury Elite 2000 Pro 2KVA Offline UPS KES         15,000.00
MERCURY ELITE PRO 1000VA  1kVA OFFLINE UPS KES         10,000.00
Merlin 4i Electric Fence Energizer With keypad 4 Joule KES         30,000.00
Merlin Stealth M28S Dual Zone Electric Fence Energizer 8 Joule KES         45,000.00
Mesh 42U Network Cabinet 600mm x 600mm KES         45,000.00
Metallic Cable tray
Metallic of trunking 50 x 200 mm KES           3,500.00
Metallic Trunking Knockout 100×50mm
MFP M130nw HP LaserJet Pro (Printer, Copier, Scanner with Network and Wireless) KES         18,000.00
MFP M477fdw HP Color LaserJet Pro multifunction printer (color) KES         64,000.00
Micros TP200 thermal printer KES         13,500.00
MICROSOFT 15V 1.6A ADAPTER KES           3,000.00
Microsoft Office 2013 Professional 1PC/1USER KES         20,000.00
Microsoft Surface Pro (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB) Windows 10 KES       185,000.00
MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO Keyboard KES         25,000.00
MikroTik – RBMETAL2SHPN – RouterBOARD Metal2SHPn KES         11,500.00
Mikrotik  RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD-BE wAP ac BE Small dual-band 2.4  5GHz black weatherproof wireless access point KES         11,000.00
Mikrotik BaseBox 5 RB912UAG-5HPnD-OUT 5GHz Outdoor Wireless AP KES         11,500.00
MikroTik CCR1009-7G-1C-1S PC Cloud Core Router with Passive Cooling KES         60,000.00
Mikrotik CCR1016-12G Routerboard-Cloud Core Router KES         72,000.00
Mikrotik CCR1036-12G-4S Router, Tile-Gx36 CPU (36-cores, 1.2Ghz per core) KES       110,000.00
Mikrotik CCR1036-12G-4S-EM Router CCR1036-12G-4S-EM KES       130,000.00
Mikrotik CCR1036-8G-2S+ 1U rackmount 8x Gigabit Ethernet 2xSFP+ cages KES       120,000.00
Mikrotik CCR1072-1G-8S+ 1U rackmount 1x Gigabit Ethernet 8xSFP+ cages 72 cores x 1GHz CPU KES       315,000.00
Mikrotik CRS112-8G-4S-IN 8x Gigabit Ethernet Smart Switch 4x SFP cages 400MHz CPU KES         17,000.00
Mikrotik CRS125-24G-1S-2HnD-IN Cloud Router Gigabit Switch KES         25,000.00
Mikrotik CRS125-24G-1S-RM 24x Gigabit Ethernet layer 3 Smart Switch 1x SFP cage KES         24,000.00
Mikrotik CSS326-24G-2S+RM 24 port Gigabit Ethernet switch with two SFP+ ports
Mikrotik GrooveA 52 ac Outdoor Wireless AP 802.11a/b/g/n/ac RBGrooveG-52HPacn KES         10,000.00
MikroTik mANT30 parabolic dish antenna 5GHz 30dBi MTAD-5G-30D3 KES         21,000.00
Mikrotik MTAS-5G-19D120 mANT 19S Dual-polarization 5Ghz 19dBi 120 degree beamwidth antenna KES         15,000.00
MikroTik NetMetal 5 RB922UAGS-5HPacT-NM RouterBoard KES         22,000.00
Mikrotik RB1100AHx2 1U rackmount 13x Gigabit Ethernet 1066MHz 2GB RAM RouterOS L6 KES         44,000.00
Mikrotik RB1100AHx4 Dude Edition 1U rackmount router 13x Gigabit Ethernet ports KES         40,000.00
MikroTik RB2011iLS-IN 10 Ethernet Ports RouterBoard KES         13,999.00
MikroTik RB2011UiAS-RM Routerboard Rackmount 5xLAN 5xGbit LAN 1xSFP KES         16,000.00
Mikrotik RB3011UIAS-RM RouterBOARD 10xGigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0, LCD, RB3011 KES         21,000.00
Mikrotik RB750Gr3 hEX 5x Gigabit Ethernet Dual Core 880MHz CPU KES           8,000.00
Mikrotik RB750P-PBr2 PowerBox 5xEthernet PoE RouterOS L4 KES           9,000.00
Mikrotik RB750r2 hEX lite 5x Ethernet 850MHz CPU 64MB RAM MPLS router KES           6,000.00
Mikrotik RB750UPr2 hEX PoE lite 5xEthernet with PoE output 64MB RAM RouterOS L4 KES           8,500.00
Mikrotik RB760iGS hEX S 5x Gigabit Ethernet SFP Dual Core 880MHz CPU KES           8,500.00
Mikrotik RB800 RouterBOARD 800MHz 256MB RAM 4 MiniPCI RouterOS L6 KES         40,000.00
Mikrotik RB941-2nD-TC hAP Lite 32MB 4 X 10/100 2.4Ghz 802.11b/g/n 2×2 OSL4 KES           3,800.00
Mikrotik RB951Ui-2HnD 2.4GHz AP 5 Ethernet ports KES           7,000.00
Mikrotik RB960PGS hEX PoE 5x Gigabit Ethernet with PoE output  800MHz CPU KES           9,500.00
Mikrotik RB960PGS-PB PowerBox Pro 5 Gigabit POE Ethernet Router  SFP cage KES         12,500.00
Mikrotik RBcAPGi-5acD2nD cAP ac Dual-band 2.4 / 5GHz 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports KES           8,400.00
MIKROTIK RBDYNADISHG-5HACD DynaDish 5 Dual chain 5GHz 802.11a/n/ac 25dBi antenna gain KES         21,000.00
Mikrotik RBGrooveA-52HPn – 128mb Ram Routeros L4 Ptp KES         11,500.00
Mikrotik RBLHG-5HPnD LHG HP5 Dual chain High Power 24.5dBi 5GHz CPE KES           9,800.00
Mikrotik RBLHG-5nD LHG 5 Light Head Grid 5GHz CPE integrated 24.5 dBi grid antenna PoE 6W KES           8,500.00
Mikrotik RBLHGG-60adkit Wireless Wire Dish 2 Gb/s1500m+ without cables KES         40,000.00
MikroTik RBmAP2nD RouterBOARD mAP 2n 2.4GHz Access Point KES           5,500.00
MikroTik RBQRTG-2SHPnD 2.4GHz QRT HP 17dBi 802.11bgn 2×2 L4 KES         20,000.00
Mikrotik RBwAPG-60adkit Wireless Wire 1 Gbps full duplex KES         25,000.00
MikroTik RouterBOARD 1100AHx4 Dude Edition with 13 Gigabit Ethernet Ports KES         39,000.00
Mikrotik Routerboard 450G – RB450G KES         18,000.00
MIKROTIK Routerboard RB2011iL-IN 10xPORT LAN ROUTER KES         12,900.00
MikroTik Routerboard RB2011iL-RM Rackmount 5x100Mbps, 5xGigabit KES         14,000.00
Mikrotik Routerboard RBSXTG-5HPacD-SA (SXT SA5 ac) KES         13,500.00
Mikrotik RouterBoard RTB-RB2011UAS-RM Router KES         17,000.00
Mikrotik S 85DLC03D 10G SFP+ transceiver with a LC connector, KES           9,000.00
Mikrotik S+31DLC10D SFP+ (10Gbit) module Long range 10km Single Mode KES         17,000.00
Mikrotik S-31DLC20D SFP (1.25G) module 20KM Single Mode KES           6,000.00
Mikrotik S-85DLC05D 1.25G SFP transceiver 850nm Dual LC connector KES           5,000.00
Mikrotik SXT Lite2 2.4ghz Dual Chain Rbsxt2ndr2 KES           8,000.00
Mikrotik SXT Lite5 ac KES           7,400.00
MultiBio 800-H Multi-biometric Access Control and Time Attendance KES         52,000.00
NBE-5AC-19  – Ubiquiti airMAX NanoBeam 5GHz 19dBi 802.11ac CPE KES         13,000.00
NBE-5AC-Gen2 – Ubiquiti airMAX NanoBeam Gen 2 5AC 2.4/5GHz 19dBi CPE KES         13,000.00
NBE-M5-16 – Ubiquiti NanoBeam M5 5GHz 16dBi airMAX CPE KES           9,000.00
NBE-M5-19  – Ubiquiti NanoBeam M5 5GHz 19dBi airMAX KES         11,500.00
Netgear N300 WiFi Range Extender KES           4,500.00
NETGEAR ProSAFE M4100-24G-POE+ Switch 24 Port Gigabit GSM7224P-100NES KES       148,000.00
NETGEAR ProSafe M4100-50-POE+ Managed Switch (GSM7248P) KES       143,000.00
Net-Link Fiber Media Converter 2KM 100 Base KES           6,000.00
NETWORK TOOL KIT KES           4,000.00
Networking Cable Wire Tracer/Tracker – NF801 KES           4,500.00
Nikkor Lens 50mm f1.8D KES         20,500.00
NIKON D3400 DSLR Camera with DX 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6G Lens KES         52,000.00
Nikon D5300 24.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera KES         65,000.00
Nikon D5600 DSLR Camera -24.2MP -Full HD 1080p KES         87,000.00
Nikon D7200 24.2 MP Digital SLR Camera KES       130,000.00
Nikon D7500 DSLR Camera with 18-140mm Lens – 20.9MP KES       167,000.00
Nikon Digital Camera – Coolpix A100 Point and Shoot KES         12,000.00
Nikon Nikon COOLPIX B500 – Digital Still Camera KES         30,000.00
Non- contact/ touch Exit Button KES           2,800.00
Non-Fused Power Cable KES               150.00
Norton Antivirus 1 PC KES           1,300.00
Norton Antivirus 1 PC 2 Year License KES           1,800.00
Norton Security Deluxe 5 Devices KES           2,500.00
Norton Security Premium 10 Devices KES           4,500.00
Norton Security Standard 1 Device KES           1,900.00
NS-5AC – Ubiquiti airMAX NanoStation AC 5Ghz 802.11ac KES         17,000.00
NS-5ACL- Ubiquiti airMAX NanoStation AC Loco 5Ghz 802.11ac KES           7,500.00
NSM5 Nanostation M5 Ubiquiti airMAX Wireless Outdoor CPE KES           9,500.00
Office Laser Multifunction Printers HP LaserJet Pro MFP M426dw KES         52,000.00
Officepoint 4 way Surge Protector with 2 USB Charging Ports KES           1,500.00
Optex SX-360Z Ceiling Mount PIR Detector with Zoom Control KES         13,500.00
Outdoor Motion Detector KES           7,000.00
Over floor Metal trunking
PA10(New)  Hybrid Biometrics Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal KES         33,500.00
Panasonic Cordless Phone KX-TG 7851 KES           9,500.00
Panasonic Cordless Phone KX-TG1311BXa KES           5,000.00
Panasonic Extension Cards-  FOR KX_TEM|TES824-KX-TE 82483, KX-TE 82480, KX-TE 82474,
Panasonic Extension Cards FOR KX_TDA100 DBP- KX-TDA 0172, KX-TDA 1178, KX-TDA 1176
Panasonic Hybrid/IP PBX System KX-HTS32 No License Required KES         50,000.00
Panasonic KX TDA100D PBX IP-PABX Telephone System KES       105,000.00
Panasonic KX TDA1176 16-Port Single Line Extension Card KES         28,000.00
Panasonic KX-DT543 Executive Digital Proprietary Telephone KES         16,300.00
Panasonic KX-DT546 Premium digital proprietary telephone KES         20,000.00
Panasonic KX-HDV130 basic SIP phone KES         11,000.00
Panasonic KX-HDV430 Executive HD IP Video Collaboration Desktop Phone KES         37,000.00
Panasonic KX-NS500 Smart Hybrid PBX KES         64,000.00
Panasonic KX-NS5110 VoIP DSP Card KES         25,000.00
Panasonic KX-NS5172 16-Port Digital Extension Card KES         29,000.00
Panasonic KX-NS5174 16 Port SLT Card (MCSLC16) KES         19,000.00
Panasonic KX-NS5180 6 Port Analog Trunk Card (LCOT6) KES         18,500.00
Panasonic KX-NS5290 PRI 30 ISDN 30 Card KES         95,000.00
Panasonic KX-NT543 Black 3-Line Backlit LCD IP Phone w/24 Buttons KES         22,000.00
Panasonic KX-NT551 entry level IP phone KES         14,500.00
Panasonic KX-NT553 IP Phone – Black (KX-NT553X-B) KES         19,500.00
Panasonic KX-NT700 IP Conference Phone KES         90,000.00
Panasonic KX-T7665 – Digital Proprietary Phone KES           7,500.00
Panasonic KX-T7703 Single Line Telephone KES           2,400.00
Panasonic KX-T7705 with LCD Single Line Phone (with Speakerphone)
Panasonic KX-T7730 Telephone KES           7,000.00
Panasonic Kx-tda1178 24 Port Single Line Card With Caller ID and Messaging KES         35,000.00
Panasonic Kx-tda1180x 8 Port Analogue Trunk Card With CID for Kx-tda100d KES         20,500.00
Panasonic KX-TDA1186 – 8-port analog card outside line KES         25,000.00
Panasonic KX-TDE600 Pure IP PBX communication systems KES       270,000.00
Panasonic KX-TE 82483 3 Line & 8 Extension Card KES         18,000.00
Panasonic KX-TE82474X KES         18,000.00
Panasonic KX-TE82480 2×8 Expansion Card KES         16,000.00
Panasonic KX-TEM824 Advanced Hybrid PBX System KES         49,999.00
Panasonic KX-TES824 Hybrid PBX System KES         24,000.00
Panasonic KX-TG 6711 Cordless Phone KES           6,000.00
Panasonic KX-TG3412BX KES         10,000.00
Panasonic KXTG-3611BX Cordless Phone KES           4,500.00
Panasonic KX-TG3711BX3 Cordless Telephone KES           6,000.00
Panasonic KX-TG3721BX Digital Wireless Cordless Phone KES           8,500.00
Panasonic KX-TG3821 High End Digital Cordless Phone KES         12,000.00
Panasonic KX-TG6511BX KES         10,000.00
Panasonic KX-TG6811 Single DECT Cordless Telephone KES           5,800.00
Panasonic KX-TS500 Single Line Corded Telephone KES           1,800.00
Panasonic KX-TS580MX Corded Phone Integrated Telephone Systems KES           3,999.00
Panasonic KX-TS820 Corded Landline Phone KES           4,500.00
Panasonic PBX TDA 100 (8CO Lines 40 Extensions)   40 Analogue phone TS 500 Solution KES       248,000.00
Panasonic PBX TES 616 (6CO Lines 16 Extensions)   16 Analogue phone TS 500 Package KES         88,000.00
Panasonic Single Line 2.4 KX-TG3411 Digital Cordless Phone KES           5,500.00
Panasonic Single Line KX-TS880MX Corded Phone KES           5,500.00
Panorama 360 Degree Panoramic View Wireless Security Light Bulb Camera With WIFI & App KES           6,500.00
Panoramic 360 Degree FishEye WiFi Camera KES           8,000.00
Parallel Printer Cable 10Mtrs KES           1,200.00
Parallel Printer Cable 1Mtr KES               250.00
Parallel Printer Cable 3Mtrs KES               450.00
PATCH CODE – FIBRE PATCH CODE MM Lc-Lc 5mtr KES           2,400.00
Patch Cords Dlink, Tplink 1 meter KES               200.00
Patch Cords Siemon 3 meter KES               700.00
Patch Cords, Dlink, TPlink, HST 3 meter KES               150.00
Patch Cords, Dlink, TPlink, HST 5 meter KES               420.00
PBE-5AC-300-ISO – Ubiquiti PowerBeam 802.11ac ISO 5GHz 22dBi 300mm Bridge KES         17,500.00
PBE-5AC-Gen2 – Ubiquiti airMAX PowerBeam Gen 2 5AC 5GHz Bridge KES         16,500.00
PBE‑M2‑400 Ubiquiti PowerBeam M2 Wireless Bridge KES         11,000.00
PBE-M5-400-ISO – Ubiquiti PowerBeam ISO 5GHz 25dBi 400mm Bridge KES         18,000.00
PC I/O Card KES           1,000.00
PC23d  Real Time Clock LCD Interface KES         45,000.00
PC43T – Label Printer, LCD Display, 203dpi, Realtime Clock KES         49,000.00
PCI Parallel Card KES           1,500.00
PCI Sound Blaster KES           2,500.00
PCI USB Card KES               600.00
PCI Wireless Lan Card KES           1,800.00
PCIE Wireless Card KES           1,800.00
PD-350UE  rear-mount LCD customer display for XT Series POS terminals. KES           6,695.00
Per Metre 4 Core Milti | Single Mode Outdoor Fiber Cable
Per Metre 4 Core Milti | Single Mode Outdoor Fiber Cable – Multi Mode KES               100.00
Per Metre 4 Core Milti | Single Mode Outdoor Fiber Cable – Single Mode KES                 90.00
Philips Fluorescent Tube Light Fitting – 2 Feet KES           1,800.00
PICO POS DT108211200TAUK KES         62,129.00
Point of sale Amador(posiflex) all in one KES         75,000.00
Portable Mini Bluetooth Speakers YX-61 KES               950.00
Posiflex cash drawer CR-3100 Series KES           9,800.00
posiflex CR 1000 cash drawer KES           7,500.00
Posiflex CR 4000 Series Cash Drawer KES           9,400.00
Posiflex DT-208-B Fanfree Non Touch Pos Terminal KES         53,000.00
Posiflex EP-2012H KES         96,000.00
Posiflex HS-2310H KES       124,267.00
Posiflex JIVA KS-7715 POS terminal- Core i5 2510E 2.5 GHz – 4 GB – 64 GB – LCD 15 KES       219,505.00
Posiflex JIVA XT-3215 POS Terminal KES       101,764.00
Posiflex JIVA XT-3815 KES       120,000.00
Posiflex Jiva XT-5315 POS Terminal KES       164,000.00
Posiflex KS-7415 KES       114,400.00
Posiflex KS-7715Z Core i3 All-in-One Touch Terminal KES       194,000.00
Posiflex MT-4008 W/H Tablet POS KES       114,000.00
Posiflex MT-4008W/R KES       176,346.00
Posiflex PS-3316 KES         86,000.00
Posiflex XT3215 Foldable Terminal KES       107,000.00
Power Bank Camera KES           7,800.00
Power Bank WiFi Camera KES         11,000.00
Power Box CCTV Power Supply 18 Channels 12V 30A 18CH KES           7,500.00
PowerSeries 64-Zone LCD Full-Message Keypad PK5500 KES         18,000.00
Printer  Cables 1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M
Printer  Cables 1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M – 1.5 Meter KES               150.00
Printer  Cables 1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M – 10 Metre KES           1,200.00
Printer  Cables 1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M – 3 Metre KES               400.00
Printer  Cables 1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M – 5 Metres KES               600.00
Professional Cables HDMI-5M HDMI Cable KES               900.00
Professional Multi Function RJ45 RJ11 USB and BNC Cable Tester KES           2,300.00
Projector Epson eb905 KES         34,000.00
ProSYS Control Panel  fatures 3 models:  ProSY 16, ProSYs 40 and ProSYs 128 KES         40,000.00
Protective Fiber Sleeves KES                 40.00
Prysmian 1.5mm² FP200 Gold Fire  Fire Resistant Alarm Cable KES         16,000.00
Qnap TS-251A 2-bay TS-251A personal cloud NAS/DAS with USB direct access TS-251A-2G KES         73,000.00
QNAP TS-451+ 4-Bay Next Gen Personal Cloud NAS, Intel 2.0GHz Quad-Core CPU KES         94,900.00
QNAP TS-453A 4-Bay Professional-Grade Network Attached Storage, Supports 4K Playback (TS-453A-4G) KES       123,500.00
Quick Heal Antivirus Pro 3 PC/ 1 Year License KES           1,500.00
R2AC-PRISM – Ubiquiti airMAX Rocket 2AC Prism 2GHz 802.11ac BaseStation KES         25,000.00
R400 Laser Presentation Remote KES           5,000.00
R5AC-PTMP Ubiquiti Rocket 5 AC Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Bridge Base Station KES         27,000.00
R700 Laser Presentation Remote KES           9,000.00
RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN Mikrotik 2.4GHz AP 5x Ethernet 5x Gigabit Ethernet SFP cage KES         15,500.00
RB260GSP Mikrotik  5 Gigabit Ethernet Ports Switch and One SFP Port KES           7,500.00
RB911G-5HPacD-NB Mikrotik NetBox 5 802.11ac KES         14,000.00
RB911G-5HPacD-QRT Mikrotik QRT 5 ac 24dBi 5GHz 802.11ac OSL4 Outdoor Flat Panel Antenna Dual Chain KES         25,000.00
RB911G-5HPnD-QRT Mikrotik QRT 5 5GHz AP KES         23,000.00
RB912UAG-2HPnD-OUT Mikrotik BaseBox 2 2.4Ghz integrated AP/Backbone/CPE KES         11,500.00
RB921GS-5HPacD-19S Mikrotik mANTBox 19s Built-in 5GHz 802.11a/n/ac KES         25,000.00
RB921UAGS-5SHPacD-NM Mikrotik NetMetal 5SHP Dual chain 5GHz KES         22,000.00
RB931-2nD Mikrotik hAP mini  2.4Ghz AP with three LAN ports KES           2,800.00
RB951G-2HnD Mikrotik 2.4Ghz AP 5xGigabit Ethernet 600MHz CPU 128MB RAM KES           9,500.00
RB952Ui-5ac2nD Mikrotik hAP ac lite Dual-Concurrent 2.4/5GHz AP 5 Ethernet ports KES           6,500.00
RB962UiGS-5HacT2HnT  Mikrotik hAP ac  2.4/5GHz AP 802.11ac/a/n/b/g KES         15,000.00
RBcAP2nD MikroTik RouterBOARD cAP 2n 2.4GHz Ceiling Access Point KES           7,000.00
RBcAPL-2nD Mikrotik cAP lite Low-cost dual-chain 2.4GHz AP with wall and ceiling enclosure KES           4,400.00
RBD52G-5HacD2HnD-TC Mikrotik hAP ac Dual-Concurrent 2.4/5GHz AP, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Five Gigabit Ethernet ports, KES           8,500.00
RBDisc-5nD Mikrotik DISC Lite5 Dual chain 21dBi 5GHz CPE/Point-to-Point Integrated Antenna KES           6,500.00
RBDiscG-5acD Mikrotik DISC Lite5 ac Outdoor 5GHz 802.11a/n/ac wireless device KES           8,000.00
RBGrooveGA-52HPacn Mikrotik GrooveA 52 ac 2.4GHz, 5GHz AP Gigabit Ethernet KES         12,000.00
RBMetalG-52SHPacn Mikrotik Metal 52 ac 2.4/5GHz AP/Backbone/CPE KES         13,500.00
RBOmniTikG-5HacD Mikrotik OmniTIK 5 ac 7.5dBi 5GHz Dual chain 5x Gigabit Ethernet ports KES         15,000.00
RBOmniTikPG-5HacD Mikrotik OmniTIK 5 PoE ac 7.5dBi Integrated AP
RBOmniTikUPA-5HnD Mikrotik OmniTIK 5 PoE 7.5dBi Integrated AP 5GHz Dual chain 5xEthernet ports KES         12,000.00
RBSEXTANTG-5HPnD Mikrotik SEXTANT G 18dBi integrated CPE/Backbone Gigabit Ethernet KES         14,000.00
RBSXT5HacD2n – MikroTik SXT Lite5 ac 5GHz 802.11ac AP with 16dBi 28deg Antenna KES           7,500.00
RBSXT-5HPnDr2 Mikrotik SXT 5 16dBi integrated CPE/Backbone high power KES         10,500.00
RBSXTG-2HnD – MikroTik SXTG 2HnD – 2.4GHz AP KES           9,500.00
RBSXTG-5HPnD-HGr2 Mikrotik SXT HG5 17dbi integrated AP/Backbone/CPE Gigabit Ethernet KES         10,500.00
RBwAP2nD-BE MikroTik wAP Small weatherproof wireless access point KES           6,000.00
RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD Mikrotik wAP ac Small dual-band 2.4 / 5GHz white weatherproof wireless access point KES         11,000.00
RD-5G30-LW – Ubiquiti Antenna 5GHz 30dBi Light Weight Dual-Pol Parabolic RocketDish KES         23,000.00
RD-5G31-AC – Ubiquiti RocketDish with Radome 5.1-5.8GHz 31dBi Parabolic Antenna KES         41,500.00
RD-5G34 – Ubiquiti RocketDish 4.9-5GHz 34dBi Dual-Pol Parabolic Antenna KES         55,000.00
Red Fire Alarm Bell KES           4,000.00
Remote Receiver Kit Long Range KES           7,500.00
RG 59 Cable for Cameras With Power 305M KES           9,000.00
RG 59 CCTV Cable Without Power 305M KES           5,000.00
RJ11 Telephone Connectors/Plug KES                 10.00
RJ45 and RJ11 Networking Cable Tester KES               650.00
RJ45 to Serial 9 Pin KES           1,200.00
RK210-PR Pet Immunity Motion Detector KES           1,500.00
RL-3915 Melody rings doorbell door chime wireless door entry chime KES           2,500.00
RM2 Ubiquiti Rocket M2 airMAX 2.4 GHz KES         10,000.00
RM5 Ubiquiti ROCKET M5 5GHz Hi Power 2×2 MIMO TDMA airMAX BaseStation (ROCKETM5) KES         10,000.00
Samsung  32″ – Series 4 – HD LED Digital TV black KES         24,500.00
Samsung  49 Inch 4K Curved UHD Smart LED TV KES         70,000.00
Samsung – 49″ Class (48.5″ Diag.) – LED – 2160p – Smart – 4K Ultra HD TV KES         54,000.00
Samsung 32 inch J4000 4 Series Flat HD LED TV KES         25,000.00
Samsung 32 Inch UA-32K4000AK HD Series 4 Flat LED Digital TV KES         23,000.00
Samsung 40 inch Smart Digital tv (40J5200) KES         51,000.00
Samsung 40K5100AK 40 Inch Full HD Black LED TV KES         35,000.00
Samsung 43″ 43K5002 FULL HD LED TV KES         49,000.00
Samsung 43″ 43K5002 FULL HD LED TV KES         49,000.00
Samsung 49 Inch Digital Full HD LED TV – UA49K5100BK KES         51,500.00
Samsung 49 Inch Flat Smart LED TV – Full HD – Black KES         57,000.00
Samsung 49 inch Smart Ultra HD 4K CURVED LED TV 49KU7350. KES         75,000.00
Samsung 49J5200AK 49″ FULL HD FLAT LED Digital & SMART KES         55,000.00
Samsung 55KU7350 UHD smart curved TV LED 55 inch KES       100,000.00
Samsung 65 Inch LED smart TV KES       180,000.00
Samsung 65″ UHD 4K Curved Smart TV KU7350 Series 7 KES       200,000.00
Samsung 65NU7100 65 Inch UHD 4K Flat Smart TV Series 7 Black KES       155,000.00
Samsung 860 EVO 250GB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD KES         13,500.00
Samsung Curved Digital 55 JU7500 7 Series Curved UHD 4K Smart 3D LED TV KES       380,000.00
Samsung Curved Digital Smart LED TV,  SERIES 6 UA-65JU6600 UHD KES       450,000.00
Samsung CURVED DIGITAL SMART LED TV: SERIES 6 UA-48JU6600 UHD KES       150,000.00
Samsung Flat Digital Smart 3D LED TV: SERIES 8 UA-55JS8000 SUHD KES       399,000.00
Samsung Full HD Curved Digital Smart 3D LED TV, Samsung SERIES 8 UA-65H8000 KES       470,000.00
Samsung FULL HD CURVED DIGITAL SMART 3D LED TV: SERIES 6 UA-48H6800 KES       148,000.00
Samsung Full HD Curved Digital Smart LED TV: SERIES 6 UA-40J6300 KES         95,000.00
Samsung Full HD Curved Digital Smart TV: SERIES 6 UA-48J6300 KES       120,000.00
Samsung Full HD Flat Digital Smart LED TV: SERIES 4 UA-32H4303 KES         32,000.00
samsung Laptop Adapter -12V – 3.33Amps – Black KES           3,000.00
Samsung LED 55 inch TV UA55KU7350AK Digital Smart 6 Series KES       100,000.00
Samsung N130 – N140 – NP-NC10 – N110 – NC310 – ND10 Laptop Keyboard KES           2,500.00
Samsung NC110 – NC208 – NC210 – NC215S – Laptop Battery KES           3,500.00
Samsung R428-6BK RV510 R580 R548 R428 Laptop Battery KES           3,500.00
Samsung UA32M5000 – 32″- FULL HD smart  TV: SERIES 5 KES         27,500.00
SAMSUNG UA40J5000AK – 40″ – FULL HD DIGITAL LED TV – Black KES         37,500.00
Samsung UA40J5200AK UA40J5200DK 40J5200AK 40 inch LED TV Full HD Smart KES         37,000.00
Samsung UA40J5200DK – 40″ – Full HD Smart LED TV -Inbuilt Wi-Fi – Black KES         40,000.00
Samsung UA40K5000AK: 40″ Full HD Digital LED TV Black KES         40,000.00
Samsung UA49M5000 49 Inch LED TV FHD – Digital SERIES 5 KES         50,000.00
Samsung UA55MU7000, – 55 inch, UHD 4K Flat Smart LED TV KES       117,000.00
Samsung UHD FLAT DIGITAL SMART 3D LED TV: SERIES 8 UA-48JS8000 KES       258,000.00
Samsung ULTRA HD (UHD) 4K FLAT DIGITAL SMART LED TV: SERIES 7 UA-50HU7000 KES       175,000.00
Sandisk 16GB Micro SDHC Memory sd Card KES           1,500.00
Sandisk 16GB USB Flash Disk KES           1,200.00
Sandisk 32GB USB Flash Disk KES           1,800.00
SanDisk 480GB SSD PLUS 2.5″ SATA III Internal Solid State Drive KES         21,000.00
Sandisk 4GB USB Flash disk KES               600.00
Sandisk 8GB Cruzer Blade USB Flash Drive/Disk KES               800.00
Sandisk Cruzer Blade USB Flash Drive USB 2.0 16GB KES           1,200.00
SanDisk Micro SD 32GB KES           1,600.00
Sandisk Ultra 16GB Micro SDHC UHS-I SD Card with Adapter KES           1,500.00
SanDisk Ultra 32GB micro SDHC UHS-I sd Card with Adapter KES           2,300.00
SanDisk Ultra 8GB Class 10 UHS-I MicroSDHC Memory Card with Adapter KES           1,000.00
SanDisk Ultra Flair  USB 3.0 Flash Drive  32GB KES           2,300.00
SanDisk Ultra Flair  USB 3.0 Flash Drive/Disk 64GB KES           3,400.00
Sandisk Ultra Flair 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Disk Drive KES           2,300.00
Sandisk Ultra Flair 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Disk Drive KES           3,400.00
SanDisk Ultra Flair USB 3.0 Flash Drive 16GB KES           1,500.00
SanDisk Ultra II SSD 960 GB SATA III 2.5 inch Internal SSD up to 550 MB/s KES         37,000.00
Screw Energy saving LED bulb in Warm White KES               400.00
Screw Set JK-6032B 33 in 1 Magnetic Precision KES               800.00
SC-SC Fiber Optic [Single / Multi ]mode ( 1M) Patch codes KES           1,000.00
SD260 Plastic ID Card Printer KES       105,000.00
Seagate 1TB Expansion Slim Portable Hard Drive KES           6,500.00
Seagate 1TB Surveillance Hard Drive – SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Drive KES           7,000.00
Seagate 2TB  Expansion Slim Portable Hard Drive KES         11,500.00
Seagate 2TB Surveillance Hard Drive 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5″ Internal Hard Drive KES         10,000.00
Seagate Expansion 4TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0 KES         18,000.00
Seagate SkyHawk 4TB Surveillance Hard Drive – SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Drive KES         18,000.00
Seagate Skyhawk 6TB Surveillance Hard Drive – SATA 6Gb/s 128MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Drive KES         26,000.00
Seagate SkyHawk 8TB Surveillance Hard Drive – SATA 6Gb/s 256MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Drive KES         36,000.00
Secolink Universal communicator GSV5 Alarm GSM/GPRS Kit KES         20,000.00
Security Alarm Cable 6-Core 100m White KES           1,700.00
Security Alarm Cable 8-Core 100m White KES           2,500.00
Security Alarm Siren Kit (COVER, HORN, STROBE) KES           3,000.00
Security Door Bolt Lock KES           5,800.00
Secuscan AT-300 Walk Through Metal Detector Gate
Serial Cable 9 Pin m-m/m-f/f-f KES               400.00
Server |Networking | Data Cabinet Shelves (600mm X450mm) KES           1,100.00
Server Rack 1U 12 Way Horizontal Mount Power Distribution Unit (PDU) Male Plug KES         20,000.00
Server Rack 1U 7 Way Horizontal Mount Power Distribution Unit (PDU) Male Plug KES         12,000.00
Siemon – 1 Metre Category 6 U/UTP Patch Cord KES               550.00
Siemon – 1 Metre Category 6 U/UTP Patch Cord, KES               550.00
Siemon – 1 Metre Category 6 U/UTP Patch Cord, KES               550.00
Siemon  Fiber Connect Panel, Fixed Tray Black, 1RMS FCP3-Rack KES         13,500.00
Siemon 10GMX-BFP-02-02 10GMX CAT 6A BRITISH FACEPLATE S-GANG, 2-PORT, WHITE KES               300.00
SIEMON CABLE CAT 6 Category-6 Cat 6 Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Cable KES         14,500.00
Siemon Cat 6  Data Point Complete Double Face Plates and Module KES           1,100.00
Siemon Cat 6  Data Point Complete Single Face Plates and Module KES               700.00
SIEMON CAT 6A KES         19,200.00
Siemon Cat 6A UTP Pure Copper Ethernet Cable 305M KES         19,000.00
Siemon Category 6 MAX 6 UTP Outlets Module KES               500.00
Siemon CORD CAT6 UTP 10M WHITE JKT CLEAR BOOT LS0H MC6-10M-02B KES           3,000.00
Siemon FCP3-DWR 6-72-port fiber connect panel with sliding tray KES         24,000.00
Siemon FP1B-SC5L-01AH FIBER PIGTAIL, XGLO, MM, SIMPLEX SC, 50/125, BUFFERED, 1M AQUA, KES           1,000.00
Siemon MC6-15M-02 MOD CORD CAT6 UTP 15M WHITE JKT CLEAR BOOT KES           4,000.00
Siemon Network Patch Panels 48 Ports Cat 6 KES         23,000.00
Siemon Network Patch Panels-24 Ports Cat 6 KES         14,000.00
Siemon RIC-F-BLNK-01 FIBER ADAPTER PLATE, BLANK KES               200.00
Siemon RIC-F-SC6-01 6-Fiber SC Flat Pack Fiber Optic Adapter Plate KES           5,000.00
Siemon RIC-F-SC8-01 4 duplex SC adapters (8 fibers) KES           7,000.00
Siemon Z6A-S02 Category 6A Z-MAX 6A Shielded Outlets KES           1,200.00
Siemon Z6as-pnl-24k ZMAX 24 Port Cat 6A Shielded Patch Panel 1rms Black KES         28,000.00
Single socket, white pattress box KES                 50.00
Skyworth 32 Inch Smart LED Android Digital TV KES         23,000.00
Skyworth 32” Digital HD Ready LED Television – Black, 32 Inch TV KES         19,500.00
SKYWORTH 40 inch 40S3A31T Smart Digital Full HD TV – Black KES         32,000.00
Skyworth 40” LED DIGITAL TV black 40 inch KES         30,700.00
Skyworth 43″ Android Smart Digital LED TV black KES         34,500.00
Sleeve30 – MikroTik Sleeve30 Kit for mANT30 KES         15,000.00
SMART UNIVERSAL ULTRABOOK 15W Charger KES           3,000.00
Smoke Detector KES           3,800.00
Sollatek HiVolt Guard KES           3,600.00
Sony  Full HDR TV 49 Inch Black KES         74,000.00
SONY 19.5V 4.7A Charger 6.5*4.4 LAPTOP ADAPTER KES           2,000.00
Sony 32 Inch Smart HD LED TV KES         29,000.00
Sony 32R300C 32 Inch Digital HD LED TV KES         25,000.00
Sony 40 Inch Full Hd 1080 Led TV KES         35,500.00
Sony 49X8000E- 49 Inch 4K UHD Android Smart Digital TV KES         89,000.00
Sony 5.1 Channel DVD Home Theater System – DAV-DZ650 KES         34,000.00
Sony 5.1ch DVD Home Theatre System – DAV-DZ950 KES         47,000.00
Sony 55 inches Bravia 55X7002E 4K UHD LED Smart TV KES       105,000.00
Sony 55X8500E  55 inch Smart UHD 4K LED TV KES       130,000.00
Sony 65X7000E 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV KES       160,000.00
SONY BDV-E2100 Blu-ray Home Theater System with Bluetooth KES         34,500.00
Sony BDV-E3100 3D Blu-ray Home Theater with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth KES         44,000.00
Sony BDV-N9200WL 1200w 3D Blu-ray Home Theater Systems Bluetooth with Wireless Speakers KES       105,000.00
Sony Bravia 138 cm (55 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV KD-55X7500 KES       103,000.00
Sony Bravia 43X7000e 4K Ultra HD HDR 43 Inch Smart TV KES         64,000.00
SONY BRAVIA 48W650D 48 INCH LED FULL HD TV KES         60,000.00
Sony Bravia KDL-40W660E Full HD Smart LED TV 40 Inch KES         54,000.00
Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX400V Wi-Fi Digital Camera KES         45,000.00
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W800 Digital Camera KES         14,000.00
Sony Cyber-shot W810 Compact Camera with 6x Optical Zoom KES         14,000.00
Sony DAV-DZ350 5.1 Channel DVD Home Theatre System KES         28,000.00
Sony DAV-TZ140 – 300W – 5.1Ch – DVD Home Theater KES         17,500.00
Sony DSC-H400 CyberShot 3.0″ 63x Optical Zoom 20.1MP Digital Camera Black KES         40,000.00
Sony DSCW830 20.1 MP Digital Camera with 2.7-Inch LCD KES         16,500.00
Sony Full HD Smart TV 40″ Black KES         49,000.00
Sony HT-CT800 350W 2.1-Channel Soundbar System KES         65,000.00
Sony KD-43X8000E  43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Android KES         78,000.00
Sony KDL40W650D 40 Inch 1080p Smart LED TV KES         39,500.00
Sony Laptop Adapter 16V 4Amps Charger 6.5*4.4 KES           1,500.00
Sony MHC-V11 High-Power Home Theatre Audio System with Bluetooth KES         30,000.00
Sony MHC-V90DW MUTEKI High-Power Audio System KES       129,000.00
Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) 500GB KES         30,000.00
Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) 500GB KES         34,000.00
Sony PlayStation 4 1TB – PS4 KES         38,000.00
Sony Shake X70D High-Power Home Audio System with Bluetooth Technology KES       124,000.00
Sony SHAKE-X30 High-Power Home Audio System with Bluetooth Technology KES         88,000.00
SONY Vaio Charger 19.5V – 4.7Amps Laptop Adapter KES           1,500.00
Sony VPL-DX221 (VPLDX221) 2,800 lumens XGA desktop projector
Sony XBR-49X700E 49 inch 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart LED TV KES         94,000.00
Sony XBR55X800E 55-Inch 4K Ultra LED TV High Dynamic Range (HDR) | Smart TV (Android TV)
Spy Glasses KES           7,999.00
Spy Pen Camera 1080P Full HD Hidden Video Recorder KES           6,500.00
Stafix AM1 Alarm Monitor KES         20,000.00
Stafix X1 Energizer KES         37,000.00
Stafix X12 Energizer KES       125,000.00
Stafix X18 Energizer KES       145,000.00
Stafix X2 Energizer KES         40,000.00
Stafix X3 Energizer KES         45,000.00
STAFIX X6 Energizer KES         83,000.00
STek 145 pcs Pieces Computer Repair Tool Kit KES         12,000.00
S-TEK Networking Toolkit 50 Pieces KES           8,000.00
S-Tek Universal Computer Tool Kit 56 Piece KES           6,000.00
Super Scanner Metal Detector KES           3,800.00
Suprema BioEntry P2 Compact IP Fingerprint Device KES         45,000.00
Suprema BioEntry R2 Compact Fingerprint Reader BER2-OD KES         37,000.00
Suprema BioLite N2 BLN2-ODB Outdoor IP Fingerprint Terminal KES         65,000.00
SUPREMA BioMini USB Fingerprint Enrolment Device KES         13,000.00
Suprema BioStation 2 Ultra Performance IP Fingerprint Terminal Access Control KES       110,000.00
Suprema DE-620 USB Mifare Card Reader, Writer KES         23,400.00
Suprema OM-120 Multiple Output Extension Module KES         62,000.00
Suprema Secure I/O 2 Compact Secure Single Door I/O Module KES         14,000.00
Svideo to AV Cable KES               400.00
Svideo to Svideo Cable 3Mtrs KES               900.00
SWAN QUAD  Digital Quad PIR Detector KES           2,000.00
SwissGear Headphone Bag For 15.6  Inch Laptops – Black KES           2,500.00
SX-360Z 360 degrees Motion Sensor KES         14,000.00
Syble XB-2055 Barcode Scanner KES           7,000.00
Syble XB-3120 Table Mount Omnidirectional barcode scanner Laser Scanner 1d KES         22,000.00
Syble XB-6266MB wireless bluetooth barcode scanner wireless qr code reader 1d 2d KES         14,000.00
Table Clock WiFi Camera KES           7,500.00
Table Pop up Box KES           6,500.00
TC-CON Ubiquiti TOUGHCable Connector KES               120.00
TCPIP IP Access Control Panel C3-400 Four-door ZK software Access Control Kits KES         52,000.00
Techcom 650va ups KES           3,850.00
Telephone Cable 30 pair Per Metre KES               290.00
Tenda 16-Port Fast Ethernet 10/100Mbps Desktop Switch S16
TENDA 4G630 Wireless N300 4G/3G Router KES           3,500.00
Tenda 8 Port Fast Ethernet Unmanaged Switch10/100Mbps S108 KES           1,000.00
Tenda A18 AC1200 Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender KES           3,000.00
Tenda F3 300mbps Wi-fi Wireless Router With3 5dbi Antennas KES           3,000.00
Tenda F300 300mbps Wireless Wifi Router QOS WPS Button KES           2,500.00
Tenda F9 600Mbps Whole Home Coverage Wi-Fi 2.4GHz Router KES           5,500.00
Tenda S105 5-Port Unmanaged 5-Port 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Switch KES               800.00
TL-WR741ND TP-Link Wireless 802.11n/150Mbps 1T1R router 4xLAN 1xWAN KES           2,800.00
Top Quality Door Stainless Steel Exit Push Button- Access Control KES           2,000.00
Top Wall Electric Fence KES           1,500.00
Topsonic s100 Home/Office Wireless Desktop GSM Phone with Dual Sim KES           5,000.00
Toshiba 128GB Internal Solid State Drive Q Series Pro KES           9,000.00
Toshiba 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive KES           1,500.00
Toshiba 256GB Q Series Pro PC Internal Solid State Drive KES         19,000.00
Toshiba 32GB Flash Drive/Disk Mini Metal USB 2.0 KES           2,000.00
Toshiba 3817 Laptop Battery KES           3,500.00
Toshiba 512GB Q Series Pro PC Internal Solid State Drive SSD KES         26,000.00
Toshiba Charger 19V 3.42A Laptop Adapter KES           1,500.00
Toshiba laptop adapter 19v 1.58a Charger KES           1,500.00
Toshiba Satellite C850 TO 5024 Series – Laptop Battery KES           3,500.00
Toshiba Satellite U300 – U305 Laptop Keyboard KES           2,500.00
TOSHIBA TECRA R850, core i5 2.5ghz, 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard disk EX UK KES         23,000.00
Toshiba TO3634-6 – Laptop Battery KES           3,500.00
Touch Screen 15-Inch POS TFT LCD Monitor KES         24,000.00
Tp Link 3G Mobile Wi-Fi M5350 KES           6,500.00
TP LINK TL-MR3220 3G/4G Wireless N Router KES           3,500.00
TP-Link  16-Port Gigabit Desktop/Rackmount Switch TL-SG1016D KES           9,500.00
TP-Link 0.5M Low-loss N-Type Male to RP-SMA Female Pigtail Cable (TL-ANT200PT) KES           1,200.00
Tplink 10/100Mbps Single-Mode Media Converter MC110CS KES           6,500.00
Tplink 150Mbps High Power Wireless USB Adapter TL-WN7200ND KES           2,300.00
Tplink 150Mbps Pocket-Sized Wireless Print Server TL-WPS510U KES           8,000.00
Tplink 150Mbps Wireless N PCI Express Adapter TL-WN781ND KES           1,400.00
Tplink 16-Port 10/100Mbps Desktop Switch TL-SF1016D KES           3,000.00
Tplink 2.4GHz 150Mbps Outdoor Wireless Access Point TL-WA7210N KES           5,500.00
Tplink 2.4GHz 15dBi Outdoor Omni-directional Antenna TL-ANT2415D KES           5,999.00
TP-Link 2.4GHz 15dBi Outdoor Omni-directional Antenna TL-ANT2415D KES           7,000.00
Tplink 2.4GHz 24dBi Grid Parabolic Antenna TL-ANT2424B KES           7,000.00
Tplink 2.4GHz 300Mbps 12dBi Outdoor CPE CPE220 KES           9,500.00
Tplink 2.4GHz 300Mbps 9dBi Outdoor CPE CPE210 KES           6,000.00
TP-Link 2.4GHz High Power Wireless Outdoor CPE TL-WA5210G KES           6,500.00
TP-LINK 24 Port Rack Mount Ethernet Network Switch 100Mbps TL-SF1024 KES           5,000.00
TPLINK 24 Ports Gigabit Desktop/Rackmount Switch TL-SG1024D KES         15,000.00
Tplink 24-Port 10/100Mbps Desktop Switch TL-SF1024M KES           4,500.00
Tplink 24-port 10/100Mbps Desktop/Rackmount Switch TL-SF1024D KES           5,125.00
Tplink 24-Port Gigabit Desktop/Rackmount Switch TL-SG1024D KES         15,000.00
Tplink 300Mbps AV600 Wi-Fi Powerline Extender  Kit TL-WPA4220KIT KES           8,000.00
Tplink 300Mbps High Power Wireless N Router TL-WR841HP KES           4,200.00
Tplink 300Mbps High Power Wireless USB Adapter TL-WN8200ND KES           2,380.00
TPLink 300Mbps Range Extender TL-WA855RE KES           4,000.00
Tplink 300Mbps Wireless N Access Point TL-WA801ND KES           3,300.00
TPLINK 300Mbps Wireless N Ceiling Mount Access Point EAP115 KES           7,500.00
Tplink 300Mbps Wireless N Gigabit Ceiling Mount Access Point EAP120 KES         10,875.00
TP-Link 300Mbps Wireless N Gigabit Ceiling Mount Access Point EAP120 KES         11,000.00
Tplink 300Mbps Wireless N PCI Adapter TL-WN851ND KES           1,500.00
Tplink 300Mbps Wireless N Router TL-WR840N KES           2,000.00
Tplink 300Mbps Wireless N Router TL-WR845N KES           3,200.00
Tplink 3G Mobile Wi-Fi, 5200mAh Power Bank M5360 KES           8,000.00
Tplink 450Mbps Wireless N Access Point TL-WA901ND KES           4,500.00
TP-Link 48-Port Gigabit Rackmount Switch TL-SG1048 KES         31,000.00
TP-Link 5GHz 150Mbps Outdoor Wireless Access Point TL-WA7510N KES           7,000.00
Tplink 5GHz 300Mbps 13dBi Outdoor CPE CPE510 KES           8,000.00
TP-Link 5GHz 300Mbps 13dBi Outdoor CPE CPE510 KES           7,000.00
TP-Link 5GHz 30dBi Outdoor Grid Parabolic Antenna TL-ANT5830B KES           9,500.00
Tplink 5-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch TL-SG1005D KES           2,000.00
Tplink 8 Ports 10/100Mbps Desktop Switch with 4-Port PoE TL-SF1008P KES           8,000.00
TPLINK 8-Port 10/100Mbps Desktop Switch TL-SF1008D KES           1,000.00
Tp-Link 8-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch TL-SG1008D KES           6,500.00
Tplink 8-Port Gigabit Desktop/Rackmount Switch TL-SG1008 KES           3,000.00
Tplink 8-Port Gigabit Desktop/Rackmount Switch with 8-Port PoE TL-SG1008PE KES         20,800.00
Tplink 8-Port Gigabit Smart PoE Switch with 2 SFP Slots TL-SG2210P KES         15,000.00
Tplink AC1200 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Ceiling Mount Access Point EAP225 KES         14,800.00
Tplink AC1200 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router Archer C5 KES           6,800.00
Tplink AC1200 Wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit Indoor/Outdoor Access Point EAP225 KES         17,000.00
Tplink AC1350 Wireless Dual Band Router Archer C58 KES           6,800.00
TPlink AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender RE450 KES           8,500.00
Tplink AC1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router Archer C7 KES         13,000.00
Tplink AC1900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Access Point EAP330 KES         23,500.00
Tplink AC1900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router Archer C9 KES         20,000.00
Tplink AC1900 Wireless Gigabit Access Point AP500 KES         18,000.00
Tplink AC750 Wi-Fi Range Extender RE200 KES           5,500.00
Tplink AC750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router Archer C2 KES           6,800.00
TP-Link AC750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router Archer C2 KES           7,000.00
Tplink CPE 520 5GHz 300Mbps 16dBi Outdoor KES           8,000.00
TP-Link Ethernet Switch TL-SF1048 48-Port 10/100Mbps KES         12,500.00
Tplink Fast Ethernet Media Converter MC100CM KES           5,500.00
Tplink JetStream 24-Port Gigabit Smart PoE+ Switch with 4 SFP Slots T1600G-28PS KES         42,500.00
Tplink Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug with Energy Monitoring HS110 KES           4,800.00
Tplink Load Balance Broadband Router TL-R480T+ KES           9,000.00
Tplink LTE-Advanced Mobile Wi-Fi M7300 KES           9,400.00
TP-Link M5360 PORTABLE ROUTER KES           6,800.00
TP-Link M7200 4G LTE Router MiFi, Unlocked Portable Mobile Wi-Fi KES           6,000.00
TP-Link M7310 4G LTE Mobile MiFi Router KES         11,000.00
TP-Link N150 Wireless Nano USB Adapter (TL-WN725N) KES           1,000.00
TP-Link N300 Ceiling Mount Wireless Access Point (EAP110) KES           7,500.00
TP-Link N450 Wireless Wi-Fi Gigabit Router TL-WR1043N KES           5,500.00
Tplink N600 Wireless Gigabit Ceiling Mount Access Point EAP220 KES         14,700.00
TP-LINK N600 Wireless Gigabit Ceiling Mount Access Point EAP220 KES         14,000.00
Tplink Network Antenna Indoor Omni Directional – TL-ANT2408CL KES           1,800.00
Tplink Portable 3G/4G Wireless N Router TL-MR3020 KES           3,000.00
Tplink Portable Battery Powered 3G 4G Wireless N Router TL-MR3040 KES           3,450.00
Tplink Power over Ethernet Adapter Kit TL-POE200 KES           3,000.00
TP-Link Single USB2.0 Port MFP and Storage Server TL-PS310U KES           5,400.00
TP-Link TF-3200 10/100Mbps PCI Network Adapters KES           1,200.00
Tp-Link TG-3468 Gigabit PCI Express Network Adapter KES           1,300.00
TPLink TL WR720N 150Mbps Wireless N Router (2 LAN Ports) KES           2,400.00
TP-Link TL-ANT2408C 2.4GHz 8dBi Indoor Desktop Omni-directional Antenna KES           1,800.00
TP-Link TL-ANT24PT3 Pigtail Cable N Male to RP-SMA Female Cable KES           1,800.00
TP-Link TL-ER6120 SafeStream Gigabit Dual-WAN VPN Router KES         35,000.00
TP-Link TL-MR3420 – Wireless N Router – 3G/4G – White KES           3,200.00
Tplink TL-MR6400 300Mbps Wireless N 4G LTE Router KES         12,500.00
TP-LINK TL-POE10R Ver 3.2 PoE Splitter Plug n Play Power Over Ethernet NIB KES           5,500.00
TP-LINK TL-R470T Load Balance Broadband Router KES           6,000.00
Tplink TL-WA701ND 150Mbps Wireless N Access Point KES           2,600.00
Tplink TL-WA850RE 300Mbps Universal Wi-Fi Range Extender KES           3,500.00
TP-Link TL-WA901ND 300Mbps Wireless N Access Point KES           4,300.00
TP-Link TL-WN722N USB ADAPTER HIGH GAIN KES           2,000.00
TP-Link TL-WN723N 150Mbps Mini Wireless N USB Adapter KES           1,200.00
TP-Link TL-WN727N 150Mbps Wireless USB Adapter KES           1,300.00
TP-Link TL-WN823N ADAPTER 300 MBPS KES           1,200.00
TP-LINK TL-WPA4220KIT AV500 Powerline 300 M Wi-Fi Extender/Wi-Fi KES           9,000.00
Tplink USB 3.0 7-Port Hub with 2 Charging Ports UH720 KES           4,500.00
Tplink Wi-Fi Smart Plug HS100 KES           3,500.00
Traffic barrier Spike Claws
Transcend 128GB 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive 370 KES         11,000.00
Transcend 16GB USB Flash Disk KES           1,300.00
TRANSCEND 1TB Terabyte External portable Hard Drive – USB 3.0 KES           6,800.00
Transcend 256GB 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive 370 KES         14,500.00
TRANSCEND 256GB SSD – SATA 6Gbs 2.5 Inch Solid State Drive 230S KES         13,000.00
TRANSCEND 32GB Flash Disk/Drive KES           2,000.00
TRANSCEND 4GB Flashdisk Drive KES               700.00
TRANSCEND 500GB USB 3.0 High Speed External Hard drive KES           6,000.00
Transcend 512GB 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive 370 KES         25,000.00
Transcend Hard Disk 4TB External StoreJet Hard Drive KES         18,000.00
Transcend Hard Disk-3TB External StoreJet KES         16,000.00
TRANSCEND, External Hard Drive, 2TB, USB 3.0 KES         11,000.00
TRIPOD 60″X60″ PROJECTOR SCREEN KES         12,000.00
TRIPOD 72″X72″ PROJECTOR SCREEN KES         13,000.00
TRIPOD 84″X 84″ PROJECTOR SCREEN KES         14,000.00
Turnstile KES       850,000.00
TV Wall Bracket 17-43 inch Screens/Monitors with Adjustable Tilt, Swivel & Extend – Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic KES           3,000.00
Two-Way Window Intercom System for Counter (RL-9909) KES         10,000.00
U Glass Bracket -Glass Door Application KES           3,500.00
UAP-AC-EDU – Ubiquiti UniFi 802.11ac EDU Indoor 2.4/5GHz AP (3×3 MiMO) KES         45,000.00
UAP-AC-LR US – Ubiquiti UniFi 802.11ac Long Range Indoor 2.4/5GHz AP KES         13,500.00
UAP-AC-M-PRO – Ubiquiti UniFi 802.11ac Mesh Pro Outdoor 2.4/5GHz AP KES         24,400.00
Ubiquiti  AF-5 airFiber 5 GHz Carrier Class Point-to-Point Gigabit Radio KES       155,000.00
Ubiquiti airCam Dome IP Camera KES         15,000.00
Ubiquiti airGateway 2.4 GHz Indoor AP 50m (Internal Antenna) KES           3,000.00
Ubiquiti airGateway Installer Indoor AP (AG-PRO-INS) KES           6,500.00
Ubiquiti airGateway-LR airMAX WISP 2.4 GHz Wireless Access Point KES           3,700.00
UBIQUITI airGrid M5 23 dBi airMAX Wireless Broadband CPE (AG-HP-5G23) KES           9,000.00
UBIQUITI airGrid M5 27 dBi airMAX Wireless Broadband CPE (AG-HP-5G27) KES         10,999.00
Ubiquiti airPrism AP-5AC-90-HD 5 GHz, 3×30 HD Sector Antenna KES         69,000.00
Ubiquiti AIRROUTER-HP airRouter AR-HP IEEE 802.11n Ethernet Wireless Router KES           5,800.00
Ubiquiti BM2HP Bullet M2 HP airMAX Outdoor 2.4GHz WiFi PoE Access Point (150Mbps N) KES           9,500.00
Ubiquiti BM5-Ti Bullet M5 Titanium Outdoor 5GHz WiFi Access Point (150Mbps N)
Ubiquiti Bullet M5 HP 802.11a/n 320mW Outdoor Wireless Radio AP/Bridge KES         10,000.00
Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 16 XG – ES-16-XG KES         71,000.00
Ubiquiti EP-R6 EdgePoint 5-Port Layer 3 Managed Gigabit PoE Switch KES         15,500.00
Ubiquiti Ethernet Surge Protector KES           3,500.00
Ubiquiti ETH-SP Ethernet Surge Protector KES           2,700.00
Ubiquiti IS-5AC IsoStation 5AC Outdoor 5GHz 14dBi WiFi PoE Access Point w/ Isolation Antenna (450Mbps+ AC) KES         16,000.00
Ubiquiti NanoStation M2 – Wireless Access Point – AirMax (NSM2) KES           9,500.00
Ubiquiti Networks 15V PoE Adapter KES           3,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks 24V PoE Adapter with Gigabit LAN Port KES           3,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks 8-Port UniFi Switch US-8-150W KES         30,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks AF-5U airFiber High-Band 5 GHz Carrier Class Point-to-Point Gigabit KES       155,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks airFiber AF-5X 5 GHz Carrier Backhaul Radio KES         50,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks AM-2G16-90 AirMAX 2.4 GHz 2×2 MIMO Sector Antenna KES         20,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks AMO-5G13 5Ghz 13Dbi Airmax Omni Antenna KES         21,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks EdgeRouter ER-8-XG 8 Port 10G SFP+ Rackmount Router
Ubiquiti Networks ERLite-3 EdgeMax EdgeRouter Lite 3-Port Router KES         14,500.00
Ubiquiti Networks ERPOE-5 EdgeRouter PoE 5-Port Advanced Network Router
Ubiquiti Networks NanoStation loco M2 Indoor/Outdoor airMAX CPE KES           6,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks NanoStation locoM5 Indoor/Outdoor airMAX CPE KES           6,800.00
Ubiquiti Networks NBE-5AC-16 NanoBeam ac High-Performance airMAX Bridge KES         10,500.00
Ubiquiti Networks NBE-M2-13 NanoBeam M 2.4GHz 13dBi High Performance airMAX Bridge KES         10,500.00
Ubiquiti Networks NBE-M5-19 5 GHz 19dBi High-Performance airMAX Bridge
Ubiquiti Networks PBE-5AC-400 5GHz PowerBeam ac 25dBi 400mm KES         14,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks PBE-5AC-500 PowerBeam ac High-Performance airMAX Bridge KES         23,500.00
Ubiquiti Networks PBE-5AC-620 PowerBeam ac High-Performance airMAX Bridge KES         36,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks PBE-M5-400 PowerBeam airMAX Bridge KES         11,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks PBE-M5-620 PowerBeam airMAX Bridge KES         33,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks Picostation2 Cpe M Series Hp (PICOM2-H) KES         10,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks PowerBeam M5 5GHz 22dBi, PBE-M5-300 KES         11,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks PRISMAP-5-30 airMAX ac Beamwidth Sector Isolation Antenna Horn KES         11,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks PRISMAP-5-90 airMAX ac Beamwidth Sector Isolation Antenna Horn KES         11,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks PS-5AC-45 PrismStation 5AC Shielded airMAX Radio KES         40,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks R5AC-LITE rocket ac airMAX ac BaseStation KES         17,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks RM5-Ti RocketM5 Titanium 2×2 MIMO airMAX BaseStation KES         30,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks TC-CARRIER TOUGHCable Carrier, Outdoor Carrier Class Shielded Ethernet Cable, 1000-ft KES         29,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks TOUGHCable PRO KES         29,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks TS-16-CARRIER 16-Port TOUGH Switch PoE Carrier KES         54,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks UAP-AC-SHD 802.11AC Wave  Access Point KES         59,500.00
Ubiquiti Networks UAP-PRO UniFi Access Point Enterprise Wi-Fi System AP-Pro KES         27,500.00
Ubiquiti Networks Unifi 802.11ac Dual-Radio PRO Access Point (UAP-AC-PRO) KES         19,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks Unifi 802.11ac Dual-Radio PRO Access Point Unifi AC Pro (UAP-AC-PRO) KES         19,000.00
UBIQUITI NETWORKS UniFi AC In-Wall-UAP-AC-IW KES         13,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks US-16-XG-US 10G 16-Port Managed Aggregation Switch KES         70,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks US-24 24-Port UniFi Managed Gigabit Switch with SFP KES         27,500.00
Ubiquiti Networks US-48 48-Port UniFi Managed Gigabit Switch with SFP KES         52,000.00
Ubiquiti Networks US-8 UniFi 8-Port Gigabit PoE Compliant Managed Switch KES         15,000.00
Ubiquiti PBE-5AC-300-ISO 5GHz PowerBeam airMAX AC 300mm KES         16,500.00
Ubiquiti PoE Adapter 48v KES           3,800.00
Ubiquiti POE-24-24W-G 24V DC 1A 24W Replacement Gigabit PoE Adapter KES           2,500.00
Ubiquiti PowerBeam AC – PBE-5AC-300 KES         13,000.00
Ubiquiti PowerBeam AC PBE-5AC-500 5GHz 27DBi AirMax AC Bridge KES         23,000.00
Ubiquiti PowerBeam AC PBE-5AC-500-ISO 802.11ac Wireless Bridge KES         28,000.00
Ubiquiti PowerBridge M5 Carrier Class 5GHz MIMO Bridging Solution KES         35,000.00
Ubiquiti TS-8-PRO ToughSwitch 8 Port KES         23,000.00
Ubiquiti UAP-AC-HD Unifi Access Point KES         38,300.00
Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LR Networks Enterprise Wi-Fi System KES         14,000.00
Ubiquiti UAP-AC-M UniFi 802.11 ac Mesh KES         13,500.00
Ubiquiti UB-AM Universal Antenna Mount/Arm Bracket KES           2,500.00
Ubiquiti UniFI AP Outdoor 2×2 MIMO 5GHz 802.11n/a KES         18,500.00
Ubiquiti Unifi Ap-AC Lite – Wireless Access Point – 802.11 B/A/G/n/AC KES         11,500.00
Ubiquiti Unifi Dome Video Camera G3 KES         19,499.00
Ubiquiti UniFi In-Wall 2.4GHz AP UAP-IW US KES           9,000.00
UC-CK Ubiquiti Unifi Cloud Key – Remote Control Device KES         12,000.00
Uface 401/402 Face Fingerprint Access Control System KES         52,000.00
Ultra Thin Wireless Keyboard and Mouse KES           1,800.00
Under Gate Cable KES           2,300.00
under search mirror KES           9,500.00
under search mirror with Camera KES         37,000.00
Underground Telephone Cable 20|30|50|100 Pair
UniFi Enterprise – Unifi AP Indoor 802.11n ( Access Point) UAP KES           9,000.00
UniFi Enterprise WiFi System AP Long Range UAP-LR KES         10,500.00
UNIVERSAL 5 port HDMI Switch 5×1 Switcher Converter adapter
US-16-150W Ubiquiti UniFi Switch 16 ports 150W KES         42,000.00
US-24-250W – Ubiquiti UniFi Switch 24-Port PoE Switch 250W KES         55,000.00
US-24-500W – Ubiquiti UniFi Switch 24-Port PoE Switch 500W KES         72,000.00
US-48-500W – Ubiquiti UniFi Switch 48-port Gigabit PoE Switch 500W KES       105,000.00
US-48-750W – Ubiquiti UniFi Switch 48-port PoE Switch 750W KES       130,000.00
US-8-60W – Ubiquiti UniFi 8-Port 60W PoE Managed Gigabit Switch KES         18,000.00
USB 2.0 Extension Cable USB 2.0 Male To USB 2.0 Female Cable 3M KES               350.00
USB 2.0 to IDE SATA S-ATA 2.5 3.5 HD HDD Hard Drive Adapter Converter Cable KES           1,300.00
USB 2.0 Wireless 802.11N Adapter 150Mbps KES               700.00
USB 3.0 to VGA adapter KES           2,500.00
USB 3.0 to VGA Converter Adapter KES           3,500.00
Usb Ethernet Adapter KES               800.00
USB Extension Cable 1.5Mtrs KES               200.00
USB Extension Cable 10Mtrs KES           1,000.00
USB Extension Cables 1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M
USB Extension Cables 1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M – 1.5 Meter KES               150.00
USB Extension Cables 1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M – 10 Metre KES           1,200.00
USB Extension Cables 1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M – 3 Metre KES               400.00
USB Extension Cables 1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M – 5 Metres KES               600.00
USB High Speed 2.0 to Printer Cable black 5 meters KES               550.00
USB Printer Cable 2.0 1.5m KES               200.00
USB Printer Cable 3Mtrs KES               350.00
Usb to Hdmi adapter KES           3,500.00
USB to Micro USB KES               450.00
USB to serial 25 pin cable KES           1,000.00
USB to Serial 9 pin Cable KES           1,000.00
USB to USB Converter Cable KES               140.00
Usb to VGA Adapter/converter KES           3,500.00
USB TV Stick Digital TV Tuner Receiver KES           3,500.00
USB Type C to LAN with 3 USB 3.0 Ports KES           2,500.00
USB Type C To USB Type C & HDMI & USB 3.0 KES           1,500.00
USB3.0-Super-speed 4 Ports HUB KES           1,000.00
USG Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Enterprise Gateway Router with Gigabit Ethernet KES         16,000.00
USG-PRO-4 – Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway Pro 4-port KES         40,000.00
VFD 8000 pos machine pole display /customer display KES         10,500.00
VGA Cable – 1.5M –  Black KES               150.00
VGA Cable  1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M| 15M
VGA Cable  1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M| 15M – 1.5 Meter KES               200.00
VGA Cable  1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M| 15M – 10 Metre KES           1,000.00
VGA Cable  1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M| 15M – 15 Metre KES           1,800.00
VGA Cable  1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M| 15M – 20 Metre KES           2,800.00
VGA Cable  1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M| 15M – 25 Metre KES           3,500.00
VGA Cable  1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M| 15M – 3 Metre KES               500.00
VGA Cable  1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M| 15M – 30 Metre KES           4,000.00
VGA Cable  1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M| 15M – 5 Metres KES               700.00
VGA Cable  1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M| 15M – 50 Metre KES           7,000.00
VGA CABLE 10M KES           1,200.00
VGA Cable 10Mtrs Black KES           1,200.00
VGA Cable 10Mtrs Blue KES           1,500.00
VGA CABLE 15M KES           1,800.00
VGA Cable 15Mtrs KES           1,300.00
VGA Cable 15Mtrs (M-M) KES           2,000.00
VGA CABLE 20M KES           2,500.00
VGA Cable 20Mtrs KES           2,500.00
VGA Cable 25Mtrs KES           2,300.00
VGA CABLE 30M KES           3,500.00
VGA Cable 3Mtrs Black KES               450.00
VGA CABLE 5M KES               700.00
VGA Cable 5Mtrs (M-M) Black KES               650.00
VGA CABLE 70M KES           4,500.00
VGA Splitter 1 by 4 KES           1,500.00
VGA to Hdmi converter KES           2,500.00
VGA-DVI Cable KES           1,000.00
Vibration Sensor KES               500.00
Victoria Grey Color Laptop Bags KES           2,500.00
Vodafone MT90 1 Sim 2 Phones card GSM  Router KES           7,000.00
Walk Through Metal Detector KES       350,000.00
Wall Clock Hidden Camera w/ Wifi Remote View KES           8,500.00
Wall Clock Surveillance Hidden Spy Camera Battery Powered KES           9,000.00
Wanteng USB to Parallel Printer Cables KES           1,500.00
Warning Sign KES               290.00
WD Blue PC SSD WDS500G1B0A – solid state drive – 500 GB – SATA 6Gb/s KES         21,000.00
WD Purple 1TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive – 5400 RPM Class SATA 6 Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5 Inch KES           7,000.00
WD Purple 6tb Hard Drive Surveillance SATA 6 GBS 64mb Western Digital KES         28,000.00
WD Western Digital 8TB Purple 5400 rpm SATA III 3.5″ Internal Surveillance Hard Drive KES         36,000.00
Webcam with microphone and stand KES           1,200.00
WeiLe WL-360MV Wired Stereo Headset Headphone with Mic KES               700.00
Western Digital 1TB External Hard Disk KES           6,800.00
Western Digital 4TB My Book Desktop Storage KES         21,000.00
Western Digital WD 1TB Laptop Hard Disk KES           6,500.00
Western Digital WD 3TB My Cloud Personal Cloud NAS Storage KES         20,000.00
Western Digital WD 4TB Internal Desktop Hard Disk KES         17,000.00
Western Digital WD 4TB My Cloud Personal Cloud NAS Storage KES         24,000.00
Western digital WD 4TB my cloud Personal Cloud Storage KES         25,000.00
Western Digital WD 500gb internal storage Hardisk Desktop HDD KES           4,500.00
Western Digital WD 8TB My Cloud Personal Cloud NAS Storage KES         39,000.00
Western Digital WD My cloud 2TB Personal cloud storage KES         17,500.00
Western Digital WD Purple 2TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive – 5400 RPM KES         10,000.00
Western Digital WD Purple 4TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive – 5400 RPM
Wireless Alarm System Receiver KES         13,000.00
Wireless IP Surveillance CCTV Kit( Wireless NVR, 8 Wireless Cameras, HDD) KES         95,000.00
Wireless Presenter PowerPoint PP-1000 Laser Pointer KES           1,000.00
Wireless remote Buttons KES           1,800.00
Wizord 4 Electric Fence Energizer Energizer 4 Joules
XG135 XG1DT3HEK Sophos XG 135 Rev 3 Firewall with 8 GE ports SSD KES       123,760.00
XG1BT3HEK Sophos XG 115 Series Firewall Appliances 8 GE ports SSD KES         70,460.00
XG8AT3HEK Sophos XG 85 Rev 1 Firewall with 4 GE ports Flash Memory
XPE-POE-V2 RF Card Reader controller (125kHz EM) IP65 PoE KES         29,900.00
XPM-POE-V2 Xpass V2 Reader RF Card Reader, controller KES         29,900.00
X-POS BC-420 Cash Drawer KES           9,500.00
X-POS E260N USB Serial VGA LAN Thermal Receipt Printer KES         17,000.00
X-Ray Baggage Scanner KES   2,900,000.00
XW8AT3HEK | Sophos XG 85W Rev 3 Wireless Firewall w/ 4 GE ports, Flash Memory KES         43,290.00
Yealink CP860 Kenya IP Conference Phone KES         66,000.00
Yealink Enterprise HD IP Phone   SIP-T27P KES         15,500.00
Yealink EXP20 LCD Expansion Model For SIP-T27P and SIP-T29G KES         15,000.00
Yealink EXP40 LCD Expansion Module KES         15,700.00
Yealink IP SIP T27G  IP Phone Gigabit Ethernet PoE KES         16,000.00
Yealink SIP IP T21P E2 IP Phone KES           7,500.00
Yealink SIP T21P E2 Entry Level IP Phone with PoE KES           7,500.00
Yealink SIP-T29G 16-Line IP Phone KES         27,000.00
Yealink SIP-T46G 16-Line IP Phone KES         26,000.00
Yealink T19P-E2 IP Phone KES           7,500.00
Yealink T23G Gigabit Ip Phone KES         12,000.00
Yealink T41P Ultra-Elegant IP Phone KES         15,000.00
Yealink T48S Ultra-Elegant Gigabit IP Phone KES         32,000.00
Yealink W52P DECT Cordless Handset   Dect Basestation KES         16,999.00
Yealink W56P Business HD IP DECT Phone KES         18,400.00
Yealink W60P Cordless DECT IP Phone and Base Station, 2.4-Inch Color Display
Yeastar Adapter TA2400 24FXS ports KES         79,000.00
Yeastar D30 Expansion DSP Module KES         35,000.00
Yeastar EX08 – Expansion Board with 8 RJ11 Ports for S100 and S300 KES           9,500.00
Yeastar MyPBX GSM 1 Channel module KES         18,000.00
Yeastar MyPBX S2 Module(2 FXS Ports) KES         10,000.00
Yeastar MyPBX SO Module (1 FXS & 1 FXO Port) KES           9,500.00
Yeastar N412 Hybrid PBX Smart Analog Phone System KES         29,000.00
Yeastar N824 Smart Analog Phone System KES         88,000.00
Yeastar Neogate TA1600 FXS Gateway KES         65,900.00
Yeastar Neogate TA3200 FXS Gateway KES       101,000.00
Yeastar Neogate TE100 – VoIP PRI Gateway(VoIP-E1/T1/J1) KES       104,900.00
Yeastar S100 VoIP PBX Phone System KES         72,000.00
Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX Phone System KES         29,500.00
Yeastar S300 VoIP PBX Phone System KES       145,000.00
Yeastar S412 8 Users 8 Concurrent Calls Modular IP-PBX KES         29,000.00
Yeastar S50 VoIP PBX Phone System KES         60,000.00
Youjie YJ-HF600 Area-Imaging Scanner KES         29,000.00
Yuasa 12v 17Ah Lead Rechargeable Battery KES           6,000.00
Yuasa NP7-12L UPS Battery 7Ah 12V Volt Sealed Lead Acid Battery KES           2,000.00
ZK Access TF1700 Outdoor Standalone Biometric & Card Reader KES         30,000.00
ZK Access ZK4500 Enrollment USB Fingerprint Reader KES           9,500.00
Zk Biometric Face Recognition machine Uface 800 KES         58,000.00
Zk C3-100 PoE Bundle KES         40,000.00
ZK F16 – ZKTeco  Biometric and Time Management Solutions KES         18,000.00
ZK FR1500 Fingerprint Reader IP65 Waterproof Door Access Control Systems Inbio, F18, MA300, tf1700 Salve Reader KES         19,500.00
ZK Inbio 160 ZTeco KES         39,000.00
Zk Inbio 260 KES         45,000.00
Zk Inbio 460 4 Door Fingerprint Card Access Control System KES         55,000.00
Zk k40 Biometric Fingerprint Terminal for Time Attendance from ZKteco KES         15,000.00
ZK MA300 Stainless Fingerprint Reader Outdoor KES         17,000.00
ZK MA500 Biometric Fingerprint Access Control & Time Attendence KES         25,000.00
Zk UFace 202 – Multi-Biometric T&A and Access Control Terminal KES         46,000.00
Zk UFace 302-Face and Fingerprint Multi-Biometric Device KES         52,000.00
ZKteco  FPV 10R  USB Finger Vein Scanner KES         32,000.00
Zkteco C3-100 Single Door controller Professional ID IC Card Reader Access Control TCP/IP KES         45,000.00
ZKTeco LH4000 RFID  Smart Lock Hotel Lock KES         16,000.00
ZKTeco PT100 Portable Data Collection Unit for Guard Patrol System KES         40,000.00
ZKTeco S922 Portable Fingerprint Time and Attendance Terminal KES         60,000.00
ZKTeco X7 Fingerprint 125khz EM RFID Card Tag Reader Keypad Door Access Control KES         12,000.00
ZKteco zk  F18  Biometric Fingerprint Standalone Access Control and Time Attendance KES         19,000.00
Zkteco ZK F16 Fingerprint Reader Outdoor access control Terminal KES         19,000.00
Zkteco ZK F21 Fingerprint time attendance and access control terminal KES         22,000.00
Zkteco ZK F22 Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance And Access Control KES         26,000.00
ZKteco ZK FR1200-ID slave fingerprint and prox card reader KES         11,000.00
Zkteco zk FV18 (New) Multi-Biometric Finger Vein and Fingerprint Standalone Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal KES         52,000.00
Zkteco Zk iClock 880 Access Control and Time & Attendance Reader KES         45,000.00
ZKTeco zk K40 Biometric Time Attendance Terminal KES         15,000.00
Zkteco zk MA300-BT Outdoor Access Control and Time Attendance Terminal KES         19,500.00
ZKteco zk MB 160  Multi-Biometric Time Attendance Terminal with Access Control KES         29,000.00
Zkteco ZK MB360 ZKTeco Access Control  Time Attendance Device KES         47,000.00
ZTE MF283+ 4G LTE WIRELESS ROUTER KES           8,500.00
ZYCOO 2FXOS U50-U100 2FXOS module KES         13,500.00
Zycoo 2GSM trunk module SMS/Voice (for U50/100/P2) KES         25,000.00
ZYCOO 4FXO U50 U100 4 FXO module with 4 FXO interface KES         15,540.00
ZYCOO Ispeaker C20 Sip intercom broadcast amplifier KES         10,500.00
Zycoo U50 Host device without modules 4G SD external storage KES         38,000.00
Zycoo U80  Host device with 200 extensions IP PBX KES         96,000.00
Zycoo UC510 IP Office for SOHO All in one Router IP PBX KES         25,900.00
ZYCOO-4GSM-U50-U100 4 GSM trunk module for SMS/Voice KES         45,000.00
Zycoo-U20-2FX0-1GSM IP PBX With 2FXO and 1 GSM KES         34,000.00
ZYCOO-U50-V1 IP PBX U50 V1 can take E1/GSM/SIP/FXO trunks 100 extensions KES         42,000.00